Monday, 9 August 2010

Top Ten July

I contribute to this blog monthly and make a list of ten songs i like@ Pls check out my pick for JULY

Thursday, 8 April 2010


7th April

Hey people, welcome to your virtual "catch up on Top of the morning with Tosyn Bucknor if you missed the show" Package! (lol I know that was a mouthful) So how are you today? hope all's well....... Here is everything that occurred on the show today... if you missed it. On the Area show today our ardent listeners called in with information about their neighbourhood and in exchange they got to request for any song of their choice to be played.

After which we asked you two simple questions about Coca-Cola which are: what is the slogan/pay off line for the Coca-Cola advert on football? and do you know at least three countries out of the seven countries that have won the world cup so far? We had two lucky winners who once again claimed our tickets to The Coca-Cola party taking place on Saturday at Ocean View restaurant.

Right after that, DJ GQ dished out great music for everyone to get down and shake their bodies and then our guest arrived!! Yes! Just as we do every Wednesday, we had a guest artiste in person of the one and only cross over king ALARIWO OF AFRICA!!!!!!! Everyone was excited to have him around and questions like where have you been? What does Alariwo mean? What have you been up to? And many others were crashing our phone lines and face book pages!

Typically, our down to earth Alariwo patiently answered all the questions and shared with us what his real personality is like... it was fun having him around plus we played his songs for the listening pleasure of all and sundry... finally the show came to an end but not without Alariwo giving us a proverb in his language (He happens to be from Delta state). Make it a date with Tosyn Bucknor on the show tomorrow the mean time i would like to sign out now.......yes please, thank
I remain faithfully yours,
Naomi (The cute intern on Top radio).wink!



Top of the morning to you folks and it is with great pleasure i welcome you to the Top of the morning show (Well, the catch up on the hot dail 90.9! Yup! its good to have you read this; i hope you were a part of todays shows..if you weren't.....duh? what were you doing? well, my kind nature will always previal on the sacastic side of me (lol) so all the juicy tit bits that you missed from the show will be brought to you by my humble self...yeah, yeah you are welcome.

AAAAAARRRRRRRREEEEEEEAAAAA!!!!! sounds familiar doesn't it? yup! it sure does, because that's what starts the show every day. Usually we had a whole lot of contributions via sms, facebook and phone calls; people telling us about their and traffic reports. The contributors had the chance to request for a songs of their choice to be played for them which we obliged...aren't we sweet at Top radio? lol

We then took you down memery lane; dishing out old songs that rocked the nineties and early two thousand. We know you felt nostalgic....but then thats the whole idea of today's show. Next we had the Top nine moments powered by Supermide! and ooooo she had a lot to tell us from sports entertainment and other randoms. I would say that Top nine moments is a delightful package of infotainment....belive me!

Tosyn then brought you the Stock market and weather report for the day which paved way for all our ardent listeners to sing their story! and sing they did! with all sorts of "Angelic voices" (lol, there i go again puting those two words in qoute...wink!) we then had a little talk on the Super Eagle's official drink Cocacola. We asked series of questions because we wnted to give out tickets to THE PARTY! and we found a lucky winner in wallintong; congratulations to him.

SLK's Darling our song of the week hit the air waves right after that and then we played you some more old school music....great ones, then (sadly...sob) the show had to come to an end. But the good thi9ng is (Like Banky W would say)....tomorrow, we will do it all over again! cheers!
Yours faithfully,
Naomi (The cute intern on Top Radio...wink!)

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Wake up joo! have you forgotten its the beginning of another beautiful week? lol. I know you want snuggle deeper under covers and i al;so know you hate Mondays but i know a little secrete that would spice and brighten up your Monday morning...... TOP OF THE MORNING WITH TOSIN BUCKNOR!

Well if you missed today's show that's your loss! i sound sarcastic abi? OK OK, ill give you a down load of the juicy segments that you missed. Typically the show kicked off with Arrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! lots of people had a lot to say about their area/neighborhood giving us weather and traffic reports from their area..........of course not without the password AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

Right after that came the "You Say" segment and usually, the people wanted to say what was on their minds and they did! I say- Lagos carnival rocked! what do you say? you have the opportunity to say what6 ever it sis that you feel like on the programme tomorrow so, make sure you are a part of it!

The Coca cola company, official soft drink of the super Eagles, was generous enough to give us tickets to their big bash taking place at the ocean view restaurant, and we were in turn, generous enough to give them to you......our ardent that's what came up next after you say! We asked you to call us and mention at least three countries out of the seven that have won the world cup over the years in exchange for our ticket and guess what? our first caller was the lucky winner..........i hear there is gonna be a performance by M.I Banky W, Eldee and other notable DJs...congratulations to our winner.

Next up came the Top nine moments with Supermide, giving us juicy gists on sports, Whitney's illness......... and so much more. Tosyn then gave you the weather report straight from our weather man giving way for our song of the week SLKs Darling.....pretty nice song if you ask me. The show ended thirty minutes earlier than usual signing out with Sound Sultan's 2010 this was to give way to the thirty minutes flava show which comes up every Monday,,,,,,,,,,phew, i hope i covered all areas of the show for you, its really not an easy task considering the fact that my fingers feel like carrot sticks now, due to too much typing lol But you know i will always go the extra mile to bring you what you missed on Top of the morning show with Tosyn...have a swell day and don't forget to stay on Top!
Your faithfully,
Naomi..the cute intern on Top radio..Wink!

Thursday, 1 April 2010


Thursday 1st of April.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRea! (I hope you didn't just read that normally! i hope you screamed it for all your life is worth!) Lol. yes oh! I'm back again today. Why did you miss Top of the morning show today eh? because I'm sure you won't be reading this if you were a part of it! Anyway, that's why I'm here, to help you catch up. Today on the area show, we gave you information from different parts of Lagos and even the country with the help of our dear ardent listeners. contributions were pouring in from the phone lines, through sms's and from face book, of course not without the password AAAARRRRRRRRea!!!

we then had the Proverbs segment where listeners got to say proverbs in their mother tongue, translate it and then apply it to reality. We had a lot of contributions consisting of proverbs in different languages; Yoruba, Edo, Ijebu e.t.c and it was indeed very educative as we learnt a lot from those wise words. Next we had the song of the week Mary.J.Blige's Each tear, telling us each tear we shed makes us stronger.

The Sing your story segment came right after the Proverbs and need to have heard "Angelic voices" telling their stories in different songs! (Do not wonder why those two words are in quotes) lol. We had a great time. Supermide breezed in to give you the Top nine moments and boy, was it juicy; with sports, entertainment and other randoms. Tosyn then gave the weather report and she told us a Little about how April fools day came into existence.

Well, it was said that the first of April used to be the day new year was marked but when it was changed to the first of January, some people either due to ignorance or stubbornness still thought new years day was on the fist of April and so other people used to make fun of them and play tricks on them till it became so popular and hence, APRIL FOOL'S DAY!! But the wise people are always on TOP! And so my fellow wise men, it's a wrap make sure you do not Miss the show tomorrow!........if you are going to fool anybody today i suggest you keep it moderate and know were to draw the line OK? cheers......... NAOMI (The cute intern on Top Radio) wink!


