Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Monday, February 15, 2010
first day of the week

Its the first working day of the week and of course you are waiting for me to make my early morning shout..........yes AREA AREA AREA AREA AREA AREA AREA ..are you tired of reading it?dont be because i have ust started.ok valentine has come and gone and i hope you all had the best of it?before i go further i will like to once again congratulate Mr and Mrs Ademola,rumours got to us that you had a swell time up at kingsize yesterday anyway that was the idea to make sure you had the closest to the best of days and it was also interesting to know or find out that you made it up with your in the spirit of valentine still in the mood of love todays top of the morning came as a filled pack and i believe you have an idea of what i am talking it started the way it normally does with our callers giving us the traffic report from their various places and telling us how they spent their vals.i am going to start up by telling you how i spent mine..........had plans of hanging out with my ex we had everything planned and here i am looking all dressed up to make it a good date and i sat all day long waiting vfor her to show up but she never did.
dont you even try feel sorry for me cos it will make no wont believe the distance i had to cover on foot to make it to the studio,but in all I THANK THE LORD.tosyn came upp with this question ;which is better to have loved and lost or not to love at all?are you seeking my opinion on that?dont worry readers once beaten always of the nine(9)moments by supermide and we had uche and OJ in the studio giving us their support.basically today ws like every other day in the studio from AREA to top nine(9) moments and the call in segment,it ws just a fun filled time know what they say that when you having an interesting time outTIME FLIES.look nfoward to having a better time out tomorrow and like i always say if you missed out of todays top of the morning,you will forever remain on a long thing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yours truly OBENDE SEGUN

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