Tuesday, 30 June 2009

AREAAAAAAAA!! TOP MORNING auditions! You know now, today is the area ooo singing joint! We had quite a number of groupie calls today, one of our regular callers Tobi and his sister who’d been out of the show for one week due to the breakdown of their mums phone (I hope TOP OF THE MORNING isn’t responsible for the phone pack up) call in today. It was very exciting.
Today will be a cold day with rains and scattered thunderstorms, the maximum temperature will be 31 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature and overnight low will be 22 degree Celsius. The sun rose at 6:35am and will set at 7:05pm.

On the PUBLIC FORUM, we had the sensitive issue of the amnesty granted the Niger-delta militants on our plate:
As expected there were emotional takes for both sides of the argument; some saying that the militants were criminals and were kidnapping for money and since they had tasted the millions on offer, government would have to deal decisively with them.

Others just wanted peace, amnesty or no amnesty but obviously we would need to dig deeper than that if we want any solution.

Some others thought the government were being insincere with the issue and that development of the area was the only thing that would shut up the militants an indigene of the Niger-delta declared that the majority of Nigerians do not grasp the nitty-gritty of the situation, giving a little history of how unlike in the old days you cannot get good food crops like cassava and other staples from the farmlands, the terrible roads, polluted water etc. He said he went to Abuja and seeing the beauty of the place got terribly angry because the FCT was funded from the devastation of his place with no attendant intervention. So imagine if this guy was a jobless depressed, hungry and angry indigene.

Personally, as one from the Niger-delta, id love a time to come very quickly when militancy issues will be history and we can harness our abundant creativity but while the government continues to play politics with the lives and future of our country you cannot expect anything better than one liar dealing with another.

We’ve learnt that the long-time lawyer to Michael who came back on board three weeks ago (ironic?) will file Michael’s will with the courts in a weeks time, though his parents who thought he didn’t have a will had filed initial papers over the administration of his property. I guess we’d just leave space everyday for a long while for MJ gist…

At his judgment Benard Madoff, the Wall Street investment guru who swindled virtually every kind and category of persons of their investment altogether worth 50billion dollars, turned to the people he had destroyed and said “I’m sorry, even though I know it would not be enough”. He was shortly after sentenced to 150 years in prison.

TI’s fianc√© is looking to kick start a career and define herself with her husband in prison, also the divorced wife of Lil’Wayne is looking to just have fun and set up a nails studio; both of them are billed to star in a new reality TV show to be called the ‘Tiny and Tony’ show. Isn’t it just beautiful how these people make a mountain out of junk? We may soon start seeing all sorts of criminals getting out of prison and doing a reality show on how prison does well for hip-hop stars…God!

The Iranian election dispute has set off a huge eruption of opinions as to the validity of results and resultant uprising, abuse of power; etc a recount has reconfirmed Ahmadinejad as the winner of the elections though there was an unapproved demonstration again from supporters of the opposition leader. Meanwhile accusation and counter accusations fly between nations...the world is really a village, every country better start living it up. no shadiness anymore.

A lover of Asia’s richest lover has claimed a document willing her estate to him is not forged. He, 49 was her lover before her death at 62, the 402nd richest person on earth. there is a different will purportedly by the same woman so the case is in court now being contested.

Church thief? Not really a new occurrence but a woman in a church was caught stealing money from the purse of a parishioner who knelt to pray it was also discovered that she had earlier stolen from someone who went for communion…was she expecting God to cover her? Maybe she thought since she was in church she’ll be easily forgiven…Lord have mercy.

On HOW TO HOUR, we learnt how to be a nuisance on Lagos roads and incense LASTMA:
• Seat belts are only for people who are afraid.
• Entertain yourself by calling your friends on latest gossip as you drive,
you should not even be holding the steering wheel.
• To incense LASTMA throw thrash at them while driving.
• Drive in reverse on third mainland bridge.
• While driving stop and sleep on the middle of the road.
• Suddenly stop at the car at the middle of the road stop and answer the phone.
• Block the whole road when there is a little scratch on your car and force
every other road user to be a judge on the case.
• Honk to the rhythm of your favorite TOP morning jams as you drive.
• Be sure to follow the unruly people as long as they have a siren
• Have a phone in one hand and a snack in the other, when LASTMA comes up to
you, throw the pack out of your car.
• The middle of the road is a place to hangout, chill take a drink and feel
good. Since there are no places to hangout in Lagos.
• Drive against a one-way all the time.
• If you are a VIP, under no circumstance should you stop at a red light, you
are important, above the law, just go on.
• For ladies, it is more fun to dress and make up when the green light is
about to show
• While driving, stop, fart then call a LASTMA official to verify if you
really farted
• Drive slowly and try to overtake every other car on the road.
• Stop on the road and slap the traffic official for dressing in color riot

Obviously you’ll constitute an excellent NUISANCE any where in Lagos.

Have a nice day.

Monday, 29 June 2009


AREAAAAAAAA!! Don’t you all just love the groupie calls? A few days back we had a school that gave the longest area shout ever, then we get to enjoy parents reading the scripts to the kids so they can get the area procedure right - they never ever do anyway and that why its always fun. We had quite a number of groupie calls today.
The cold morning will evolve into a hot afternoon, the maximum temperature will be 31 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature and overnight low will be 22 degree Celsius (cold night). The sun rose at 6:35am and will set at 7:05pm.

Excerpts from TOP 9 MOMENTS
Yesterday a building in Ebute-emeta collapsed incurring a lot of human casualties, this is a serious scenario and it will have to be dealt with decisively considering that the rains are here.

Roe, MJ’s ex-wife and mother of two of his kids has said in an interview that he is not the father of the children even though she is not seeking custody of the kids, she wants the world to know that she was artificially inseminated from somewhere: basically she wants to pour sand-sand for MJ garri, since there is already such a plethora of speculations about many of his actions…let him RIP please...He's already dead!

The lawyer for Michael Jackson’s doctor has denied that his client was in any way responsible for Michael Jackson’s death though the police have said they would love to question him again but still as a witness. The lawyer said he found Michael Jackson on his bed not breathing but with a faint pulse, he immediately administered CPR then called authorities…stories, stories, stories. I would just love to stay with the heart attack gist o!

The annual BET awards held yesterday with the following winners- Neyo{male R&B}, Beyonce{female R&B}, Day 26{best group}, Jamie Foxx ft. T-Pain{best collaboration}, Lil’Wayne{male hip-hop}, M.I.A{female hip-hop}, Keri Hilson{new artist}, Mary Mary{Gospel}, Beyonce{video of the year-single ladies}.

The Honduran congress has voted to accept the resignation of the president and voted tho have the head of congress replace him but the president who was flown out of the country by soldiers after being allegedly forced out in a coup has declared he is still in charge.

By now we all know that Michael Jackson and Farah Faucett but the news views documentaries were on Michael Jackson, Farah’s family have been forced to understand.

Sunday @the bay also rocked with Kel, Terry tha rapman, whizkid, Dipp, Osagie, and Andre Blaze to mention a few gracing the bay. It was ‘mad’ out there, lots of fun.

There were also a lot of birthday parties, wedding ceremonies etc this weekend. Congrats everyone!