Wednesday,31st of March.

When we envisage what a wonderful day is going to be like, I'm sure most of us picture waking up at the "right side" of the bed to the sun warmly shinning in......and we are like "wow do i smell eggs and toast for breakfast?". And then for the rest of the day, we come across no stress, hassles or anything to upset us and we can conclude it s wonderful day.well, today wasn't like that! First, the show kicked off late because of power issues; our two generator sets tried to revolt by giving us quick notice at the same time! can you imagine that? well the end result of that is that, Top radio had to go off air for a while (Sob)!

But guess what? we came right back! (I guess this is the part were i get to sing my story and and I'm singing Danny Young's "oju ti tiwon" for the enemies/haters who didn't want us on air). So we couldn't interview our guest for the day and we couldn't take too many calls but we sure gave it our best shot and we had fun! Playing good music, reading your messages on phone and face book.

We had a full house too. some students under media production training came to pay us a visit on the Top of the morning show. They spiced up the show with their happy laughter and excitement and I'm sure our listeners were happy to have them on the show. Everything went normally according to our daily pattern.......Area, You say, song of the week, Top nine moments, The weather report......... the only difference is that we had a shorter time frame than usual but hey we cant say our Wednesday wasn't wonderful because of that! It was wonderful and we happily look forward to more wonderful days ahead! cheers.

NAOMI (The cute intern on Top radio) lol, wink!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Top of the morning to you top listerners of Top Radio! (Im seriously rhyming i really should consider rapping as a carreer)lol. Sob...sniff, i'm so sad 4 ya'll who didn't listen up today because you missed out of the fun! Typically, the show kicked of with AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRREA!! yup! Area mama woke ya'll up this morning shouting just that one word; vibrating your houses! lol. It was a fun, exciting and informative segment as we brought you traffic reports from as many parts of Lagos as possible and reminded you of how "imporrant" it is to THANK THE LORD!

Next on Top was YOU SAY! Where listeners were given a chance to say anything they wanted to vai calls, sms, facebook, twitter etcetera. It was like graffitti on radio! say what ever you wanna and you can be sure the response to that was massive! Then, the only super hero in Nigeria; "SUPERMIDE" flew in, to deliver the TOP NINE MOMENTS! it was a sweet mixture of sports, entertainment and other The Weather report was brought to you by Yours faithfuly, Tosyn Bucknor and then....(Ma favourite part) the song of the week was played: Mary.J.Blige's Every tear. A very beautiful song that tells you that every tear you have shed makes you a stronger person.

The topic of disscussion for today revolved around just one word: PURPOSE. Have you discovered your porpose in life? if yes, what is your purpose and how did you discover it? We had several responses to this but the general idea gathered from the contributions we had is that God reavels people's purposes to them and being alive without one is like a waste! there was a quere contribution.......that one had to wait to be 25yrs old before one can have a purpose in life! lol. To back it up, songs like "ise orin lori ran mi" and "party hard" where played; well you never can tell what peopl's purposes in life are can you?..we were only giving them ideas! lol.

Believe me, we had fun! The show came to an end (sadly....snif) on a spendid note with Tosyn thanking every one for listening and imploring yall to join her same time tommorrow (I would heed to that if i were you!). We signed out playing you Justin Derrullo's WATCHA watcha say, was it a moody Monday or not? can i hear a resounding NOT!
Faithfully yours,
NAOMI (nayummy) wink!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Who stole the meat from the cooking pot?.........on a tuesday?

Did you missed the areaaaaaaaaaaa show was the bomb if you missed it then this is what went down.........
As usual,a lot of listeners gave the traffic and weather report in their AREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,which brings us back to the question WHO STOLE THE MEAT FROM THE COOKING POT?,callers,text messages,facebook comments and twitts,some blamed it on tosyn,some blamed it on 5 and 6,some blamed it on 1 and 2 and some blamed it on "WHO",some said there was no meat,some said there was no cooking pot.Do you think you can solve the mystery?,actually Olusola confessed,he stole the meat from the cooking pot,is he really sure?the question turned to be a contest.Going to the world of mystery solving movie likes of c.s.i miami,the mentalist,harry potter,criminal mind,desperate housewives and so on........
It is march 9th,and its around this time that rap king was murdered by some unknown gunmen,it's so sad but biggie known as big-daddy music still lives in the heart of his fans.....Now a lot of people had alot of answer to solving the mystery,and uche was on the show to judge who the winner was and he is Eroyak,here was what he thought.......
1st-He thought, the greek word for meat should be known
Next-The apocalypse(revelation) of how the pot came about
Then-The cullinary skillz of the cook
Before finding out who went near the cooking pot in the first place....What do you think........A caller named Ednah, and another caller went head to head by blaming it on no1 and no2....Uche actually thought Eroyah's answer was interesting and funny,but at first she was confused......
Supermide came along with happenings around the world on THE TOP NINE(9)MOMENTS and non-supermide,Tosyn gave the stock market report and the weather report.....
As you know,our song of the week is ROOFTOP MC FEATURING DJ KLEM-FLY AWAY,that song is really great,great.....Well,do not miss out on tomorrow's show it's going to be very packed filled on TOP OF THE MORNING WITH TOSYN BUCKNOR,like someone would say if you do,you are sitting down on a long thing.......
Yours Truly,Olusola and Tosyn Bucknor

Monday, 8 March 2010

Confession on a monday

Areaaaaaaaaaa,well its another great,great day with TOP OF THE MORNING WITH TOSYN BUCKNOR and how was your weekend,ours were great....However the day kicked off with the traffic report and the weather report but then listeners confessed what they did over the weekend....Olusola gave his traffic report from his area,also olusola wished his little niece(eniola adedeji) happy birthday,who turned three(3)on saturday06 march 2010,he also confessed he has a crush on prolific songwriter and soul singer,alicia keys which pops her new hit single "try sleeping with a broken heart"... What are those NYSC memories you've had?,are they good or bad,Adedoyin says he was mr nysc but he ended up in a village for his youth service....Lara made a "GARRI-CAKE" for a friend's birthday..
Wusssssssssssssssssssssh,Supermide,greatest superhero in town,gave reports around the globe that's if you want to find out about the lastest happening,don't ever miss TOP OF THE MORNING WITH TOSYN BUCKNOR,and catch up with supermide to get a chance to sign ur autograph...also Tosyn gave the weather report and stock market report.....You how we do always doing what we know how to do best playing you correct music.... Can you guess the song of the week?,'s..... rooftop mc starring djklem-FLY AWAY...for more info catch us tomorrow...alright im not done...
To all you women out there,we love you all and we thank the lord for your lives,great job in being a superwoman,that why we are saying happy INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY,listeners called in to celebrate their female employer/employee....How are the awards nights faring in nigeria?,are we getting it right?,are there too many of them,calls,text messages,facebook messages and twitts came in each and everyone had alot to say about it,olusola says he does not know how hard they might be working or how chanllenge it could be but they should give opportunity to the upcoming acts....WE say catch us live tomorrow on TOP OF THE MORNING WITH TOSYN BUCKNOR....
We remain yours truly Olusola,
Tosyn Bucknor....bye...

