Wednesday, 24 February 2010

marathon Wednesday

As you already know without being told that wednesdays are usually days to look out for because they simply stand out.Lets do this for starters or people that are not familiar with the show,its AREA AREA AREA AREA!!!!!! Yeah!thats our early morning anthem like 'ARISE O COMPATRIOTS',you all know what you do on wednesdays now no need to tell again.....ok i will tell,its request wednesday when our esteemed callers dont only give us the traffic reports of their areas but are opportuned to hear any song of their choice that is you give us the traffic and weather report of your area and we in return give you your choice song.
We can never forget our top nine(9)moments with supermide.This is a mment when we are put through the top nine(9)newsaing the headlines and if memory serves me right i thing the major topic of discussion was the return of our be frank i dont know maybe i should conclude or still hang on to it as a rumour but whatever they said he's back.
It was also a day when we had guests in the studio and without being told i can bet you all want to know who graced the day,SAMKLEF and BRACE ever heard of them?SAMKLEF is the man behind HE DON BETTER ever heard that song?if you say know,then you are on a long thing and if you have,you are a strong thing.They took us through their journey so far in the industry and we got to find out that Samklef wasnt only a musician but a producer,he actually produced our song of the week by VECTOR and track titled KILODE.BRACE on the other hand falls into the language speaking artiste and i know you will be saying'we have too many of them already'but i have a speech like MLK junior had a dream and my speech says........LOOK OUT FOR THIS GUYS,they are simply hot.
then the moment that stole the day when you had 15 seconds to tell us about yourself and the calls kept coming,lets listen to some of the comments
Segun says:i am segun for all information check my profile on face book SEGUN TT,Oyindamola says:My name is Oyindamola i am an intern in top radio and when i am not working i think and write and Shola says:i am shola an intern in top radio who loves being creative,you wont believe some sang their way into 15 seconds but believe me when i say you could know alot about someone in less than 15 seconds.
I will never forget DJ DON GQ who was on the wheels of steel doing what he knows how to do best,dishing out unending jamz to make it memorable time in the studio.after all said and done it was time to go and we all couldnt believe it was time up for us because the show to us was just begining and yours truly Tosyn signed out with her own 15 seconds and you want to know how?ok i am Tosyn bucknor and i am signing out DJ GQ top of the morning pop champaigne and the song played sraight into the waiting ears of our listeners and we called it a WRAP.For those of you that missed out of todays show you know what i tell you but before i do,go pop champaigne and sip on it while you are sitted on a long thing.
Yours truly Segun Obende

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