Apparently from texts monitored on the show today, a lot of listeners met new boys and girls this weekend, good? while the rest of us just keyed into the MJ mourning mood-mode.

Tips on Michael Jackson

Thriller remains the biggest selling album ever having sold over 100million records worldwide till date.

The number of his wax works around the world is only surpassed by those of Elvis Presley and Madonna…Madonna? He has five while they both have one more.

He was inducted twice into the rock n roll hall of fame first as the Jackson 5 then as Michael Jackson.

His nick names include Wacko Jacko, MJ, the gloved one, Jacko etc.

The total revenue from music, endorsements, the Beatles song rights etc, has been estimated at over 500million dollars.

He was a vegetarian a started performing at four.

The thriller video was voted as the greatest music video of all time recently in the UK.

He received a presidential award for helping with people struggling with alcohol.

The scream video with Janet Jackson is the most expensive with ever costing over 7million.

He owns the record for the most Grammy awards won in a year with Carlos Santana and Norah Jones he most won in one year-8grammys.

He shares the same birthday with John McCain.

He provided voice over for one of "the Simpsons" episode though his identity was hidden under a pseudonym for over 11years.

He was given a royal title in Gabon in the 90’s so he is a king and not only of pop.

He owns the patent for a stage shoe that enables you to lean forward during stage performances.

He did the moon walk in 1983 after seeing street dancers performing in front of a hotel.

MC hammer challenged MJ to a dance-off but MJ said you "got it off me".

It is a tribute well deserved, RIP MJ!

See you all tomorrow.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Tosyns Top Five Singles!

Hi guys!
We play many songs on Top Radio, but every once in a while, some singles catch my attention!
This week, i was loving
5. OSI MA GBOMI {GT the guitarman}
4. FOR MY LIFE {Rooftop mcs feat. Tha Suspect}
3. MUST BE {Loose Kaynon}
2. TOO FINE {Kel feat. Alaye}
1. SAMPLE / EKWE REMIX {Terry Tha Rapman feat. Stereoman and Pherowshuz}

Downloads available online!
Enjoy the weekend folks!

TOP MORNING.....and MJ died!

Today was the buka shout out but AREA played more towards spreading the love among loved ones. The rains today were serious and caused a lot of hold up, floods etc, getting many stuck for a while.
The sun rose at 6:34am and will set at 7:04pm with the maximum temperature at 31 degrees Celsius and minimum temperature and over night low at 24 degrees Celsius.

We had the SHOUT OUT segment: to family friends and loved ones today were to MJ, with so much love going to the legend that lost his life yesterday.

Excerpts from TOP 9 MOMENTS
The biggest gist on the planet is the loss of MICHAEL JACKSON, with the buzz out, the internet basically had its greatest hits on numerous sites...thank God it didn't crash. But it’s MJ the greatest, the utmost. He died at 50 of a major cardiac arrest before paramedics could get there, he was gone. We lost the man! RIP. Yesterday, we also lost Farah Faucett aged 62, an actress of repute yesterday also; she had been battling cancer since 2006.

The federal government may soon approve a new salary package...the minister said the strike should be called off so that meaningful dialogue can take place. First why did they have to wait till the strike before discussing? Who are they trying to taken for a ride? Is it only when they have called off the strike meaningful dialogue can take place? The hypocrisy is disgusting to say the least. When will the cycle end?

Some weeks back we talked about British airways asking their workers for free, that action saved the corporation 10million pounds, what loyalty. Gives the Nigerian corporations lots to think about.Can their workers take this kind of punch for them?

The UK has started recruiting cyber hackers for its National Cyber Security Center to prevent access into its defense system. First the US, now UK everything going cyber? Yes Nigeria we shouldn’t be left behind; I believe they are moving fast before terrorists start taking major steps in that direction, it’s the next frontier.

The final of the confederations cup between USA and Brazil match will be holding this

Also we'll be having Sunday’s @ the bay, I was there last time look forward to having much more folk. Plenty fun on offer.

There are lots of concerts going on, seminars on relationship and finance. Find your self somewhere worthwhile and have a great time. Watch out for the rains though.

We are sorry about the break up in transmission that almost messed up the end of the show, but we understand, the transmitters were mourning MJ too.

Have a great weekend, peace and bliss

Thursday, 25 June 2009

REFECTIONS this thursday

AAARRREEEAAA! Reflective AREA??!! Yeah! Teachers shout-out was the issue today; we had so much love going out to teachers –the true heroes of this country. The remarkable one was a shout-out going all the way back to 1957 to a lecturer in YABATECH, reminiscing on the empowerment of students that when they left the institution they would be able to stand on their own. Don’t you think that’s the way school should be run especially in these days?

The maximum temperature will be 31 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature and overnight low will be 23 degree Celsius. The sun rose at 6:33am and will set at 7:03pm.

On REFLECTIONS, we pondered, is it “jack of all trades and master of none” or you can be jack of all trades and master of all?

Apparently, majority of Nigerians agreed that that was in the old days, these days in this country, with the economic situation? We are hustlers, doing so many things and being successful at all of them because failure is no option.

But if we actually trace back history back in its reality, we would discover that professionals of those days were experts in arts and science, music, fashion the whole nine yards. Leonardo da Vinci wasn’t only a painter he was a physicist also.

I think the world is going back to the way God made it, we were meant to be fulfilling every talent embedded in us when we were created.

Excerpts from TOP 9 MOMENTS with Aramyde…

The MD of NNPC has said there is no crude for local consumption in Nigeria. The Warri and Port Harcourt refinery have been shut down and the Kaduna refinery cannot operate because its supply I supposed to be from Warri. This present situation is said to have been caused by the uprising of the militants over the present federal government onslaught in the Niger-delta. The nation’s reserve will last only fifteen day, fifteen days? What if the country was at war? We would kill ourselves from ineptitude.

The World Bank has pledged millions of dollars to upgrade the safety equipments at the nation’s airport, the project will be supervised by World Bank officials. Splendid! What about the budget for the aviation ministry? I’m just like what do they do with it, if we have to depend on foreign intervention?

Meghan fox says she suffers panic attacks when she sees herself on screen, she doesn’t even look at her still photographs…TOSYN said, we’ve been hearing too much talk from her lately but even she has said that her celebrity status is what has curbed her talkativeness.???

Chris Brown is about to release a third album produced by the Neptunes, but the talking point is a track in the album titled “not my fault” considering his recent Rihanna issue.

A US governor that was presumed missing over a week ago has resurfaced. His aides didn’t even know his whereabouts but he came back claiming that he went to Argentina to see his girlfriend, apparently his wife already knew about the affair months back and I believe she must have figured out her hubby’s whereabouts…strong thing!
Once again North Korea is blowing hot, threatening to wipe out the US of A off the map! I honestly do not know how to say what I have to say…

On the PROVERBS LANE, it was a blast and we had the most number of languages ever used on a show, today - Edo, French, Latin, Hausa, Delta Ibo, Yoruba, Polish, Ibo, and Fulani. But my pick is:
“A king’s friend is also a king”

On SING YOUR STORY my favorite place for the true confessions on parade. Come and see confessions of love, of philandering, of hate, distrust, appreciation and pain. We just get plain real here, and you get to sing it. It is worthy of note that apart from personal compositions, R.Kelly resonated with most callers situation of mind.