Friday, 5 March 2010


THANK THE LORRRRRRRRRRRD,IT’S FRIDAY. Listeners called in,sent text messages,commented on facebook and twitted about their AREAAAAAAAAAAA ‘S traffic report and weather report and eventually got to sing their own version of the......AREAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SONG,actually i got to hear nice version of the area song......There on teeto’s version,mo chedda’s version and psalmos’s version of the area song was played..... Next on ,there was the shoutout segment and alot of shoutout came in....SUPERMIDE TO THE RESCUE,and she came along with happenings around the globe on THE TOP NINE(9)MOMENTS..... ENTERTAINMENT REPORTS BREIFLY: 9ice’s gbamu gbamu video, Djinee’s overkilling video and OD’S alujo video are released and you can watch them on you tube....... Producer of “HURT LOCKER” was banned from 2010 oscar awards because he sent emails to his friends,telling them not to vote the movie” AVATAR”....because his movie” HURT LOCKER “deserves the award..... Do you remember the LAFFMATTAZ event that took Sunday feb 28th 2010 at a certain location in victorai island hosted by Ali Baba, it was an evening of music and comedy which the likes of hilarious comedians like koffi and the rest trilled the crowd....There is an open MIC NIITE and it should be fun likes of pype,loose and baba dee will be there....... Well, it’s being great catch you next week on TOP OF THE MORNING WITH TOSYN BUCKNOR..... Yours Truly,Olusola and Tosin Bucknor.......

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Top of the morning to you,well in case you missed today’s show well we are very glad to give you the following report..... Areaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, well as you know on the area show ,listeners get to give the traffic report and the weather report in their AREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ,also listeners had alot to say about their career......what they do and why they love doing it,great song were played,really spontaneous music.... Supermide,greatest superhero in town,came with THE TOP NINE(9)MOMENTS,giving news around the world and Tosyn gave the stock market report and the weather ,really the weather keeps changing with each passing minutes.... On a NOSTALGIC THURSDAY,we get to trace few stories, histories and things,now the song of the week titled “FOREVER YOUNG” by Jay-z featuring Mr Hudson,was done by the sensational band”ALPHA VIEW” back in 1984 and was one of Bob Dylan hit single,which pops the question....which version do you prefer?.Really we want to be forever young...... Tosyn got to ask the question what is that painful,inspiring,happy,thankful story you have to tell and could you tell through a song,alot of calls,sms,facebook comments and twits came in with different stories and songs.Olusola told the story of someone close to his heart...his little baby niece (awwww),who’s name is Eniola Adedeji and that attends cradles and kickers school,lagos and olusola sang the strawberry cupcake song....
You how we do playing good music that suits the mood....Don’t miss tomorrow’s areaaaaaa show,entertainment updates and so much more..... Yours Truly olusola Tosyn Bucknor

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


AREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA......yes o it’s another great day again and it’s TOP OF THE MORNING WITH TOSYN BUCKNOR.....Well people incase you miss the show,this is what went down... Listeners called to give traffic reports and the weather report and we got to play songs that listeners requested,actually most of them have really good taste in GOOD MUSIC.You know how we do it’s one of our hobbies playing great music.... We had a chat with.....with....wait for this....aha aha uhun....yes your guess is as good as mine...SOUND SULTAN,NIJA NINJA....Top Nigerian superstar,questions were asked.....did you know he actually was born on a Saturday which inspired his new hit single”BORN ON A SATURDAY”,and he told us that”some people in Nigeria are scared to do the right thing”that’s why he sang the song titled “2010”....Did you also know that Nija ninja was formed by his brother Baba Dee,calls,text messages,facebook messages and tweets everyone had various questions to ask Sound Sultan,he actually a father of one and loves being a father and loves Daugther, Zara very much. There on Supermide came along with THE TOP NINE(9)MOMENTS featuring along side SOUND SULTAN,who gave great comments....Tosyn gave the stock market report and the weather report we all sang the weather song and we hoped sound sultan will give a remix to the weather song.... there on we had a quick chart with Sound Sultan again,who told us ,he will be shooting one of his new videos and he is really inviting every one of his fans to the shoot......My advice is don’t miss TOP OF THE MORNING WITH TOSYN someone would say it pays to be wise catch you tomorrow...........
Yours Sincerely Olusola

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

On a tuesday morning...........

Top of the day,top of the morning to you live with Tosyne Bucknor,areeaaa.......(cough*choking sound)i thank the lord,well,apart from the usual traffic report and weather,olusola reported that the traffic from akute to ikeja was hectic,actually forgive me i was trying to compete in the area challenge earlier(where i choked),really it's about saying areaaaaaaaaaaaaa like you are constipated,well i did good but a caller,Tomi from Ayobo won the challenge,but the other listeners who call to compete did well but they did not do it better than Tomi....My advice is listen closely to TOP OF THE MORNING WITH TOSYNE BUCKNOR,you just might be winners of fantastic prizes..
Why do people still send the "HAPPY NEW MONTH"message?...Later on there was a segment tagged"YOU SAY"where you get to say anything,you want to say,really listeners had lots of words to say through phone calls,text messages,facebook and tweeter,Olusola says he's thanks the lord....
Supermide greatest superhero in town came along with the TOP NINE(9)MOMENTS,also Tosyne gave the weather report,did you the weather changes by the minute SHESSS....Later on song of the week was played and do you know mr hudson is?.Actually he used to be popularly known as MR HUDSON AND THE LIBRARY,but now now all over the world known as Mr Hudson,he featured in one of kanye west's hit single paranoid,he is signed onto kanye's GoodMusic Records,really phenomenal song there by Jay-z and Mr Hudson-FOREVER YOUNG I WANNA BE FOREVER YOUNG,DO YOU REALLY WANNA BE FOREVER FOREVER.Really we can be young forever by similing with the TEETH(grinning),which is the song of the week and one of our favourites playing GOOD MUSIC..
Yours truly Olusola
Tosyne Bucknor.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Confession Monday

Time to shout it out....from the bottom.....AREEAAAAAAAAAA...Because it's top of the morning where we get to know the traffic in your area,the weather and confess!confess!confession!,where you confess about what you did in the weekend..Actually olushola confessed that though it rained,he still flet hot so he took his bath...
TRUST what we enjoy doing most is playing good music and the finest of jamz was played.Tosyne announced about coming soon hold up wait for it.........YOUR CAREER Coming Soon to your favourite radio,where you get to tell us about your work...Really football is great i mean manchester united beat,beat,beat chelsea with 4goals to 2,making manchester united the winner,tosyne was very excited her team won better luck next time chelsea and congratulations to MANCHESTER UNITED...
It is the first of march 2010,why did it fall on a monday,which pops the question do you love or hate the first of march actually falls on a monday,also why do people send the "HAPPY NEW MONTH"on the beginning of a new month....Very interesting things are really happening in the month of march obviously it's a good month...March 10th is national anthem day,March 5th parachute was invented,am a Barbie girl in a Barbie worrrrrrld,imagination...yes March 9th is Barbie's birthday,one of the world's mathematician Albert einstein's birthday falls on March 14th,sadly sadly there is julius ceasar was assaisinated on March 15th,March 21st is Good friday,March 29th cocacola was invented,March 21st is french bread day..which lead tosyne to declared June 8th as Agege bread day...really great things happening in the month of march...
Greatest superhero in lagos,doing her superhero duty....SUPERMIDE and she reported news happening around the globe,Olusola sang the weather song.....
The song of the week is jay-z featuring mr hudson-FOREVER YOUNG,which brought about the question....How can you stay forever young...listeners contributed,calls,text messages,facebook comments and tweets....well HAPPY NEW MONTH,we all are going to see more months and years to come WE THANK THE LORD...I am not going to miss the world for nothing in this world....see you tommorow...on TOP OF THE MORNING WITH TOSYNE BUCKNOR.....
Yours Truly olusola lasisi and Tosyne Bucknor...

