Wednesday, 17 February 2010

today at the studio

today in the studio

What are you expecting me to do?shout?ok i would AREA AREA AREA.....that's our way of saying did it go today?well it was a rather cold day in the studio had our callers helping us out with the traffic reports and at the same time singing their way into a prize for the season.The top nine(9)moments by supermide came next with her educating us on the top nine(9)headlines making the rounds and of course TOSYN handling the entertainment segment of the show which actually led to us rounding off the day.It's that time of the year when you are to share love with your friends,family and loved ones.incase you missed out of the places to be at over the weekend here is a little help.......KINGSIZE,CHILL and RELAX IN BAMBUDHHA,VALENTINE AT LAFENWA and a whole lot of fun to be places.These are our final words for you today.....keep the love strong and put a smile on someones face,till next week pips its Goodspeed and God blessssss..
yours truly

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