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Today was celebrity Wednesday...AREA was about celebrity on all fronts, TOSYN got lots of votes, same with mothers, but why not the fathers...even fathers cited mothers also...its all good.
There will be scattered cloud storms with maximum temperature at 34 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature and overnight low will be 26 degree Celsius. The sun rose at 6:33am and will set at 7:04pm.

On the MEN FREE ZONE our celebrity crashed into the studio, and only the ladies were free to throw questions at him; and did they ask? you bet! We had 99% of the question on what else? man-woman relationship. They wanted to know when do you know a guy is in love with you? Is there even an answer? Because the more answers we get the more questions it brings. Do we really want to know the answer? Or guys just happen to be the problem?
Or maybe the answer is so simple we can't just believe its simplicity?

Excerpts from TOP 9 MOMENTS with Aramyde…
It is not new information that Nigeria aims to be among the top 20 economies by 2020; why is it on the news again? The Spanish PM is said to be supporting Nigeria’s efforts…but re-echoing TOSYN’s concern; can we be among the top 20 power efficient countries by 2020?

The Spanish PM has also condemned the absence of an African representative on the UN Security Council since 30% of all their deliberation was on Africa…nice point this one. ECOWAS has endorsed Nigeria’s candidature.

A 14 year girl posted nude pictures of herself claiming to be a proud of body, she was arrested but may not be sent to prison if she goes for 6-months counseling and show good behavior over the same period.

Lil’wayne is going to appear in court over drug and gun possession charges. They were discovered at the US border when his tour bus was searched.

The US has said that China poses the greatest threat in the cyberspace dominance war; that they posed a digital threat through cyberspace espionage of US facilities...cyberspace war? hmmm star trek? transformers?

A new fish smoking facility has been established for the women of Ilaje community to ease their business. This was done by the government as part of creating a more conducive business environment for Nigerians - commendable

Speculations that Malouda might leave Chelsea for AC Milan have been quashed by the player. He stated that he is honoring his 4 year contract with Chelsea: not particularly new, they say this one day and do the opposite shortly after!

William Shakespeare
“when trouble comes, they come not in single spice but in battalion”

On the CELEBRITY WEDNESDAY, we had Gbenga Adeyinka the first (CFR)…he actually introduced himself in a variety of languages having studied English, there was Hausa, Yoruba, Ibo, Indian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese introductions…as in, he actually spoke these languages.

He loves Nigerian music so much he says commendation should go to the musicians for creating something out of nothing. He even attested to the notoriety of Nigerian music all over the world from his travels.

Though it was fun to have him around, crashing into the women only segment...to all his props for Nigerian entertainment to his joke about he and his son getting caught up over misleading lyrics of Nigerian music, he dished out good wisdom i thought would help anybody though they were for upcoming comedians.

His advice for upcoming acts was
don’t get too greedy

register a business name

be professional

don't go doing lewd jokes they won't get you far

be wise as to what jokes to say in a particular setting

when you get an idea, write it down. you can always go back to them

Have a great day!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Its VERSUS TUESDAY and as I told you yesterday, we had the AREA OOOOO special, where you call in and sing it. Without question we had inventive vocal presentations; blues, r n b, hip hop, fuji, name it.
My pick though will be Dami from Ogijo his rap presentation was my pick for today. The maximum temperature will be 32 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature and overnight low will be 23 degree Celsius. The sun rose at 6:33am and will set at 7:03pm.

On the PUBLIC FORUM we pondered - under what conditions should government vehicles disregard traffic regulations?
We see a lot of traffic violations, police driving against traffic, official vehicles taking an illegal u-turn, driving on the opposite direction of a one-way.

This topic brought out the angst in callers; there were a lot of people who have had terribly tragic experiences. It is noteworthy that people recognize that though the chief executive of Lagos state drives without his siren blaring or entering the BRT lane; yet we have the lawless law enforcers breaking every known traffic law in the books…
It was agreed that only in the case of fire or accidents, medical emergencies or in cases of national security threat is any government apparatus permitted to break traffic laws.
In my opinion the overriding issue is, ‘why do government agents/agencies flout the laws of the land’? It goes very deep, down to the reason why we are still where we are as a nation.

Excerpts from TOP 9 MOMENTS with Aramide…
ASUU has gone on a total indefinite strike action over the refusal of the government’s refusal to sign the agreement of December 2008. The money being spent on branding will brand us better than any speech before the G8, if it was spent on settling the ASUU debacle…how much is ASUU asking for even?
Anyway, their kids do not even attend these schools, what justification do they even have for developing policies when they are not affected…

Estelle will replace Lauryn Hill at the Stockholm jazz festival. Hill had to cancel all her European tour over ill health; we pray she gets back to full strength. This festival has before now headlined a lot of mainstream American artistes.

President Barack Obama has not decided yet whether to attend the FIFA world cup in South Africa, though he has been invited. I think it would be a landmark…first black president, first black world cup…

Chris Brown has pleaded guilty to assault on Rihanna, though she was present to testify against him. With this position, he accepted a deal of 5 years supervised probation and 6 months community service.

A drug runner sent a text message by mistake to an off-duty policemen about a drug transaction, the police man acted along and at the end they got the trafficker and his cohorts arrested. His day came…

“a word of encouragement during failure is worth more than a million words in success”

On the HOW TO HOUR, we learnt about “how to give a wrong impression during a job interview”

these were our conclusions:

• DON’T STOP TALKING: about your heart break, your outfit, the weather, face
book, corrupt politicians etc
• BE A KNOW IT ALL-tell them to change their brand colors, their MD should get
a new hair cut etc

Tomorrow is celebrity Wednesday,

Guest hint: it’s a man…

See you then!

Monday, 22 June 2009


AREA was as energetic as only Monday on TOP RADIO with TOP TOSYN (the names are becoming numerous) can be, some people were even ready to do the area song but no need to worry tomorrow is the AREA OOOOO special.
Today the maximum temperature will be 31 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature and overnight low will be 23 degree Celsius. The sun rose at 6:33am and will set at 7:03pm. The weather will be generally windy and cold.

On MEMORY LANE, we took a look at some of the cartoons and animated movies of times past, those cartoons that we rocked as kids and it was so nostalgic and fun for a lot of us. Someone even said he cried so bad and hard when he was told that Super Ted was not human but animated. Serious things!

Here are a few of the titles we share, enjoy…
Super Ted
Voltron (defender of the universe)
Turtle Ninja
Spider man
Danger mouse
Battle of the universe
Tom and Jerry
Power rangers
Atom ant
Ghost busters
Johnny bravo
Dexter’s laboratory
Biker mouse
Sesame street
Inspector gadget
Power puff girls
Spider man
Pinky and the brain
Batman and Robin
Captain cave man
Top cat
Iron man
Incredible hulk
Bugs bunny
Silver hulk
Victor and Hugo
etc etc

Excerpts of the TOP 9 MOMENTS with Aramide…
President Y’ardua has been invited to the July 8-10, 2009 G8 meeting. It’s the first time he’s been invited. I guess it’s something worth celebrating right?