Friday, 26 February 2010

friday couldnt be any better

top of the morning to you!well we are excited it's FRIDAY and at the same time very sure we will have a great weekend...well as usual the areeeeeeeeeeea show was entertaining and infomative with the traffic report,weather report and........YES sing an area song,really some of the listeners would pass for a grammys,listeners called and text messages were sent...mmmmmmmmmm its was out of this world.
the next segment was..........wait for this ........SUPERMIDE always really showing that superhero power on THE TOP NINE(9)MOMENTS,sharing news about the globe also the stock market and the weather forecast.
Next....we had the revealing and suprisingly entertainment news,you know how we do every FRIDAY,giving the latest gist of what is hot or not.....did you know that hip-hop megastar sean carter popularly know as JAY-Z and the New-York governor under an ongoing investigation,actually from our source it says that jay-z may have done some corrupt dealings with the governor of New-York and the wall str bankers at AIG who decided to pull some scam,where they would secretly grant themselves the exclusive rights to a new Casino in New-York,really beyonce's hubby and the Govenor of New-York are best of frends with both of them hanging out very often,oould that be what really inspired jay-z's new hit single EMPIRE STATE OF MIND featuring alicia keys?.....also superstars like skuki,dipp,zara and designers like strictly waya,Happy Facez and some other exquiste designers and some other musical artists have recently signed up a sickle cell project to be held in March...nigerian singer tuface innocent idibia was recently honoured BY THE hONOURABLE MINISTER OF HEALTH,HONOURABLE Oshotimeyin for his effort in combating Guinea Worm disease....NOW the LAFFMATTAZ hosts Ali Baba this weekend at a prestigeous venue...i hear it's going to be MUSIC,MUSIC,MUSIC....And having the time of his life on one of his singles OMO-OBA is now numero uno on a certain chart sponsored by a telecomms company...CONGRATULATIONS DA PRINCE...
Does the name Cheryl cole ring a bell?ok i will remind you if you have forgotten,she was an ex-judge in x-Factor,a musical reality talent show and a couple of other series,actually she is saying BYE BYE BYE to thrilling chelsea/england footballer Ashley cole who has repeatedly cheated on her,well good for her she's fully focus on her career,good- luck chery.LUCK was really on Lizzie's Maguire when she was saved from the evil guy who tried to ruin her career in the LIZZIE MAGUIRE MOVIE,same is hollywood actress and singer Hilary Duff who is finally engaged to Mike Cowrie,29.she happily accepted and they are now planning a wedding later this year.the 23 year old actress has previously dated Good Charlotte Rocker,Joel Madden...
After years of success and now a failed return to music,Jlo, mother of two has just been dropped from Epic Records.However her manager Benna Medina stated shes been a success but it was time for her to make a change.aint no big deal though,its J-lo and anything can happen.
Do you like to laugh?make it a date with comedy train today somewhere on the island.Sauce kid is busy busy busy as he himself as said,his album is as overdue as an 11 months old preganancy.Well here is the goodnews,with official online leaks of some of his singles,we can only wait with bated breathe for sinzu.afterall sinzu is sinzu.
One mic the event for underground artistes which holds regularly in England finally made its NAYA debut yesterday with atristes like whiz-kid,skales aires and others performing.K.HOUSE,K.HOUSE,K.HOUSE it could only be done by K.HOUSE.a PRODUCTION OUTFIT of the future awards 2010 will have their mixed tape released online.yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
if you enjoyed today please THANK THE LORD and if you did not listen,you are sitting on a long thing.
yours truly Lasisi Shola and Segun Obende

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Did today rock?

i will never forget to greet you in the traditional way.....AREA AREA AREA AREA yes ooo that our national anthem and we thank the lord.Top of the morning to you all and hope you had a goodnight rest?for me it was the bomb because chelsea lost,UP started with the AREA show where as usual you,our numerous callers called and gave us the traffic report as well as the weather report and interstingly the best part of the show was the aspect where our callers had to share with us some childhood memories and believe me it was fun.
Let me see......what did i miss as a child?ok how many of you have ever heard of KOSO?thats exactly what i miss about my childhood.Is Shola missing anything?well maybe his video games and remote control cars,Tosin well i dont know.Do you know how many things i actually remembered from back in the days as a result of the calls we received?a lot and i will actually take you through a few
SUWE,TEN TEN,HIDE AND SEEK,TINKO,THE RUBBER GAME,POLICE AND THIEF and a whole lot of other fun games.Do you remember playing soccer in the rain?rolling tyres in the rain?what about the game called table soccer?Yes i see you smiling because alot if you did play table soccer abi?dont answer me because i already know the answer.
SUPERMIDE went doing what she knows how to do best if shes not in the studio,SAVING LIVES(dont be jealous you are not a super hero)so our top nin e(9)moments was handled by no other person that non super hero TOSYN and IT WAS entertai ing as well as educating which is the secret behind the moment.
If you didnt call to tell as well as sing your story,you know what i say now,you are sitting on a long was a rather moody session because most people just wanted top sing about heartbreaks and cheating spouses but we livened it up with good music and encouragments so it wasnt a bad day at all.WE THANK THE many of you are looking foward to tomorrows show?i am and i dont know about you but let me leaave you with these few words to ponder on'the best way to start your day is with a smile'how do you get that smile?TOP OF THE MORNING WITH TOSYN BUCKNOR and as always if you missed out of todays and you are planning on missing out of tomorrows,you will never leave that spot.did i hear you ask what spot?LOOOOOOOONG THING.
yours truly Segun Obende.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

