Wednesday, 17 February 2010

It was an interesting day

AREA AREA AREA AREA AREA AREA ARAEA,you get me doing this only when i it rocked extra.ordinarily in the wont believe what happened today,are you guessing?ok i will help you,tosyn was the bomb with the early morning traffic and weather report which i believe you already know what happens.incase you have forgotten,i will remind you.that is when our beloved listeners call in to give us the traffic report of where they are and we in return give to them their choice songs.I have a little EXPO for you all.......hmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!guess who stopped by briefly at the studio this morning?BABA LOKE TURN ME AROUND OOOOO,Yes yours truly Kenny St Brown popularly called KSB and she left with us her cd to feel,so please if you havnt got one GRAB YOUR COPY NOW.Top nine(9)moments with Supermide was also an exciting as well as educating moment even though it was a Manchester United affair,we got educated by the top nine news making the headlines.thanks SUPERMIDE.You know it is said that we should always save the best for the last,that we did today as we had a guest stop by TOSIN JEGEDE was in the house.yes the one you think i am talking about.hello TOSIN JEGEDE child star back in the 80's,the PARENTS LISTEN TO YOUR CHILDREN inventor,the ambassador fo children development,what else?at least you now know who i have been talking about.she let us into her world by putting us through to what she has been up to,present projects she's workling on and of course sang some lines from her then hit songs.for more information you could visit the Tosin Jegede foundation on facebook at least to be a part of the charity events she's putting was more of a no holds bar session because she answered questions concerning what she has been up to,where she has been and for those of you that missed out FYI she is still very much single.kibati stopped by for the sports news and we called it a wrap.i will leave you with my usual words........... if you missed out of today's top of the morning,you shall forever be sitted on a long thing.till tomorrow it's yours truly
Segun Obende

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