Iran: footage of a teenage girl named Nadia that died on the streets of Tehran during protests has gingered Iranians and people around the world unto outrage.
Though foreign journalists have been prevented all this while from covering anything outside official government events, this video was circulated via the internet; you just can’t silence people in this age, when will brutish leaders learn?
I hope this tragic incident brings the much needed change…

Benard Madoff (remember the 50billion dollars scam investor?), he will be sentenced on June 29, prosecutors though have asked for 90 more days. Most of his customers are actually retirees. Those that wanted to spend money acquired all their working lives in peace.
Going to prison will not suffice far as I’m concerned, restitution is the least that could be done, though reports have it that only 13 billion has been traced so far.

A 3-year study has shown that movie going audiences would prefer movies with a biblical message or strong moral values. Twenty of the top Twenty-five movies reviewed over this period had biblical or strong moral content; and got over 8billion of the 10billion that these movies grossed.

Thousands of musicians took to the streets of France to celebrate music and sound, the festival which began in 1982 has spread to all parts of the world and free concerts are put together by the various French embassies…I hope we are not missing out of the party in Nigeria?

Carlos Tevez will be leaving Man U despite the club wanting to make him about the highest paid player in the club. I feel Tevez’s pain; when C.Ronaldo was around, he wasn’t treated like he mattered, his contribution though crucial and monumental were not celebrated but with things falling apart, they are trying to force the love. It doesn’t happen that way - never been loved, never will be…reminds me of the C.Ronaldo and Robinho issue. C.Ronaldo sef.

Benjamin Spark:
“trust yourself, you know more than you think you do”

On weekend review, we had "every" going on: weddings, parties, break ups, bonding etc
I was at RISE Dare to be Different conference that had some wonderful Nigerian leaders like Dora Akunyuli, Gamaliel Onosode, Mrs. Awosika, Akingbade etc hobnobbing with the youths. My favorite though was Ben Bruce blowing out the place with the youths resonating with the emotion of his charge after him Mrs. Awosika!

Yesterday was father’s day and we took out time on TOP OF THE MORNING to celebrate our fathers. They are a symbol of covering, strength and vision. It’s been said in that if we lose father figures, kids generally have a hard time being disciplined and strong in life’s pursuits.
I want to take time out to call up all our fathers who have not been up and doing; better late than never!

Obviously a lot of listeners actually took TOSYN’s advice and took their dads to expensive restaurants then had them pay.
Yesterday was the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. Tells a lot about the strength of men and the special place fathers occupy in our lives and this world…

We paid tribute to nine categories of dads, they are:
1. God
2. Spiritual fathers
3. Father Figures
4. Mothers who play the role of Fathers
5. Husbands
6. Sons (who grow up to be fathers)
7. The departed
8. Single Dads
9. Fathers

We wrapped up father’s day special with TOSYN’S daddy’s song:
Love and Affection – SEGUN BUCKNOR

Have a nice day, Nigerians!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Tosyns Top Five Singles!

Hi guys!
We play many songs on Top Radio, but every once in a while, some singles catch my attention!
This week, i was loving
5. FOR MY LIFE {Rooftop mcs feat. Tha Suspect}
4. EGBORO TI DARU {Klever}
3. MUST BE {Loose Kaynon}
2. TOO FINE {Kel feat. Alaye}
1. SAMPLE / EKWE REMIX {Terry Tha Rapman feat. Stereoman and Pherowshuz}

Downloads available online!
Enjoy the weekend folks!


Its the weekend people! how is it in your AREA? any blocking of streets? Any weekend plans? Its Father's day on sunday, so whats the deal? Today is sickle-cell day; lets spare a thought, it is said that 1/3 of sub-saharan africa suffers from the condition due to malaria!

Top 9 MOMENTS excerpts
The foreign aircraft that landed at Kano airport yesterday with weapons is suspected to be connected with the militancy in the Niger-delta.

Also on the militants…the attack on the presidential lodge of Equatorial Guinea suspected to be the efforts of coup plotters is now said to be the handiwork of guess who?...Niger-delta militants.

A mid-air tragedy was averted yesterday when the pilot of an air continental aircraft died in the cockpit. The co-pilots were able to bring the plane unto emergency landing before telling any of the passengers what had transpired. He is suspected to have died of a heart attack.

A NEW YORK mother and grand mother have been arrested for stetting their child onn fire on some voodoo ritual...the child is said to have suffered 25% burns; does this sound famoiliar? Akwa Ibom state witchcraft kids? ring a bell? Only one incident, the world is raving. Please world press, travel down south of naija abeg

Mission Impossible 4 is set to be out in 2011, though MI3 was a flop at the box office, the studio is said to be putting work together for a brilliant movie...let's wait and see while hoping that soon, Nollywood will start generating this kind of buzz! Its possible right?

Protesters dressed in black flooded the streets of Tehran over the disputed Iranian elections that held on, wait for this...June 12. No wonder Aramide said elections for that date were doomed.
On the other hand it has given the opposition leader a platformn to push fowartd his case with the massive support he is getting.

Brangelina (i.e Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) have donated 1million dollars to the UN relief fund for refugees ion Pakistan; i think this is one virtue we need to develop in these climes, develop i said; we try, but we need to develop it and get to a point where every business that is done has social value attached not just for rip off. Kudos to Brangelina!

Ending today with a quote from Bill Cosby:
"Laughter is the shock absorber that eases the stress of life"

Today is Sickle-cell day, one in which the condition is dimystyfied, and awareness raised TOP RADIO had three people in the house
Dr. Olusola with Shooby and Yinka (both sickle-cell patients) to discuss about life with the disease.

Sickle-cell disease, or sickle-cell anaemia, is a life-long blood disorder characterized by red blood cells that assume an abnormal, rigid, sickle shape. Sickling decreases the cells' flexibility and results in a risk of various complications.

In our society, there’s a lot of stigma attached to the condition, because of a lack of information. As a sufferer, you are regarded as very weak, incapable of handling anything strenuous, can’t play hard, excluded from regular activities of kids but its good to note that as the doctor said, you can have a normal life even as a sikler child.
Parents should note this so as not to cause sibling rivalry; depression on the part of the sufferer and other psychological issues that may prove more disastrous than the physical and biological effects.

The only known cure for it is bone marrow transplant which isn't available here but in the UK, USA or India.
But one way of managing the condition is through blood transfusion.

Discussants made the point that it is not a death sentence being a sickle-cell patient. It gets better as you grow older and you can live a normal long life as far as you practice healthy living. Drinking and smoking do not help the cause at all.

We all need to get educated on this situation, so go on the net and get informed.

On WEEKEND REVIEW: this Sunday is father’s day hurray! According to TOSYN, take your dad out to a very expensive restaurant then – let him pay. After all he’s your daddy.

The weekend sees Terra Kulture celebrating Wole Soyinka;

An Art exhibition by Nnena Okorie;

The national youth Interactive forum put together by RISE

There is the all important football match between Nigeria and Tunisia, goodluck to us but i'll be at the National Youth Interactive Forum this saturday, doing better things (my thoughts)...

As TOSYN signed off today....the weekend is here o!

see you next week!

Thursday, 18 June 2009


Its reflective thursday folk, how is your AREA doing? Some of you complain here about not having light water, bad road etc, please also let us know when any of this stuff has been fixed o!
The sun rose at 6:32am and will set at 7:02am with the maximum temperature at 33degress celsius while minimum temperature will be 23degrees celsius...
Shout out to our regular callers...keep the flag flying AREA MAMA salutes you and all listeners...