marathon Wednesday

As you already know without being told that wednesdays are usually days to look out for because they simply stand out.Lets do this for starters or people that are not familiar with the show,its AREA AREA AREA AREA!!!!!! Yeah!thats our early morning anthem like 'ARISE O COMPATRIOTS',you all know what you do on wednesdays now no need to tell again.....ok i will tell,its request wednesday when our esteemed callers dont only give us the traffic reports of their areas but are opportuned to hear any song of their choice that is you give us the traffic and weather report of your area and we in return give you your choice song.
We can never forget our top nine(9)moments with supermide.This is a mment when we are put through the top nine(9)newsaing the headlines and if memory serves me right i thing the major topic of discussion was the return of our be frank i dont know maybe i should conclude or still hang on to it as a rumour but whatever they said he's back.
It was also a day when we had guests in the studio and without being told i can bet you all want to know who graced the day,SAMKLEF and BRACE ever heard of them?SAMKLEF is the man behind HE DON BETTER ever heard that song?if you say know,then you are on a long thing and if you have,you are a strong thing.They took us through their journey so far in the industry and we got to find out that Samklef wasnt only a musician but a producer,he actually produced our song of the week by VECTOR and track titled KILODE.BRACE on the other hand falls into the language speaking artiste and i know you will be saying'we have too many of them already'but i have a speech like MLK junior had a dream and my speech says........LOOK OUT FOR THIS GUYS,they are simply hot.
then the moment that stole the day when you had 15 seconds to tell us about yourself and the calls kept coming,lets listen to some of the comments
Segun says:i am segun for all information check my profile on face book SEGUN TT,Oyindamola says:My name is Oyindamola i am an intern in top radio and when i am not working i think and write and Shola says:i am shola an intern in top radio who loves being creative,you wont believe some sang their way into 15 seconds but believe me when i say you could know alot about someone in less than 15 seconds.
I will never forget DJ DON GQ who was on the wheels of steel doing what he knows how to do best,dishing out unending jamz to make it memorable time in the studio.after all said and done it was time to go and we all couldnt believe it was time up for us because the show to us was just begining and yours truly Tosyn signed out with her own 15 seconds and you want to know how?ok i am Tosyn bucknor and i am signing out DJ GQ top of the morning pop champaigne and the song played sraight into the waiting ears of our listeners and we called it a WRAP.For those of you that missed out of todays show you know what i tell you but before i do,go pop champaigne and sip on it while you are sitted on a long thing.
Yours truly Segun Obende

Friday, 19 February 2010

Fun Fearless Proposal(?) Friday!!!

The weekend is here again & of course the Friday edition of top of the morning starts off with the usual AREA Show where listeners call in & send text messages informing other listeners of the traffic situation in their AREA & also giving us weather report of their AREA. It was fun as usual with soothing music & there were a whole lot of responses from different locations in Lagos & environs. Then the Area show paved way 4 another segment which was a mixture of a week review & the shout out segment where callers have to call in & shout out for real, text messages were not left out but they had to be creative to be read out, believe me callers were really shouting out to friends, family members & off course loved ones which was really fun.
And now for the part I enjoy the most on the show on Fridays is always the entertainment segment where we get to know what’s happening in the entertainment scene both home & abroad & we had a guest in the studio to help out with the entertainment gist unknowing to her that she was in for a big surprise.The surprise popped up when a random call came into the studio & it was a guy proposing to his girl friend who happened to be in the studio & he popped the question (will you marry me? ),then he walked into the studio still making the call,then his girl friend flipped out in amazement & in great shock at what her boyfriend just did & the whole station was in awe of what just happened with congratulatory messages coming from everybody around.
The show had to go on after the surprise package with the entertainment segment and Beyonce’s father was in the news; the latest gist about him being that he now has to pay child support for the child he fathered with another lady while still married to Beyonce’s mum. Ha!
Lady Gaga was also mentioned as being the big winner at the Brits Awards which held on Tuesday! She won three awards, including International Female Act. The Brits is in its thirtieth season and Oasis was honoured- Best Album in thirty ywars. Apparently, the Spice Girls won Best Peformance in thirty years!
And congratulations to KEL!
Now only will she look good fashion wise, but also cos of her hair!
Yes o, KEL and GBEMI OLATERU-OLAGBEGI were recently unveiled as Brand Ambassadors for Soul Touch Hair products!
Yes o!
The show wrapped with ‘Ijinle Pampam’ a song by the Knighthouse crew featuring eLDee, Kel YQ and Othello!
So guys, let’s do this again next week, abi?
Hojay Izirein
Tosyn Bucknor

to read more abt the proposal, pls check

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

It was an interesting day

AREA AREA AREA AREA AREA AREA ARAEA,you get me doing this only when i it rocked extra.ordinarily in the wont believe what happened today,are you guessing?ok i will help you,tosyn was the bomb with the early morning traffic and weather report which i believe you already know what happens.incase you have forgotten,i will remind you.that is when our beloved listeners call in to give us the traffic report of where they are and we in return give to them their choice songs.I have a little EXPO for you all.......hmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!guess who stopped by briefly at the studio this morning?BABA LOKE TURN ME AROUND OOOOO,Yes yours truly Kenny St Brown popularly called KSB and she left with us her cd to feel,so please if you havnt got one GRAB YOUR COPY NOW.Top nine(9)moments with Supermide was also an exciting as well as educating moment even though it was a Manchester United affair,we got educated by the top nine news making the headlines.thanks SUPERMIDE.You know it is said that we should always save the best for the last,that we did today as we had a guest stop by TOSIN JEGEDE was in the house.yes the one you think i am talking about.hello TOSIN JEGEDE child star back in the 80's,the PARENTS LISTEN TO YOUR CHILDREN inventor,the ambassador fo children development,what else?at least you now know who i have been talking about.she let us into her world by putting us through to what she has been up to,present projects she's workling on and of course sang some lines from her then hit songs.for more information you could visit the Tosin Jegede foundation on facebook at least to be a part of the charity events she's putting was more of a no holds bar session because she answered questions concerning what she has been up to,where she has been and for those of you that missed out FYI she is still very much single.kibati stopped by for the sports news and we called it a wrap.i will leave you with my usual words........... if you missed out of today's top of the morning,you shall forever be sitted on a long thing.till tomorrow it's yours truly
Segun Obende


Monday, February 15, 2010
first day of the week

Its the first working day of the week and of course you are waiting for me to make my early morning shout..........yes AREA AREA AREA AREA AREA AREA AREA ..are you tired of reading it?dont be because i have ust started.ok valentine has come and gone and i hope you all had the best of it?before i go further i will like to once again congratulate Mr and Mrs Ademola,rumours got to us that you had a swell time up at kingsize yesterday anyway that was the idea to make sure you had the closest to the best of days and it was also interesting to know or find out that you made it up with your in the spirit of valentine still in the mood of love todays top of the morning came as a filled pack and i believe you have an idea of what i am talking it started the way it normally does with our callers giving us the traffic report from their various places and telling us how they spent their vals.i am going to start up by telling you how i spent mine..........had plans of hanging out with my ex we had everything planned and here i am looking all dressed up to make it a good date and i sat all day long waiting vfor her to show up but she never did.
dont you even try feel sorry for me cos it will make no wont believe the distance i had to cover on foot to make it to the studio,but in all I THANK THE LORD.tosyn came upp with this question ;which is better to have loved and lost or not to love at all?are you seeking my opinion on that?dont worry readers once beaten always of the nine(9)moments by supermide and we had uche and OJ in the studio giving us their support.basically today ws like every other day in the studio from AREA to top nine(9) moments and the call in segment,it ws just a fun filled time know what they say that when you having an interesting time outTIME FLIES.look nfoward to having a better time out tomorrow and like i always say if you missed out of todays top of the morning,you will forever remain on a long thing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yours truly OBENDE SEGUN

A rather tiring day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
did today rock?

