Friday, 22 January 2010

- Awards Season continues!
Awards Season continues, with the organisers of the Future Awards, releasing a shortlist of nominees for their Awards Show which comes up in February.
Shortlisted nominees include, Omoni Oboli, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Ike Orizu (, Uche Eze (, Debola Lewis (yvent couture), Onyeka Nwelue, Jumoke Verissimo, Omawumi, Jesse Jags, Denrele Edun, Yinka Obebe, and Tosyn Bucknor.
For more information on the Future Awards, plus, the pre-awards conference, please check,

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTAS) awards, holds shortly with ‘Avatar’ picking up nominations in eight different categories, including, Best Film. Other nominees include, Up in the Air, Hangover, Coco before Chanel, Audrey Tatou, Quentin Tarantino, James Cameron and District 9.

- Rihanna! John Mayer! Spice Girls!
Rihanna is in the news! And this time, for supporting an important cause- to help Seun Adebiyi get a donor!
Seun Adebiyi is a 26 year old Nigeria who has been diagnosed with Leukamia, meaning he will need a bone-marrow transplant. Seun is an athlete and is well on his way to being the first Nigerian to compete in the Winter Olmpics so just like the people of Haiti and Jos, he needs all the prayers and help he can get.
Here is the link to his Youtube Video Appeal!

As for John Mayer, the latest gist is that he is still pining for Jennifer Aniston, or at least, he missed her!
He was reportedly quoted as saying, when asked about the break up, ‘I've never really gotten over it.... It was one of the worst times of my life”.
Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston’s other ex, Brad Pitt, is also in the news. Well, let’s face it, he is ALWAYS in the news!
This time around though, an unofficial biography which alleges that Brad cheats on Angelina Jolie, and has cheated with a Somalian model, and also that their relationship cannot survive the next few years, has been published!
Tory Tory!

Break ups. Break ups. Break ups.
The Spice Girls might have broken up years ago, but you might still see them, or at least, versions of them soon! No, not another reunion concert, but this time, on stage, as a Spice Girls Musical has finally been approved and commisioned!
‘VIVA FOREVER’ will bring Victoria, Emma, Mel C, Mel B and Geri, live to us on stage!
We hear the musical won’t actually be ABOUT the girls, but will feature their songs...

- So what’s happening this weekend?
The weekend is here!
Exciting isn’t it?
Catch asa on the Green on Friday, with opening acts, Ibiyemi and Bez Idakula.
You can also catch Beautiful Nubia at Sparkle Hall this Sunday, as he launches his new album! YAY!
Top Radio will of course, keep you entertained with Uche! Wyse! Azaria! DJ GQ! Damirez! Korebrown! Stranger! They all hold the forte this weekend, till another Monday swings by!
- Jedward? Timi!
The duo formerly known as contestants on the British reality show, X FACTOR, may have been voted out, but since they have now signed a deal with Sony Music, i guess they laugh last!
Their new single, ‘Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby), featuring Vannila Ice, will soon be out
(yay? Nay? Yee? Pa?)

But from John and Edward Grimes, to Timi Dakolo!
Wednesday the 20th was a three in one (not the weave-on) combination for TIMI DAKOLO!
It was his birthday! (happy birthday! Thanks for the cake!)
It was the premiere of his video for hit single, ‘I Love You’ featuring Jesse Jags (with a cameo by Ice Prince and Zara)
It was his album listening party at Swe Bar! Hosted by Tosyn Bucknor, it featured performances by Rooftop M.Cs, Gbolahan and Hakym the Dream, and appearances by Lami, Ibiyemi, ObJazz, Obi Asika, Julius Agwu, Djinee, and more!

- Music .v. Movie Stars take two! Two sites move into further gear!
It turns out that when the movie stars go up against the music stars, they dance better!
Well at least, on Celebrity Takes Two, they do!
Fred Amata, Stella Damasus and Yinka Blag are the final three on Celebrity Takes Two, and this weekend, a winner emerges!
Me i am sha sad that Yinka Davies was voted off. She was fantastic!

And in closing, let us say, two of our favourite websites take things to another level!
First off, SWITCHEDONNAIJA which has always provided us with music, opinion articles and features, has published the first edition of RE’LOAD!
The cover is fab, the pictures look great, and it is definitely a collectors item!

