Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A rather tiring day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
did today rock?

Did today rock? i am having to start with this question because i dont know if it did.was a little down this morning with a headache so i really couldnt be up and doing,but as usual top of the morning rocks all the time thats because it starts with AREA and others follow.What was the highlight of today?ok i will tell you,how many of you remember DR LEE's chinese interpretation of AREA?dont tell me you missed out of that toooo because i truly will not forgive you.
Anyway we had our traffic report from our truluy dedicated callers who helped us with the traffic report of where evere they were and SUPERMIDE gave us the top nine(9) moments,at least we now know the acting president of the country Goodluck Jonathan has kicked against the congratulatory messages he has been getting from the media on his conferement as acting president and in the same vane stopped people from paying him visits in Abuja.thanks to Supermide I wouldnt have known.there was the launch of a new programme today VALENTINE FLAVA with Matilda and Okechukwu and as a result saw to the early closing of the top o the morning crew.we were also entertained with some sports news by tosyn.i am looking foward to tomorrow because we definitly will be having a guest up in the studio with us and who he/she is................i truthfully do not know but know this that i am equally excited and anxious to know who this person will be.while i take my leave from the studio i want to wish Manchester United good luck in their clash against Ac Milan later today.....with these few words i hope i have been able to carry you along.any quote for the day?nope SUPERMIDE has already done that.
its forever yours truly SEGUN OBENDE

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