Did today rock? i am having to start with this question because i dont know if it did.was a little down this morning with a headache so i really couldnt be up and doing,but as usual top of the morning rocks all the time thats because it starts with AREA and others follow.What was the highlight of today?ok i will tell you,how many of you remember DR LEE's chinese interpretation of AREA?dont tell me you missed out of that toooo because i truly will not forgive you.
Anyway we had our traffic report from our truluy dedicated callers who helped us with the traffic report of where evere they were and SUPERMIDE gave us the top nine(9) moments,at least we now know the acting president of the country Goodluck Jonathan has kicked against the congratulatory messages he has been getting from the media on his conferement as acting president and in the same vane stopped people from paying him visits in Abuja.thanks to Supermide I wouldnt have known.there was the launch of a new programme today VALENTINE FLAVA with Matilda and Okechukwu and as a result saw to the early closing of the top o the morning crew.we were also entertained with some sports news by tosyn.i am looking foward to tomorrow because we definitly will be having a guest up in the studio with us and who he/she is................i truthfully do not know but know this that i am equally excited and anxious to know who this person will be.while i take my leave from the studio i want to wish Manchester United good luck in their clash against Ac Milan later today.....with these few words i hope i have been able to carry you along.any quote for the day?nope SUPERMIDE has already done that.
its forever yours truly SEGUN OBENDE

today at the studio

today in the studio

What are you expecting me to do?shout?ok i would AREA AREA AREA.....that's our way of saying did it go today?well it was a rather cold day in the studio had our callers helping us out with the traffic reports and at the same time singing their way into a prize for the season.The top nine(9)moments by supermide came next with her educating us on the top nine(9)headlines making the rounds and of course TOSYN handling the entertainment segment of the show which actually led to us rounding off the day.It's that time of the year when you are to share love with your friends,family and loved ones.incase you missed out of the places to be at over the weekend here is a little help.......KINGSIZE,CHILL and RELAX IN BAMBUDHHA,VALENTINE AT LAFENWA and a whole lot of fun to be places.These are our final words for you today.....keep the love strong and put a smile on someones face,till next week pips its Goodspeed and God blessssss..
yours truly

Thursday, 11 February 2010

This Valentine...

Hi all!

Its Thursday, and no, it is not too late to get those gifts!
If you haven’t got something yet, please check They have exotic fruit baskets as hampers that your loved ones would love to get! Imagine- love and health going hand in hand!

Yes oh, whether or not you ‘believe’ in it, Valentine’s Day is here and it falls on a Sunday as you can imagine, it is the Weekend of Love!
Wondering what to do?

Covenant Christian Centre presents the Singles Summit, with performances by Lami and more! So, hmmn... get renewed, entertained and start valentine’s day early?
Sign us up!

Yes o! It has to be FOR the LOVE of MUSIC if the cutest guys in Nigeria are performing on the same stage! Usual suspects- Banky W, Sauce Kid, Naeto C, the Guitar Boy- GT, the love songs gurus- Tosin Martins and Timi Dakolo, and singer-producer with the highlife magic touch- J Martins!
The only female in the mix, is also the First Lady- Sasha.
That’s on Saturday on the Island!

Abuja peeps! Spend your val’s day giving back and TOUCHing A LIFE at CITY PARK!
Spare two hours of your time and bring gifts for children aged between three months and three years so they can be taken to orphanages!

Jaiye is a talented instrumentalist and artiste, and would go see him on Saturday if only to catch a glimpse of his opening act- Ify Otuya!

As always, your favourite swanky bar will have a treat for her customers this Sunday. Count on a romantic ambience, champagne, music, and more drinks!

Chinese food at its most interesting on the island? Prime Chinese on Bishop Aboyade Cole it is!
And on Sunday, count on a special buffet for families in the afternoon, and for lovers in the evening!

Kingpin is in Ikeja and they also have a valentine buffet on Sunday!
For N5500, guests will enjoy barbecues, drinks, and a bottle of red wine to take home!

Chill and Relax with the Proles at BAMBUDHHA on Sunday, between 4 and 7pm!
Its an evening of spoken word, poetry, comedy and good music!
We hear CON.tra.diction will perform!

Sunday, February 14, 2010
12:00pm - 6:00pm

Yes o!
But remember, the season of love starts with GOD"

I dont know... but Thursday rocked!

AREA AREA AREA AREA AREA cant stop singing it because if you are not a part of it, you are still sitting on a long thing. let me see........OK today happened to be NOLSTAGIC Thursday and you won’t believe how interesting it was listening to some oldies(I mean jamz from the past).as you all know we have our every day callers doing what they know how to do best. You will also be surprised to hear what frightened people when they were young. YES it’s time for me to give a proverb in my language odituokoro ooo yuoyo tuoyo(it has no translation) another interesting part of the day was when our callers called and told us a proverb in their dialect and translated it in English. That really was interesting as well as educating. Can you sing? or can you tell a story? did you just say YES? I am sorry because you can’t. You needed to hear the likes of Mrs Ademola and Tolu tell their story as well as sing their story, it couldn’t have been any better. Since it’s the season of love the Top of The Morning crew decided to give out gifts for vals.DELE ADENUSI won himself a ticket for two(2) in KINGSIZE on vals day were they will be treated to a variety of barbeque and drinks to go with it. They will also be given a bottle of red wine as a departing gift. Mrs ADEMOLA also got herself a ticket to KINGSIZE while TOLU won herself a facial, so you see it was as fun packed as always. It was TOSYN BUCKNOR, OYINDAMOLA aka P.A, FATIMA and yours truly SEGUN aka Mr SLEEP doing what they know how to do best.......keeping you entertained as well as rewarding you. I know some of you can’t wait till tomorrow. Now listen if you miss out on tomorrows edition,you will forever be on a LONG THING

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

today in the studio

As usual the day began with the popular AREA that leaves people calling in and giving us the traffic reports of wherever they are. since it was request Wednesday they had the opportunity to have their choice songs played.BEZ was in the house dishing out to the delight of his fans two of his songs as well as co anchoring with Tosyn Bucknor.GT the guitar man was also in the studio to answer some questions as well as spice the day/show up. Oh my God how will I forget the prize winners from yesterday? Yes MITCHELLE and IBUKUN came by to spend time at the studio as one of the incentives that came with winning. NAETO C as much as we looked forward to hanging out with him couldn’t make it due to Lagos traffic but it’s ok will reschedule that for another day.DJ GQ made it an interesting day with good music to liven up the moments. The show rounded up with our winners from yesterday making their shout outs and it was a wrap.

segun obende

Monday, 1 February 2010

Top of the Morning (welcome back edition) Today’s edition of ‘Area’ was the welcome back edition, where listeners had the opportunity of talking about their weekend. It also featured the usual traffic and weather report. Amu Francis was the first caller on the show.

During the show, information about activities which took place during the weekend was given. The weekend was packed with activities ranging from football and the Grammy awards.

For sport, the ban on the Togo team by CAF was reviewed and listeners expressed their opinion through phone calls, text messages, facebook and twitter.
For the Grammys, award receivers included Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson, whose children received it on his behalf.

