Thursday, 4 June 2009

Good morning, how was your night? its one more working day to the weekend and the cycle continues again...we are already looking forward to the weekend. Anyways, AREA to you....for me, its shout out to my primary school-Bishop Crowther sapele! yes O!

It was the schools shout out amidst the traffic updates and we are beginning to have "correspondents" as far as Western avenue, 3rd mainland, Abulegba, Iju and a few other places are concerned...please keep it up, we'll mention names in a bit. We even have callers with multiple personality orders thanks to Tosyn Bucknor. Kudos to Dami from Ogijo and Adeshewa from Ikeja they sang in their different ways, nice AREA compositions, good job and keep doing your "thang".

We obviously have a lot of people becoming fans of the TOP CLICK segment. Here are a few tips on how not to get bored online doing only face book:

you can blog: its a nice way of expressing yourself and passing across your views and if well utilized, money can be made, legitimately that is.

for downloads of naija music you can go to: or follow face book links

for games check: is created by a couple of sisters determined to celebrate Africa.

Leke's TOP 9 followed up on the story of the Air France plane. The debris found a few days ago have been confirmed to be that of the plane, the search still goes on though there is little chance of survivors but our prayers are still with them.

The power project in Nigeria has been given a boost? with the award of multi-billion naira contracts. To whom? Hopefully not politicians...

PROVERBS LANE had a few to keep us tuned, there was a lot but my pick;
the ant eating the efo is around it.

We had the SING YOUR STORY segment, is it that a lot of people have their hearts broken weekly? Its got to be necessary to keep the earth in rotation, i think. But it is balanced by, i believe, twice as much love-filled hearts (if not, which kain world?). Today had a lot of love going out to the TOP RADIO crew with Uche having a song dedicated to her as she celebrates her birthday today. Thanks to the dedicated folk out there listening... you guys make it fun doing your thing. Remember i told you yesterday to get your vocal lessons because she's gonna make you sing.

Have a great day!!

See you tomorrow