Excerpts from Aramide's TOP 9 MOMENTS:
The board of the World Bank have released cash for HIV/aids, power, secondary school education and malaria booster project for Nigeria; its a proof of confidence in the Federal Government i guess...

A foreign aircraft suspected to be loaded with weapons was arrested at the kano airport; the impounded aircraft is being heavily guarded while the crew and the Nigerian official responsible for clearing the aircraft for landing have been arrested.

Research has shown that 1 in 4 men in South Africa have been involved in rape and majority of them not once...do we need anymore reason why this continent needs to wash itself clean? No one is going to do it for us, we cause all our problems...
Imagine the gruesome graphic - 1 in 4 men in a country of about 20 million men. 5million rapists on rampage...

Chris Brown’s every move is being choreographed to clean up his image after his disastrous episode with Rihanna, he no more has a say over his outings…but hold on, he went for an unapproved club outing with the Kardashian sisters…leopard and its spots? Honestly I wonder if the whole choreography thing actually works!

North Korea has sent a warning to the US and its allies that they will be attacked by North Korea if they are provoked. This came after Obama called the nuclear acquisitions of North Korea a “grave threat”.

Also on North Korea, but for better reasons: they held Saudi Arabia 1-1 in a world cup qualifying match to qualify for the 2010 world cup in South Africa. Does this not feel better than asserting your self as a nation through violent means?

Bill Cosby said:
"I don't know the key to success but the key to failure is to pleaase everybody"

PROVERBS LANE, i recomend to every body. as usual i'll feature my favourites:

“a stubborn chicken cannot show its stubbornness in a boiling pot”

“you can’t snap your fingers without the thumb”

On SING YOUR STORY, we had a blast, you know its the joint where we get to get real without showing our faces.
We all have issues and wish to share with someone, not necessarily to find a solution but to get the junk off our chest....

Here, we had people trying to break up on radio? haba! it was good also to hear those in love sharing plenty of it on air but even more importantly (in my opinion of course) friends just expressing deep affection for each other with no strings attached...strong thing!

This is the segment you don't want to miss...real talk shows up!

see you people tommorrow, you are the reason TOP OF THE MORNING rocks.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Its celebrity Wednesday...how is the traffic doing in your areaaaaaaaaaaa? From TOP RADIO weather, the maximum temperature today will be 29 degree Celsius while minimum temperature will be 23 degrees Celsius; the sun rose at 6:32am and will set at 7:02pm...

There's the INSURANCE AWARENESS CAMPAIGN going on right now with a song recorded to boost its relevance to the common man...Evans won the 1000 naira credit on offer for telling us the artiste featured on the song, they are Bigiano, Lord of Ajasa and Omawunmi.

Aramide's TOP 9 MOMENTS...Tom Ateke has agreed to accept the amnesty offered by the federal government, this has provoked a positive response from the presidency, with Y'ardua saying that the amnesty committee will make the process public soon.

The federal government has assured Japanese investors of the safety of their cash and investments in light of the fears over unstable policies and insecurity...

British airways is in a fight for survival; they have asked their staff to work for free over a period of one week to one month! How many workers in Nigerians can do this for their employers?

David Letterman has apologized to Sarah Palin over lewd jokes he made about her daughters...i wonder if its because he meant it or because his job was at stake, you know since they lost some advertisers, but how about, freedom of speech but against a 14year old?

Linsday Lohan is to appear before a jury to answer questions over a set of stolen diamonds...is she doomed or making the wrong life choices? you holla at us!

Aramide ended this segment with an exceptional quote from Marilyn Munroe:
"a career is built in public but talent is developed in private"

We had African China blowing up the place today with the eccentricity of his "sanity"? Well it was a blast if you ask me but why should you be asking when you could have tuned in to 90.9?
Anyways that's why i am keeping the koko on lock down.
He made TOSYN so calm you would have thought you were on the wrong station. His new album will be dropping in two weeks and from what i heard? Its blazin' hot.
the album is titled: THE RETURN OF LEGEND!

For a guy that could freestyle on impulse just to appreciate a fan, take TOSYN'S show right out of her hands and turn the ownership of TOP RADIO over to himself, he was just one interesting, energetic, fun-loving dude.

He also had a word of advice for artistes out there - send out the right message, stop playing with this thing(music) that people take as serious business. Its good to know he collaborated with Faze, Tuface, Ade Bantu on his new project; you know there's been talk of a frosty relationship amongst top music stars.

He said he will be going on tour soon and that there will be no lip-syncing for all the artistes that will be on the show...i think that is a good one, personally, if you can't do it live? you have no business being in the music.
Imagine a pharmacist fronting as your surgeon because he knows some medical things.

But he refused to answer any questions on his marital and educational background. why? he could have just cleared... anyway he has to keep us coming for more abi? God go catch them!

As usual celebrities on TOP OF THE MORNING ROCK!

see you, tomorrow...

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Its a beautiful Tuesday morning and its AREA on TOP RADIO with...you know who! Toady, apart from greeting your fellow Nigerians in "not English", its the sing along AREAOOOOOOOOOOOO!

On the PUBLIC FORUM was on Okada men on Nigeria roads.How do we curb this issue? They can't be banned because truth be told, they are a lot of help but at the same time they cause a whole lot of accidents on our roads, necessary evil? may be. Personally, i feel like there are a few Nigerian institutions that have entrenched in themselves, a self-destruct gene;
The police, PHCN, Politicians and last but not least, OKADA riders...

Yes o! you should know that the HOW TO HOUR comes up today and we are learning - HOW TO BE THE BEST WOOD PECKER (BUSY BODY) IN YOUR AREA:
check out these prime tips:

* Always be on the lookout for the best materials to use
*spice it up
*Stir the concoction
*Wear that perfect facial expression
*Keep a hush tone(whisper)

MONDAY.....16th june

Its TOP OF THE MORNING for a brand new week! Whats happening in your AREA? We "took our take" on those funny inscriptions on buses and cars. A lot of people use now use AREA to lay complaints about the bad roads which has been causing chaotic traffic jams although we still enjoy ourselves in spite of....

On MEMORY LANE we shared on..what dance steps made you a superstar amongst your peers?
we heard about Akube(have no idea),running man,butterfly etc.A lot of us had wonderful experiences doing them; both good and bad, some even had a fracture, fracture dancing?

TOP 9 MOMENT(Aramide)We heard that an oil company in Ilado exploded

Usher and his wife Foster are making preparations to visit the court for the dissolution of their marriage, they have a daughter together...

Finally the Bird flu epidemic has found its way to African countries, hopefully relevant authorities will be up and doing to respond to this threat even as we have seen the devastation its caused some western countries...

WEEKEND REVIEW: i had a blast this weekend, being at my cousin's wedding, how was yours? Let's know how it went...TOSYN had quite a number of events to be at I'm surprised she made it to work this morning!

"What would you do if you rule the World"

its TOP OF THE MORNING, 6-11am ON TOP RADIO 90.9.....