And MYTRUSPOT.COM which is a favourite for music downloads, charts and fan pages, has given Africa its first application for Blackberry... the TRUSPOT APPLICATION FOR BLACKBERRY!
Users have tried it, and they love it! So go ahead and get it now!
Think about it!
You read Re’Load and Speechgirl blog when you queue for fuel, then listen to the Top 40 playlist on Truspot as you drive
We thaank tha LORD

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Top of the Morning show today the 21st of January, in the year 2010, it was fantastic and fun as we started off with the AREA show, where the only thing that gets you on the show is shouting AREA, the area mama in her usual Thursday style, asked the audience to give the weather, traffic reports and to mention what they can see in their neighbourhood through the window. Many people called and gave the weather, traffic reports from areas like, Lekki, Ikoyi, Ikorodu, Surulere, Agege, Mushin, Ketu, Isolo, Apapa, Ijebu and even Oyo state and other places to mention a few. On PROVERBS SEGMENT, where we usually have proverbs in any language other than English and then translate them into English, we had proverbs from, Yoruba land, Ibo land, and Zangalist land, etc. Some people even gave us one proverb in English. The audience communicated through the following mediums, twitter, phone line, text messages, and facebook.
However after the proverbs segment, more music was played, and after that was TOP NINE MOMEMTS by Aramide Paul Taiwo. She started with Nigerian news then to foreign news, sport news and entertainment news. After was the stock exchange and weather report by Tosyn, immediately after that was the usual ‘Quote of the Day’ by Aramide.

The SING YOUR STORY SEGMENT was fun all through, the audience called in, sent messages both on twitter and facebook. The first caller said something very touching about the Haitians earthquake incidence and also sang a song for them. However, many people also called in, sent messages about a story they loved to tell and a song that suited their story.
The ‘sing a story segment’ rounded up the top of the morning show with lots of music from different artistes both naija and foreign. This Thursday was just too gbasky as usual.

Taiwo Tosin

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Miss CON.tra.diction

We just want to say thank you for the love and support so far!
CON.tra.diction released her singles barely a few days ago on radio, and longer than that online, and the buzz has been mad!
Please check the online links out, listen, leave comments, and SPREAD THE WORD!
We appreciate that you have been there for a long time; it is time to get more foot soldiers!

CON.tra.diction on NOTJUSTOK

CON.tra.dictions singles getting a review on WEPLUGGOODMUSIC

CON.tra.diction on REVERBNATION (she is number 2 on the alternative charts for Nigerian artistes!)

If you are on facebook, check her fan page out
Or join her group

and follow her on twitter


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Challenging Tuesday Indeed!

The challenging Tuesday started with music from different artist before the area mama started the show proper. The phone line was open for the audience to call into the program and give the details of weather and traffic report in their different areas.
People called in to give the traffic report of the following areas; Ikorodu-3rd Mainland Bridge was moving, Sango-otta was sengemenge, Egbeda, Berger- Ojota was free, Ogba, Aguda, Ita-Oluwo to Ikorodu was free, Owode, Ketu to Ikorodu was moving slowly, Adeniji, Mariner, to mention few.
The audience were allowed to speak like touts, which was done by so many people, people like; Olu babafiyin, Tunde, Segun, Lara and Wale, to mention a few, the winner of this character was Lara.
Thereafter, Tosyn explained the causes of malaria, what leads to malaria and why it occurs. She explained further that, malaria is usually transmitted through Mosquito. She said mosquito lay not less than 30-100 of eggs within 2 to 3 days and the mosquito feeds on human blood so as to keep their eggs, mosquito also attack between 5am and 8pm till down.
After that more music’s was played, new callers also called into the program [Tunde and Segun], after that Abigael, Bukki from berger, Bolu from Akute, kazeem from Mowe, Wale from Ketu also called in to share their feelings to the program.
She also said some things on Cockroaches that, this species can feed on both dead and immobile things, and this species can also contaminate foods and water. More music was played, including ‘Iwolomo’ by Dj Boombastic featuring 9ice.
The program moved on to ‘You Say’! The first theme was prayers, as Tosyn played, ‘The Prayer’ recorded by Celine Dion and Andrea Boccelli, and also, Donnie McClurkin and Yolanda Adams! Prayers ranged from needing admission, to healing, to grace in Nigeria!
The next theme was, the sweetest or funniest thing mums have said, and this was from a line from the song, ‘Gotta Be’ by Des’ree.
Next up was TOP NINE MOMENTS with Aramide Paul Taiwo, with Nigerian and international news! And her quote for the day? ‘IF YOU LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE, YOU WILL LIVE A LIFE OF LOVE’.
The song of the week this week is, ‘I didn’t know my own strength’ by Whitney Houston.

