Thursday, 25 February 2010

Did today rock?

i will never forget to greet you in the traditional way.....AREA AREA AREA AREA yes ooo that our national anthem and we thank the lord.Top of the morning to you all and hope you had a goodnight rest?for me it was the bomb because chelsea lost,UP started with the AREA show where as usual you,our numerous callers called and gave us the traffic report as well as the weather report and interstingly the best part of the show was the aspect where our callers had to share with us some childhood memories and believe me it was fun.
Let me see......what did i miss as a child?ok how many of you have ever heard of KOSO?thats exactly what i miss about my childhood.Is Shola missing anything?well maybe his video games and remote control cars,Tosin well i dont know.Do you know how many things i actually remembered from back in the days as a result of the calls we received?a lot and i will actually take you through a few
SUWE,TEN TEN,HIDE AND SEEK,TINKO,THE RUBBER GAME,POLICE AND THIEF and a whole lot of other fun games.Do you remember playing soccer in the rain?rolling tyres in the rain?what about the game called table soccer?Yes i see you smiling because alot if you did play table soccer abi?dont answer me because i already know the answer.
SUPERMIDE went doing what she knows how to do best if shes not in the studio,SAVING LIVES(dont be jealous you are not a super hero)so our top nin e(9)moments was handled by no other person that non super hero TOSYN and IT WAS entertai ing as well as educating which is the secret behind the moment.
If you didnt call to tell as well as sing your story,you know what i say now,you are sitting on a long was a rather moody session because most people just wanted top sing about heartbreaks and cheating spouses but we livened it up with good music and encouragments so it wasnt a bad day at all.WE THANK THE many of you are looking foward to tomorrows show?i am and i dont know about you but let me leaave you with these few words to ponder on'the best way to start your day is with a smile'how do you get that smile?TOP OF THE MORNING WITH TOSYN BUCKNOR and as always if you missed out of todays and you are planning on missing out of tomorrows,you will never leave that spot.did i hear you ask what spot?LOOOOOOOONG THING.
yours truly Segun Obende.

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