Friday, 22 January 2010

- Awards Season continues!
Awards Season continues, with the organisers of the Future Awards, releasing a shortlist of nominees for their Awards Show which comes up in February.
Shortlisted nominees include, Omoni Oboli, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Ike Orizu (, Uche Eze (, Debola Lewis (yvent couture), Onyeka Nwelue, Jumoke Verissimo, Omawumi, Jesse Jags, Denrele Edun, Yinka Obebe, and Tosyn Bucknor.
For more information on the Future Awards, plus, the pre-awards conference, please check,

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTAS) awards, holds shortly with ‘Avatar’ picking up nominations in eight different categories, including, Best Film. Other nominees include, Up in the Air, Hangover, Coco before Chanel, Audrey Tatou, Quentin Tarantino, James Cameron and District 9.

- Rihanna! John Mayer! Spice Girls!
Rihanna is in the news! And this time, for supporting an important cause- to help Seun Adebiyi get a donor!
Seun Adebiyi is a 26 year old Nigeria who has been diagnosed with Leukamia, meaning he will need a bone-marrow transplant. Seun is an athlete and is well on his way to being the first Nigerian to compete in the Winter Olmpics so just like the people of Haiti and Jos, he needs all the prayers and help he can get.
Here is the link to his Youtube Video Appeal!

As for John Mayer, the latest gist is that he is still pining for Jennifer Aniston, or at least, he missed her!
He was reportedly quoted as saying, when asked about the break up, ‘I've never really gotten over it.... It was one of the worst times of my life”.
Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston’s other ex, Brad Pitt, is also in the news. Well, let’s face it, he is ALWAYS in the news!
This time around though, an unofficial biography which alleges that Brad cheats on Angelina Jolie, and has cheated with a Somalian model, and also that their relationship cannot survive the next few years, has been published!
Tory Tory!

Break ups. Break ups. Break ups.
The Spice Girls might have broken up years ago, but you might still see them, or at least, versions of them soon! No, not another reunion concert, but this time, on stage, as a Spice Girls Musical has finally been approved and commisioned!
‘VIVA FOREVER’ will bring Victoria, Emma, Mel C, Mel B and Geri, live to us on stage!
We hear the musical won’t actually be ABOUT the girls, but will feature their songs...

- So what’s happening this weekend?
The weekend is here!
Exciting isn’t it?
Catch asa on the Green on Friday, with opening acts, Ibiyemi and Bez Idakula.
You can also catch Beautiful Nubia at Sparkle Hall this Sunday, as he launches his new album! YAY!
Top Radio will of course, keep you entertained with Uche! Wyse! Azaria! DJ GQ! Damirez! Korebrown! Stranger! They all hold the forte this weekend, till another Monday swings by!
- Jedward? Timi!
The duo formerly known as contestants on the British reality show, X FACTOR, may have been voted out, but since they have now signed a deal with Sony Music, i guess they laugh last!
Their new single, ‘Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby), featuring Vannila Ice, will soon be out
(yay? Nay? Yee? Pa?)

But from John and Edward Grimes, to Timi Dakolo!
Wednesday the 20th was a three in one (not the weave-on) combination for TIMI DAKOLO!
It was his birthday! (happy birthday! Thanks for the cake!)
It was the premiere of his video for hit single, ‘I Love You’ featuring Jesse Jags (with a cameo by Ice Prince and Zara)
It was his album listening party at Swe Bar! Hosted by Tosyn Bucknor, it featured performances by Rooftop M.Cs, Gbolahan and Hakym the Dream, and appearances by Lami, Ibiyemi, ObJazz, Obi Asika, Julius Agwu, Djinee, and more!

- Music .v. Movie Stars take two! Two sites move into further gear!
It turns out that when the movie stars go up against the music stars, they dance better!
Well at least, on Celebrity Takes Two, they do!
Fred Amata, Stella Damasus and Yinka Blag are the final three on Celebrity Takes Two, and this weekend, a winner emerges!
Me i am sha sad that Yinka Davies was voted off. She was fantastic!

And in closing, let us say, two of our favourite websites take things to another level!
First off, SWITCHEDONNAIJA which has always provided us with music, opinion articles and features, has published the first edition of RE’LOAD!
The cover is fab, the pictures look great, and it is definitely a collectors item!

And MYTRUSPOT.COM which is a favourite for music downloads, charts and fan pages, has given Africa its first application for Blackberry... the TRUSPOT APPLICATION FOR BLACKBERRY!
Users have tried it, and they love it! So go ahead and get it now!
Think about it!
You read Re’Load and Speechgirl blog when you queue for fuel, then listen to the Top 40 playlist on Truspot as you drive
We thaank tha LORD

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  1. when i first came across it on the net, i must say i admired Rihanna for that effort to support and create awareness for Seun Adebiyi. i pray all ends well for him

    i haven't yet seen it, but i talked to several people who have seen the new science-fiction movie, Avatar, and their responses did not rhyme with the off da hook recognition its receiving in the West. Probably our views differ. However, our praise for SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE was not divided. What then makes the film tick for them and not for Nigerians?

    Keep doing a good job!