After the area show, listeners were given the opportunity to give acceptance speeches if they were to win an award.

The top nine moments which was read by Aramide Paul Taiwo at past nine featured stories on health, technology, entertainment and sports.

After the top nine moments, the song of the week was introduced which was Taylor swift’s ‘you are not sorry’.

The top question for today was ‘What do you think about Nigerian artistes organising beneficial concert for Jos like they are doing for Haiti?’.Most viewers said that the crises in Jos was as a result of religion but Haiti was a natural disaster. The show ended with Jason Derulo’s ‘watcha ya say’.

Friday, 22 January 2010

- Awards Season continues!
Awards Season continues, with the organisers of the Future Awards, releasing a shortlist of nominees for their Awards Show which comes up in February.
Shortlisted nominees include, Omoni Oboli, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Ike Orizu (, Uche Eze (, Debola Lewis (yvent couture), Onyeka Nwelue, Jumoke Verissimo, Omawumi, Jesse Jags, Denrele Edun, Yinka Obebe, and Tosyn Bucknor.
For more information on the Future Awards, plus, the pre-awards conference, please check,

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTAS) awards, holds shortly with ‘Avatar’ picking up nominations in eight different categories, including, Best Film. Other nominees include, Up in the Air, Hangover, Coco before Chanel, Audrey Tatou, Quentin Tarantino, James Cameron and District 9.

- Rihanna! John Mayer! Spice Girls!
Rihanna is in the news! And this time, for supporting an important cause- to help Seun Adebiyi get a donor!
Seun Adebiyi is a 26 year old Nigeria who has been diagnosed with Leukamia, meaning he will need a bone-marrow transplant. Seun is an athlete and is well on his way to being the first Nigerian to compete in the Winter Olmpics so just like the people of Haiti and Jos, he needs all the prayers and help he can get.
Here is the link to his Youtube Video Appeal!

As for John Mayer, the latest gist is that he is still pining for Jennifer Aniston, or at least, he missed her!
He was reportedly quoted as saying, when asked about the break up, ‘I've never really gotten over it.... It was one of the worst times of my life”.
Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston’s other ex, Brad Pitt, is also in the news. Well, let’s face it, he is ALWAYS in the news!
This time around though, an unofficial biography which alleges that Brad cheats on Angelina Jolie, and has cheated with a Somalian model, and also that their relationship cannot survive the next few years, has been published!
Tory Tory!

Break ups. Break ups. Break ups.
The Spice Girls might have broken up years ago, but you might still see them, or at least, versions of them soon! No, not another reunion concert, but this time, on stage, as a Spice Girls Musical has finally been approved and commisioned!
‘VIVA FOREVER’ will bring Victoria, Emma, Mel C, Mel B and Geri, live to us on stage!
We hear the musical won’t actually be ABOUT the girls, but will feature their songs...

- So what’s happening this weekend?
The weekend is here!
Exciting isn’t it?
Catch asa on the Green on Friday, with opening acts, Ibiyemi and Bez Idakula.
You can also catch Beautiful Nubia at Sparkle Hall this Sunday, as he launches his new album! YAY!
Top Radio will of course, keep you entertained with Uche! Wyse! Azaria! DJ GQ! Damirez! Korebrown! Stranger! They all hold the forte this weekend, till another Monday swings by!
- Jedward? Timi!
The duo formerly known as contestants on the British reality show, X FACTOR, may have been voted out, but since they have now signed a deal with Sony Music, i guess they laugh last!
Their new single, ‘Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby), featuring Vannila Ice, will soon be out
(yay? Nay? Yee? Pa?)

But from John and Edward Grimes, to Timi Dakolo!
Wednesday the 20th was a three in one (not the weave-on) combination for TIMI DAKOLO!
It was his birthday! (happy birthday! Thanks for the cake!)
It was the premiere of his video for hit single, ‘I Love You’ featuring Jesse Jags (with a cameo by Ice Prince and Zara)
It was his album listening party at Swe Bar! Hosted by Tosyn Bucknor, it featured performances by Rooftop M.Cs, Gbolahan and Hakym the Dream, and appearances by Lami, Ibiyemi, ObJazz, Obi Asika, Julius Agwu, Djinee, and more!

- Music .v. Movie Stars take two! Two sites move into further gear!
It turns out that when the movie stars go up against the music stars, they dance better!
Well at least, on Celebrity Takes Two, they do!
Fred Amata, Stella Damasus and Yinka Blag are the final three on Celebrity Takes Two, and this weekend, a winner emerges!
Me i am sha sad that Yinka Davies was voted off. She was fantastic!

And in closing, let us say, two of our favourite websites take things to another level!
First off, SWITCHEDONNAIJA which has always provided us with music, opinion articles and features, has published the first edition of RE’LOAD!
The cover is fab, the pictures look great, and it is definitely a collectors item!

And MYTRUSPOT.COM which is a favourite for music downloads, charts and fan pages, has given Africa its first application for Blackberry... the TRUSPOT APPLICATION FOR BLACKBERRY!
Users have tried it, and they love it! So go ahead and get it now!
Think about it!
You read Re’Load and Speechgirl blog when you queue for fuel, then listen to the Top 40 playlist on Truspot as you drive
We thaank tha LORD

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Top of the Morning show today the 21st of January, in the year 2010, it was fantastic and fun as we started off with the AREA show, where the only thing that gets you on the show is shouting AREA, the area mama in her usual Thursday style, asked the audience to give the weather, traffic reports and to mention what they can see in their neighbourhood through the window. Many people called and gave the weather, traffic reports from areas like, Lekki, Ikoyi, Ikorodu, Surulere, Agege, Mushin, Ketu, Isolo, Apapa, Ijebu and even Oyo state and other places to mention a few. On PROVERBS SEGMENT, where we usually have proverbs in any language other than English and then translate them into English, we had proverbs from, Yoruba land, Ibo land, and Zangalist land, etc. Some people even gave us one proverb in English. The audience communicated through the following mediums, twitter, phone line, text messages, and facebook.
However after the proverbs segment, more music was played, and after that was TOP NINE MOMEMTS by Aramide Paul Taiwo. She started with Nigerian news then to foreign news, sport news and entertainment news. After was the stock exchange and weather report by Tosyn, immediately after that was the usual ‘Quote of the Day’ by Aramide.

The SING YOUR STORY SEGMENT was fun all through, the audience called in, sent messages both on twitter and facebook. The first caller said something very touching about the Haitians earthquake incidence and also sang a song for them. However, many people also called in, sent messages about a story they loved to tell and a song that suited their story.
The ‘sing a story segment’ rounded up the top of the morning show with lots of music from different artistes both naija and foreign. This Thursday was just too gbasky as usual.

Taiwo Tosin

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Miss CON.tra.diction

We just want to say thank you for the love and support so far!
CON.tra.diction released her singles barely a few days ago on radio, and longer than that online, and the buzz has been mad!
Please check the online links out, listen, leave comments, and SPREAD THE WORD!
We appreciate that you have been there for a long time; it is time to get more foot soldiers!

CON.tra.diction on NOTJUSTOK

CON.tra.dictions singles getting a review on WEPLUGGOODMUSIC

CON.tra.diction on REVERBNATION (she is number 2 on the alternative charts for Nigerian artistes!)