Friday, 12 June 2009

weekend review...june 12 too

Today was the weekend review show and we began with the AREA “bragging report”. Where you tell us why your area is the finest. We’ll do this again because a lot of people didn’t get the drill, it was fun though for the few that did…with these rains, the traffic just got worse. I mean I was on Lagos-Ore express road and it seems the bad days just made their way back…but I guess it was fun because its Friday we can rest or at least look forward to having fun or some rest…

Ok that’s for those that don’t have engagements, for me I’m off to the ‘big heart’ for my cousin’s marriage. She was also my classmate in secondary school so I smell a reunion in the air.
Happy birthday! To all those celebrating this week, especially the caller who got himself some gifts from TOSYN.
Those getting married, have a wonderful life together.
For those who have a loss to handle, our love goes out to you also. In spite of it all, we have much to be thankful for…

Lots of events are going down this weekend:

SWE bar first anniversary
Etcetera’s black tie event
Project fame auditions etc

Since this is the weekend review, lets see a few things that ran through this week on TOP 9 MOMENTS alright?

The power issue was one that popped up almost everyday, as far as im concerned, I just hope the noise will materialize into something positive because the end game is…the masses suffer.
Today someone called in from Ogun state that his has not seen light for two years…but if power can go out in the presidential villa who are you again? That called from Ogun? Enh?

The Air France issue was another, because the site of crash couldn’t be found on time but thank God there’s some closure being brought in with the discovery of some bodies.

There was also the misappropriation of public funds by British cabinet ministers…funny enough in Nigeria, the gist was; why so much fuss over a few thousands when people here steal billions and sleep peacefully? Me I followed that line of thought for a while too!

Today is June 12. It is celebrated here in Lagos much more than other places but without mincing words, it’s a landmark what so ever angle you look at it from.
It defined what obtains today in many sections of our beloved country.

So what are you up to for the weekend? Let us know here as well as on Monday from 6-11am, on TOP RADIO with TOSYN BUCKNOR…

I’m off to the wedding! God bless

Tosyns Top Five Singles!

Hi guys!
We play many songs on Top Radio, but every once in a while, some singles catch my attention!
This week, i was loving
5. EGBORO TI DARU {Klever}
4. MUST BE {Loose Kaynon}
3. TOO FINE {Kel feat. Alaye}
2. SAMPLE / EKWE REMIX {Terry Tha Rapman feat. Stereoman and Pherowshuz}
1. IM HOT {Terry tha Rapman}

Downloads available online!
Enjoy the weekend folks!


Thursday, 11 June 2009


AAARRREEEAAA...Its REFLECTIVE THURSDAY! I personally love this holla: Call us on 0707... and tell us how the traffic is, in your area! how the weather is, in your area! how the...in your area! It was the schools shout-out as we always do on Thursday where you give a shout-out to your school or any school you'd want to!
Tomorrow is the AREA bragging challenge: you say why your area is the finest! Going to be fun, right? You bet!

Excerpts from TOP 9 MOMENTS with Aramide :

As a result of the global economic meltdown, managing director of the World Bank, Okonjo Iweala said that 53million people have been thrust into poverty and 60% of those are in, guess where? Africa!

Power went out when a FEC meeting was scheduled to hold with the president in attendance; blames are flying and I hear the German company in charge of power is taking the fall; but let’s look closely. This is supposed to be the safest place in the country; do we understand national security in these days of terror? Abeg o!

More on the power thing... the president has summoned a meeting over the 6000MW target for december; its turning to be a very interesting opera, abi?

A man that runs an anti- Semitic website went into the Washington museum and started shooting. He killed one person before being gunned down by security agents. Obama is pissed! When you have this much hatred at close range in your attempt at changing the world?

On PROVERBS LANE, we had a variety there was a lot of deep, funny, contrasting stuff, but my pick:

If you throw a stone into the market, your relative might receive the call! (my rephrasing though)

On SING YOUR STORY: It was fun stuff as usual, you don't know what to expect when this segment comes up and its turning out to be a personal favorite.

We had a guy whose wife left him; he sang, easing himself of the pain and making a few others happy. I read some where that anything too stupid to be said should be sung!
We had friends parting, traveling away to a different location; people breaking up; dads missing their wife and kids...this is like everyday people experiences. And it kind of feels like TOP OF THE MORNING is a worthy companion and friend to talk to.

Nice way to ease the stress of the day...Peace to you all!

No matter what, God dey! We should draw strength from that.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wierd MC..in tha building!!

This is the middle of the week, how has work been so far?

AAARRREEEAAA, was as energetic as could be with the celebrity shout out, that is your personal celebrity.
Seems that mothers get the props on this segment.

On VENUS s.h.a.r.e! the koko was: who would you prefer as a boss? a guy or a lady?
As i expected as soon as the topic was broached, most ladies had no love for a female boss, claiming they were too demanding (shouldn't they help you get better?), too personal (shouldn't they feel passionate about the business?), not understanding (for Christ's sake its not a charity)!!
Basically the things that make us strong are the same things that make us weak, if we do not check the excesses!
Since female subordinates were the ones that became female bosses, it is instructive to note that a few people were ready to defend their attitude towards their female bosses as female subordinates; after lambasting their female bosses...so how far?

Yes O! Away from the 'female thingy' TOP 9 MOMENTS cropped on us very late with some interesting gist:
Finally, the child actor from Slum dog Millionaire whose house was demolished in the slums of Mumbai has finally moved into a permanent home with his family.
Is it that if the movie didn't come out that successful the producers wouldn't have bothered about the welfare of the actors they were using?

Real Madrid has finally signed Kaka from AC Milan for 65million...finally!

Remember i expressed some thoughts about the power-politics in Nigeria? There is talk of double-talk on the 6000 mega watts target; how were they ever going to accomplish something they never set out to accomplish? Politicians as contractors? They are ready to sabotage the power situation in this country just to save their heads concealing the corruption not minding millions of powerless citizens without power...the story continues, we hopefully hope to arrive at,TO GOD BE THE GLORY soon. Only God knows when though!

Terrorist have struck in Pakistan aiming for tourists and foreign nationals, killing 11 and injuring 70, few hours after Obama's speech to the Middle-east...

Savannah Bank is set to begin operations after all the wranglings that stalled its being counted among the present players in the industry, lets see what they have in store.

Mike Tyson just got married for the 3rd time, few days after tragically loosing his daughter in a domestic accident. He can afford to celebrate after making some money from the movie that was made about his life. Hopefully he won't blow this cash recalling that this was the same man who blew 300million dollars! Warning to our celebs: anyone can loose money, no matter how much. Money is never too much to be spent to zero level!

On CELEBRITY WEDNESDAY, we had the one and only enigmatic power-house, chief rocker with an admirably long career (no she didn't pay me to hype) WEIRD MC in the house.

It was refreshing to experience how soothing she was on air and she was very intelligent too( for those that say the entertainment industry is for dumb folks). She had so much love from all the callers, i guess people were responding to how bright she sounded.

Her favorite meals is stock fish, plantain(her best) with rice...she hopes to act someday with the right script and cast; she got an offer from TOSYN for a two day movie shoot but i don't think she'll be ruining her career just yet!

She has her recordings all completed and in 4-5 weeks, it will be released, yea there was the remix of her single RIRANWO with DJ Zeez..the O4kasibe creator!