The movie ended with Venus on Top, and it was all about movies!
What are some of the most liked chick flicks? And what are those chick flicks that men actually enjoy but pretend not to?
Well, from the calls, texts, facebook and twitter messages, it was obvious movies like ‘Pretty Woman’, ‘The Proposal’, ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, and ‘Dirty Dancing’, are all time favourites.
The show ended with Tosyn urging everyone to join Dj GQ herself on the Wednesday edition of the Wednesday Chatshow.
Don’t say i told you, but her guest is DURELLA!
Okay na!

Taiwo Tosin

Monday, 18 January 2010

Interesting Monday

Top of the morning show started today with lots of music and after that it’s the area show proper, so many people called in to give traffic and weather report of their various areas. Areas like; Lekki, Abule-Egba, ikeja, Alagbole-Akute to Gbadtamosi, ojodu-berger and lot more.
More music was played thereafter before moving to the next segment of the show, she also spoke a bit about the winners at the Golden Globes. After that, the phone line was open to the audience to comment on the match that was played on Saturday between Nigeria super Eagles and the Republic of Benin.
People called in with different opinions and suggestions towards the match that was played and what they think we can do to win the next match against Mozambique on wednesday.
Thereafter, it was Top nine moment with Aramide Paul Taiwo, Nigeria news, foreign news[Haiti earthquake], sports, weather report was taken by Tosyn Bucknor, and finally quote of the week was taken by Aramide.
More music was played thereafter before the song of the week was played. It was fun and interesting on Monday morning.

Taiwo TOsin

Thursday, 14 January 2010

NOSTALGIC THURSDAY (14th January 2010)


Yes o!
Todays top of the morning falls on a very special day- Damirez' birthday!

This morning people called in to give the report of traffic control in different areas and also their best animated films. Someone called from Akute and said the traffic from Akute to Sabo was bumper to bumper and his best animated film is Tom and Jerry. Another person also called from Ikeja and said a trailer fell along Ikeja road this morning and his best animated film was shrek.
There were several other calls about traffic from everywhere like Chevron to Lekki, Awolowo Road, Iyana Ipaya, Ikorodu, and so on, and animated films like Lion King, Tarzan, Pocahontas and so on were mentioned, with cartoons like Tom and Jerry and even Voltron being mentioned!
People called, sent in text messages, left messages on Facebook, and also twitter, and throughout the Area show, Sweet 17 played nostalgic music in keeping with Thursdays Nostalgic theme, and also some soundtracks, like ‘Hakuna Matata’ from Lion King, and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ from the movie of the same name!

After the Area Show, more music was played, as people called in to give proverbs in any language other than English. We had proverbs in Yoruba, Igbo and Isoko languages today, and all the listeners were able to say what lessons they had learnt from them!

Aramide (or SuperMyd! as Tosyn likes to call her), spoke on things happening around the world and Nigeria in particular. Highlights include the tragic earthquake in Haiti which claimed lives and property, the death of Teddy Pendergrass, and the Court ruling that Vice President Jonathan Goodluck could take executive decisions, on behalf of President Yar Adua who is still recuperating!
Tosyn gave the stock market and weather report, and Aramide wrapped things up with a quote as always!

Top of the morning then continued with more music, and the SONG OF THE WEEK!
This week, we have been listening to ‘WHAT A FEELING’ by Beautiful Nibia!
Sing your Story comes up every Thursday!
Listeners are encouraged to call in with stories, and then sing songs that best capture the emotion they feel!
So many stories were told via phone calls, texts, facebook and twitter and by the time the show ended, people had laughed, cried and s.h.a.r.ed!

WRITTEN by Taiwo Tosin Adeniyi
Edited by Tosyn Bucknor

Monday, 4 January 2010


Hi guys!
Welcome to the New Year... that is, if you haven’t got tired of it already!

So 2010 promises to be fun, and we thought we should run some things by you!

THESE GENES sickle-cell project which has been doing work in the background quietly in 2009, will be making noise in 2010! Please click on the link below to join the group on facebook for regular updates!
First event March, noise starts now!

All you coca-cola addicts out there can join the facebook group here!
Its all about the love for that drink mehn!

With three singles released just as 2009 wrapped up, CON.tra.diction is poised to make 2010 her own!
Please join her facebook group!
Listen out for her singles on any of the radio stations, but if you can listen online, or would like to read a review of the singles, then please check this link out!
She is also on twitter
And on Reverbnation!

Dont say we did not tell you o!

s.h.a.r.e fans, this is your year!
Please join the facebook group to catch updates on facebook!
You can also check the blog from time to time
The calendar for 2010 is up, and there are at least two events a month this year!
To make things easier for you, you could register to get updates straight to your phone! There is a service charge for this and to find out more, please send a text to 08023066252!

So what else have we missed?
We are still up for charity
and we love Zapphaire Events!
and please check out our blogs!