If you are on facebook, check her fan page out
Or join her group

and follow her on twitter


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Challenging Tuesday Indeed!

The challenging Tuesday started with music from different artist before the area mama started the show proper. The phone line was open for the audience to call into the program and give the details of weather and traffic report in their different areas.
People called in to give the traffic report of the following areas; Ikorodu-3rd Mainland Bridge was moving, Sango-otta was sengemenge, Egbeda, Berger- Ojota was free, Ogba, Aguda, Ita-Oluwo to Ikorodu was free, Owode, Ketu to Ikorodu was moving slowly, Adeniji, Mariner, to mention few.
The audience were allowed to speak like touts, which was done by so many people, people like; Olu babafiyin, Tunde, Segun, Lara and Wale, to mention a few, the winner of this character was Lara.
Thereafter, Tosyn explained the causes of malaria, what leads to malaria and why it occurs. She explained further that, malaria is usually transmitted through Mosquito. She said mosquito lay not less than 30-100 of eggs within 2 to 3 days and the mosquito feeds on human blood so as to keep their eggs, mosquito also attack between 5am and 8pm till down.
After that more music’s was played, new callers also called into the program [Tunde and Segun], after that Abigael, Bukki from berger, Bolu from Akute, kazeem from Mowe, Wale from Ketu also called in to share their feelings to the program.
She also said some things on Cockroaches that, this species can feed on both dead and immobile things, and this species can also contaminate foods and water. More music was played, including ‘Iwolomo’ by Dj Boombastic featuring 9ice.
The program moved on to ‘You Say’! The first theme was prayers, as Tosyn played, ‘The Prayer’ recorded by Celine Dion and Andrea Boccelli, and also, Donnie McClurkin and Yolanda Adams! Prayers ranged from needing admission, to healing, to grace in Nigeria!
The next theme was, the sweetest or funniest thing mums have said, and this was from a line from the song, ‘Gotta Be’ by Des’ree.
Next up was TOP NINE MOMENTS with Aramide Paul Taiwo, with Nigerian and international news! And her quote for the day? ‘IF YOU LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE, YOU WILL LIVE A LIFE OF LOVE’.
The song of the week this week is, ‘I didn’t know my own strength’ by Whitney Houston.

The movie ended with Venus on Top, and it was all about movies!
What are some of the most liked chick flicks? And what are those chick flicks that men actually enjoy but pretend not to?
Well, from the calls, texts, facebook and twitter messages, it was obvious movies like ‘Pretty Woman’, ‘The Proposal’, ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, and ‘Dirty Dancing’, are all time favourites.
The show ended with Tosyn urging everyone to join Dj GQ herself on the Wednesday edition of the Wednesday Chatshow.
Don’t say i told you, but her guest is DURELLA!
Okay na!

Taiwo Tosin

Monday, 18 January 2010

Interesting Monday

Top of the morning show started today with lots of music and after that it’s the area show proper, so many people called in to give traffic and weather report of their various areas. Areas like; Lekki, Abule-Egba, ikeja, Alagbole-Akute to Gbadtamosi, ojodu-berger and lot more.
More music was played thereafter before moving to the next segment of the show, she also spoke a bit about the winners at the Golden Globes. After that, the phone line was open to the audience to comment on the match that was played on Saturday between Nigeria super Eagles and the Republic of Benin.
People called in with different opinions and suggestions towards the match that was played and what they think we can do to win the next match against Mozambique on wednesday.
Thereafter, it was Top nine moment with Aramide Paul Taiwo, Nigeria news, foreign news[Haiti earthquake], sports, weather report was taken by Tosyn Bucknor, and finally quote of the week was taken by Aramide.
More music was played thereafter before the song of the week was played. It was fun and interesting on Monday morning.

Taiwo TOsin

Thursday, 14 January 2010

NOSTALGIC THURSDAY (14th January 2010)


Yes o!
Todays top of the morning falls on a very special day- Damirez' birthday!

This morning people called in to give the report of traffic control in different areas and also their best animated films. Someone called from Akute and said the traffic from Akute to Sabo was bumper to bumper and his best animated film is Tom and Jerry. Another person also called from Ikeja and said a trailer fell along Ikeja road this morning and his best animated film was shrek.
There were several other calls about traffic from everywhere like Chevron to Lekki, Awolowo Road, Iyana Ipaya, Ikorodu, and so on, and animated films like Lion King, Tarzan, Pocahontas and so on were mentioned, with cartoons like Tom and Jerry and even Voltron being mentioned!
People called, sent in text messages, left messages on Facebook, and also twitter, and throughout the Area show, Sweet 17 played nostalgic music in keeping with Thursdays Nostalgic theme, and also some soundtracks, like ‘Hakuna Matata’ from Lion King, and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ from the movie of the same name!

After the Area Show, more music was played, as people called in to give proverbs in any language other than English. We had proverbs in Yoruba, Igbo and Isoko languages today, and all the listeners were able to say what lessons they had learnt from them!

Aramide (or SuperMyd! as Tosyn likes to call her), spoke on things happening around the world and Nigeria in particular. Highlights include the tragic earthquake in Haiti which claimed lives and property, the death of Teddy Pendergrass, and the Court ruling that Vice President Jonathan Goodluck could take executive decisions, on behalf of President Yar Adua who is still recuperating!
Tosyn gave the stock market and weather report, and Aramide wrapped things up with a quote as always!

Top of the morning then continued with more music, and the SONG OF THE WEEK!
This week, we have been listening to ‘WHAT A FEELING’ by Beautiful Nibia!
Sing your Story comes up every Thursday!
Listeners are encouraged to call in with stories, and then sing songs that best capture the emotion they feel!
So many stories were told via phone calls, texts, facebook and twitter and by the time the show ended, people had laughed, cried and s.h.a.r.ed!

WRITTEN by Taiwo Tosin Adeniyi
Edited by Tosyn Bucknor

Monday, 4 January 2010


Hi guys!
Welcome to the New Year... that is, if you haven’t got tired of it already!

So 2010 promises to be fun, and we thought we should run some things by you!

THESE GENES sickle-cell project which has been doing work in the background quietly in 2009, will be making noise in 2010! Please click on the link below to join the group on facebook for regular updates!
First event March, noise starts now!

All you coca-cola addicts out there can join the facebook group here!
Its all about the love for that drink mehn!

With three singles released just as 2009 wrapped up, CON.tra.diction is poised to make 2010 her own!
Please join her facebook group!
Listen out for her singles on any of the radio stations, but if you can listen online, or would like to read a review of the singles, then please check this link out!
She is also on twitter
And on Reverbnation!

Dont say we did not tell you o!

s.h.a.r.e fans, this is your year!
Please join the facebook group to catch updates on facebook!
You can also check the blog from time to time
The calendar for 2010 is up, and there are at least two events a month this year!
To make things easier for you, you could register to get updates straight to your phone! There is a service charge for this and to find out more, please send a text to 08023066252!

So what else have we missed?
We are still up for charity
and we love Zapphaire Events!
and please check out our blogs!