For those so concerned about her marital bliss, she said let sleeping dogs lie! Yea about her energy on stage (has to be on stage because she seems like a quiet one despite having TOSYN BUCKNOR across her) she says she doesn't use drugs. Its pure unadulterated energy while denouncing the feud among female musicians over who was better as it was distracting them from asserting themselves out there in the industry!

She relaxes by switching off completely inside her apartment, browsing, playing games, watching TV; she's an E! channel addict keeping up with the Kardiashans etc...she could do this for two days...just chilling...we shall be celebrities too, won't we?

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Hi, Hello!! How was work yesterday? Hope you had a great night? Yes o! It’s back to work today. What happened in your area? We look forward to you dropping prime info here, on some happenings that we could not handle on the show due to time constraints. Wonderfully, on area today, we had a Chinese greeting from a Nigerian. Trust Nigerians to be that industrious.

The PUBLIC FORUM looked at leadership and asked: how long do you need as a leader to make the desired impact as regarding tenure length? With the tendency of African leaders to over stay their welcome this turned out to be a very engaging session as various individuals had things to say…

The majority of callers posited that between two to four years was enough for any resourceful leader to make the desired impact.

What is your take on this?

Aramide hit us today again on TOP 9 MOMENTS:
More on British politics, the Prime Minister might loose his job over the misappropriation of funds (little funds by Nigerian standards), by his cabinet ministers. This called high accountability, responsibility to the cause of the public!

Newcastle football club is up for sale at 100million pounds; see what failure can do to a viable business? It was x3 of that amount last year…Nigerian billionaires, what up?

Virgin is finally leaving Virgin Nigeria; I’m tempted to say plenty here but please drop your comments putting in perspective that mixing a virgin with a situation like Nigeria wasn’t always going to work out purity, ever!

Yeah!! The dollar is falling against the naira…oh no, its because the dollar is getting weak not the naira getting strong. Chei!

The presidency and the CBN governor are still at par over the 7-point agenda. Whether it should be reduced or be left as it is. I hope this won’t turn out to be another distraction from the fact that they should just MAKE THINGS WORK!

The Ogoni case against shell has been settled out of court for 15.5million dollars. Who gets the money? How will it be spent? What happens to the bigger picture of the Niger-delta struggle if companies can hold up for this long and end up settling with money? How about irreparable damage being done to the environment despite money exchanging hands? The future of our land vis-à-vis the future generations?

We had Oyinda in the studios to talk on Time Management during the BUSINESS HOUR segment. It was so informative. We learnt how to have green and red areas of our time; green being when we are on about our business and accommodate no other extra activities like “facebooking”, reading the news papers, chatting on the phone or with colleagues. The red zone being the time when you can accommodate a few extra activities.
She made the point that smart work was more productive rather than spending the whole day doing nothing productive yet staying in the office from morning till evening, you could schedule your time and spend a few hours accomplishing every thing set for the day.

wise thoughts if you ask me...

So what are you up to? Let us know...have a wonderful day!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Hello people...welcome to the first day of a new week! More on mondays later on in the show. How were your various events? the weddings, birthdays, beach parties etc? I had fun being at and putting together a few events this past weekend from VENUS s.h.a.r.e

AAAARRRREEEEAAAA!!! how is your area? I appreciated the fact that in the midst of the fun here, two people complained about the road and light situation, Yes in their area; imagine that an area of Egbeda have not had power since august last year! So we have all sides covered, keep it coming.

MEMORY LANE, took a trip back to our tenth birthday; that is for the few that could remember and those that had to put a quick call to their parents to get the details. It was as varied as the people calling, also it seemed like parents didn't get around to celebrating birthdays after the tenth, so it was sound advice for those under ten from TOSYN BUCKNOR- make sure yours is celebrated, because after then, you are too old!

TOP 9 MOMENTS featured Aramide in place of Leke..
NATO alliance annouced that the nigerian ship crew held by Somali pirate have been released after being held for 10months, the longest time they have ever held any set of hostages.

Megan Fox(star of the TRANSFORMER movie) has complained about sexual harrassment from hollywood top brass, i'm i hearing right? It goes to show that beasts exist even in the best of systems...

Nigeria showed no class in their win over Kenya, this just goes to validate the fears when i argued that i wish we had lost the France match because due to the win, we'll assume we have a complete team and relapse into our usual nonchallant state. More over i didn't believe that the new team that executed that match would be allowed to participate when the unserious "big boys" come in...

Federer won his 14th grand slam yesterday at Roland Garros, i'm no Federer fan though but hey the guy has all my respects. He has equalled the record of my favourite player ever-Pete Sampras, in number of grand slam won.

British MPs are loosing their jobs over funds misappropriation. This is putting a lot of smear on british politics, it seems to me that juxtaposed with the Nigerian political climate, Britain is making too much fuss over this. Afterall in Nigeria there is the contest for who can steal the most cash without getting prosecuted even if they are caught!

On a sad note, nine bodies have been recovered from the Air france that crashed raising hop of the recovery of more bodies.

This day 11years ago,Abacha passed away also Umar Bongo of Gabon died after 14years ago on the seat..

We salute Nigerian soldiers who participated in the second world war for the British even as we remember their efforts towards having the safe world we have to live in today.

This weekend there was the VENUS s.h.a.r.e event with the ladies at swe bar, It was a swell time with biz contacts being made and the opportunityy the ladies had to grill a male; the Crown Troupe also had a preview of their album launch at the National Theatre with Princess, Sound Sultan, W4 etc it was fun all the way.
There was a few other events that rocked this weekend and you all pitched in with your tales...

Do you love mondays? it was the forum for those that go against the tide of the world-wide phenomena experienced by workers, coming out of the weekend of rest. Funny but alot of people like me (at least for now) do good with mondays... Do you?

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Good morning, how was your night? its one more working day to the weekend and the cycle continues again...we are already looking forward to the weekend. Anyways, AREA to you....for me, its shout out to my primary school-Bishop Crowther sapele! yes O!

It was the schools shout out amidst the traffic updates and we are beginning to have "correspondents" as far as Western avenue, 3rd mainland, Abulegba, Iju and a few other places are concerned...please keep it up, we'll mention names in a bit. We even have callers with multiple personality orders thanks to Tosyn Bucknor. Kudos to Dami from Ogijo and Adeshewa from Ikeja they sang in their different ways, nice AREA compositions, good job and keep doing your "thang".

We obviously have a lot of people becoming fans of the TOP CLICK segment. Here are a few tips on how not to get bored online doing only face book:

you can blog: its a nice way of expressing yourself and passing across your views and if well utilized, money can be made, legitimately that is.

for downloads of naija music you can go to: switchedonnaija.net or follow face book links

for games check: wap.tuz.az

celebrateafrica.net is created by a couple of sisters determined to celebrate Africa.

Leke's TOP 9 followed up on the story of the Air France plane. The debris found a few days ago have been confirmed to be that of the plane, the search still goes on though there is little chance of survivors but our prayers are still with them.

The power project in Nigeria has been given a boost? with the award of multi-billion naira contracts. To whom? Hopefully not politicians...

PROVERBS LANE had a few to keep us tuned, there was a lot but my pick;
the ant eating the efo is around it.

