Thursday, 25 June 2009

REFECTIONS this thursday

AAARRREEEAAA! Reflective AREA??!! Yeah! Teachers shout-out was the issue today; we had so much love going out to teachers –the true heroes of this country. The remarkable one was a shout-out going all the way back to 1957 to a lecturer in YABATECH, reminiscing on the empowerment of students that when they left the institution they would be able to stand on their own. Don’t you think that’s the way school should be run especially in these days?

The maximum temperature will be 31 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature and overnight low will be 23 degree Celsius. The sun rose at 6:33am and will set at 7:03pm.

On REFLECTIONS, we pondered, is it “jack of all trades and master of none” or you can be jack of all trades and master of all?

Apparently, majority of Nigerians agreed that that was in the old days, these days in this country, with the economic situation? We are hustlers, doing so many things and being successful at all of them because failure is no option.

But if we actually trace back history back in its reality, we would discover that professionals of those days were experts in arts and science, music, fashion the whole nine yards. Leonardo da Vinci wasn’t only a painter he was a physicist also.

I think the world is going back to the way God made it, we were meant to be fulfilling every talent embedded in us when we were created.

Excerpts from TOP 9 MOMENTS with Aramyde…

The MD of NNPC has said there is no crude for local consumption in Nigeria. The Warri and Port Harcourt refinery have been shut down and the Kaduna refinery cannot operate because its supply I supposed to be from Warri. This present situation is said to have been caused by the uprising of the militants over the present federal government onslaught in the Niger-delta. The nation’s reserve will last only fifteen day, fifteen days? What if the country was at war? We would kill ourselves from ineptitude.

The World Bank has pledged millions of dollars to upgrade the safety equipments at the nation’s airport, the project will be supervised by World Bank officials. Splendid! What about the budget for the aviation ministry? I’m just like what do they do with it, if we have to depend on foreign intervention?

Meghan fox says she suffers panic attacks when she sees herself on screen, she doesn’t even look at her still photographs…TOSYN said, we’ve been hearing too much talk from her lately but even she has said that her celebrity status is what has curbed her talkativeness.???

Chris Brown is about to release a third album produced by the Neptunes, but the talking point is a track in the album titled “not my fault” considering his recent Rihanna issue.

A US governor that was presumed missing over a week ago has resurfaced. His aides didn’t even know his whereabouts but he came back claiming that he went to Argentina to see his girlfriend, apparently his wife already knew about the affair months back and I believe she must have figured out her hubby’s whereabouts…strong thing!
Once again North Korea is blowing hot, threatening to wipe out the US of A off the map! I honestly do not know how to say what I have to say…

On the PROVERBS LANE, it was a blast and we had the most number of languages ever used on a show, today - Edo, French, Latin, Hausa, Delta Ibo, Yoruba, Polish, Ibo, and Fulani. But my pick is:
“A king’s friend is also a king”

On SING YOUR STORY my favorite place for the true confessions on parade. Come and see confessions of love, of philandering, of hate, distrust, appreciation and pain. We just get plain real here, and you get to sing it. It is worthy of note that apart from personal compositions, R.Kelly resonated with most callers situation of mind.

See you tomorrow!

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