Friday, 26 February 2010

friday couldnt be any better

top of the morning to you!well we are excited it's FRIDAY and at the same time very sure we will have a great weekend...well as usual the areeeeeeeeeeea show was entertaining and infomative with the traffic report,weather report and........YES sing an area song,really some of the listeners would pass for a grammys,listeners called and text messages were sent...mmmmmmmmmm its was out of this world.
the next segment was..........wait for this ........SUPERMIDE always really showing that superhero power on THE TOP NINE(9)MOMENTS,sharing news about the globe also the stock market and the weather forecast.
Next....we had the revealing and suprisingly entertainment news,you know how we do every FRIDAY,giving the latest gist of what is hot or not.....did you know that hip-hop megastar sean carter popularly know as JAY-Z and the New-York governor under an ongoing investigation,actually from our source it says that jay-z may have done some corrupt dealings with the governor of New-York and the wall str bankers at AIG who decided to pull some scam,where they would secretly grant themselves the exclusive rights to a new Casino in New-York,really beyonce's hubby and the Govenor of New-York are best of frends with both of them hanging out very often,oould that be what really inspired jay-z's new hit single EMPIRE STATE OF MIND featuring alicia keys?.....also superstars like skuki,dipp,zara and designers like strictly waya,Happy Facez and some other exquiste designers and some other musical artists have recently signed up a sickle cell project to be held in March...nigerian singer tuface innocent idibia was recently honoured BY THE hONOURABLE MINISTER OF HEALTH,HONOURABLE Oshotimeyin for his effort in combating Guinea Worm disease....NOW the LAFFMATTAZ hosts Ali Baba this weekend at a prestigeous venue...i hear it's going to be MUSIC,MUSIC,MUSIC....And having the time of his life on one of his singles OMO-OBA is now numero uno on a certain chart sponsored by a telecomms company...CONGRATULATIONS DA PRINCE...
Does the name Cheryl cole ring a bell?ok i will remind you if you have forgotten,she was an ex-judge in x-Factor,a musical reality talent show and a couple of other series,actually she is saying BYE BYE BYE to thrilling chelsea/england footballer Ashley cole who has repeatedly cheated on her,well good for her she's fully focus on her career,good- luck chery.LUCK was really on Lizzie's Maguire when she was saved from the evil guy who tried to ruin her career in the LIZZIE MAGUIRE MOVIE,same is hollywood actress and singer Hilary Duff who is finally engaged to Mike Cowrie,29.she happily accepted and they are now planning a wedding later this year.the 23 year old actress has previously dated Good Charlotte Rocker,Joel Madden...
After years of success and now a failed return to music,Jlo, mother of two has just been dropped from Epic Records.However her manager Benna Medina stated shes been a success but it was time for her to make a change.aint no big deal though,its J-lo and anything can happen.
Do you like to laugh?make it a date with comedy train today somewhere on the island.Sauce kid is busy busy busy as he himself as said,his album is as overdue as an 11 months old preganancy.Well here is the goodnews,with official online leaks of some of his singles,we can only wait with bated breathe for sinzu.afterall sinzu is sinzu.
One mic the event for underground artistes which holds regularly in England finally made its NAYA debut yesterday with atristes like whiz-kid,skales aires and others performing.K.HOUSE,K.HOUSE,K.HOUSE it could only be done by K.HOUSE.a PRODUCTION OUTFIT of the future awards 2010 will have their mixed tape released online.yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
if you enjoyed today please THANK THE LORD and if you did not listen,you are sitting on a long thing.
yours truly Lasisi Shola and Segun Obende

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