We had the SING YOUR STORY segment, is it that a lot of people have their hearts broken weekly? Its got to be necessary to keep the earth in rotation, i think. But it is balanced by, i believe, twice as much love-filled hearts (if not, which kain world?). Today had a lot of love going out to the TOP RADIO crew with Uche having a song dedicated to her as she celebrates her birthday today. Thanks to the dedicated folk out there listening... you guys make it fun doing your thing. Remember i told you yesterday to get your vocal lessons because she's gonna make you sing.

Have a great day!!

See you tomorrow

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

BOUQUI in the house

Celebrity Wednesday showed up this week again… and apart from our regular traffic updates aaarrreeeaaa was about finding your personal celebrity. As Tosyn Bucknor would say, Yes O! It’s nice to have screen celebrities but everyday celebrities abound in our lives. The things we have to go through have revealed so much strength in everyday people. Let’s face it; many celebrities have not had any positive influence on our lives whatsoever so why not celebrate the real deal? …let’s leave it there.

On VENUS s.h.a.r.e the ladies (they do this every week, thank God Edoyak spoke up for the guys!) talked about fashion, what to wear when there is a specified dress code for an event.

Black tie event: this should feature polite evening gowns.
Formal: this is strictly suits, A-line skirts, shirts and the like. No mixture with jeans (tom-boys take note)
Touch of: should strictly be ‘a touch of’ as in the accessories, shoes, top and ‘not a splash of’
Dressy-casual: this should be a cross between suits and chinos pants not jeans or t-shirts
Cocktail: you could go on the above the knee with your gown not bum shorts
Casual: you can go on the jeans and t-shirts here

One thing to note is that it is nice and polite to heed the dress codes on your IVs.

On Leke’s: NITEL has been placed under the supervision of a board till it can be taken over properly. Remember yesterday I was like why does the government not want to sell. I thought aloud, and my thoughts? They have been confirmed. They have to sell when NITEL is not so bad looking. So how long would this plastic surgery take?

FIFA security officials have said they were working on the security situation for the Nigeria-Kenya match, so people get ready to go see the match, with your family? that’s up to you.

There is tension in South Korea over the amassing of weapon by North Korea. This definitely is a threat to world peace. This N.Korea sef.

MJ, who doesn’t love him? You know he announced he was going to do his last concert in London this year, but reports have it that his manager singed an agreement for him to do a concert with the Jackson 5 and Janet Jackson and do no other show for 18 months. Haba! So the London show can’t hold? You don’t want the rage of those London fans that waited 5hours to hear MJ speak for 2mins. Just allow the guy enjoy his old age, for Christ sake let him retire in peace. World people.

We had B.O.U.Q.U.I in the house and she’s got swag. We all just felt her nice upbeat personality; TOSYN I think has away of bringing out the ‘insane side’ of her guests. There were a lot of questions and she had plenty to say about the songs in her upcoming album. She sings o, hmm…see diversification of talent to encroach on available market. I think I heard her sing in about 3songs.

She had a love song called LOVE YOU, yes a love song and it was really cool.
The latest song she did featured Code Steps (one of the biggest funky house artistes in the UK). The song is called Jumping;

She studied administration in the University and has 8years experience on radio and TV.

She just started her record label! All in all, it was a blast!

See you next week on Celeb Wednesday next week and join up on TOP OF THE MORNING tomorrow. 6am-11am

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Good morning people, how are you doing today?

Area had the sing along menu on offer today. I suggest everyone go get their voice classes together so you don't have to come on air begging not to sing because Area Mama will make you sing.. i think its AREA OOO! (something like that). One of our regular callers even had to call from onicha-ugbo in my state, the big heart, Delta! Our condolences go out to him for the loss he's experienced. Dominic couldn't do without TOP OF THE MORNING...

On the PUBLIC FORUM the gist was why do industries go for a particular physical look over the content of the person. Though this is a dicey topic any day and there is the possibility that people would try to sound politically correct, it was heartening to note that a lot of people had blunt opinions. Many stuck with the fact that a beautiful lady was much more appealing than just any lady even though intellect still mattered. A lot of people have had really bad experiences because they were too fat, too short (like Tosyn was denied a spot on TV), too dark, too ugly etc. Some have even been looked down upon as dumb because they were so beautiful.
But like a text adjudged to be the best by Tosyn Bucknor said, everyone has something about them that was special all we need to do is discover and package and then show it.

Leke's TOP 9 MOMENTS unfolded the following:
Nitel sell-off has been called off! i like the sound of that. Why is it not being sold? Is it to protect a national treasure or its just unsellable?

The UN is seeking the release of child soldiers by the Chad army. This is one sore thumb the African continent has carried for so long, i wonder what it will take to free ourselves off these issues. We keep hoping, trying and loving us even more.

An American woman(bearing a name that sounds Nigerian) who gave birth to a set of octuplets after having six other kids so incurring the angst of the American public, has agreed to star in a reality show that will document their lives. Lets hope she is not too money conscious to renege on the up bring of the octuplets.

The only remaining survivor of the Titanic has passed on. She died on Sunday. Our hearts definitely go out for this one.

Then the biggest entertainment story in a while SUSAN BOYLE. There's been so many twists to her story the latest being her being admitted to hospital for exhaustion which has elicited such a huge uproar in the media. I envy her, she's being a diva, let her revel in the attention.

On the HOW TO HOUR we unearthed grave secrets on how we could wreck a successful business partnership. The conclusions were;

Disagree on everything

Have clearly undefined roles

Ignore the underlying strength of your partner

Don't heed the views, opinions and needs of your partner

Open up your secrets to your strongest competitor

Make advances to your partners wife

Stick gum on your partner's seat during a meeting

It was indeed very informative.

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Monday, 1 June 2009

Hello everybody, welcome from the democracy holidays! How did yours go? Hope you had fun and fulfilled some of your long procrastinated desires?

AArreeaa was on fire today to energize you for the week after all the rest. It was back to the regular bumper to bumper traffic reports and hustle but thank God Area mama was around to keep you entertained all through the stress.

We went down MEMORY LANE. For a few it was 15 years ago, some 25 years and others 40 years all the way back to primary school. We gave shout outs to our favourite teachers. Reminisced about the marching songs (parents listen to your children…, o when the saints…) it was nice to know we basically had the same experience. Then there was the seat mates we fell in love with, the teachers we wanted to marry; back then we didn’t have the luxury of “having a crush” it is these days that we hear about all of those pleasures. I had a teacher I remember not because of her face but her actions. In my primary school days as it is today, i was very intelligent; this teacher had a very pretty half-caste niece in my class and all the boys were dying to be friends with her. She didn’t flow with me that much but this teacher would bring her to sit by me during exams so she could spy my work. I was mad at the teacher not the girl…

We reviewed our weekend and a lot of people had fun obviously people are listening to the advice from TOP OF THE MORNING some wanted to pull Area mama down to their events, we may start having her move around with bodyguards because the love is too gbasky!

It’s the kick start of a new week and we hope, we know you had an energetic TOP OF THE MORNING. This is the first day of the sixth month, shouldn’t we start evaluating our targets and visions to see how far we’ve gone or if we have even started? I’m on mine right now. Thanks for staying here.

See you all tomorrow on TOP RADIO 90.0 from 6am – 11am wit Area mama, Sweet Sixteen and Tosyn Bucknor…