Monday, 8 June 2009

Hello people...welcome to the first day of a new week! More on mondays later on in the show. How were your various events? the weddings, birthdays, beach parties etc? I had fun being at and putting together a few events this past weekend from VENUS s.h.a.r.e

AAAARRRREEEEAAAA!!! how is your area? I appreciated the fact that in the midst of the fun here, two people complained about the road and light situation, Yes in their area; imagine that an area of Egbeda have not had power since august last year! So we have all sides covered, keep it coming.

MEMORY LANE, took a trip back to our tenth birthday; that is for the few that could remember and those that had to put a quick call to their parents to get the details. It was as varied as the people calling, also it seemed like parents didn't get around to celebrating birthdays after the tenth, so it was sound advice for those under ten from TOSYN BUCKNOR- make sure yours is celebrated, because after then, you are too old!

TOP 9 MOMENTS featured Aramide in place of Leke..
NATO alliance annouced that the nigerian ship crew held by Somali pirate have been released after being held for 10months, the longest time they have ever held any set of hostages.

Megan Fox(star of the TRANSFORMER movie) has complained about sexual harrassment from hollywood top brass, i'm i hearing right? It goes to show that beasts exist even in the best of systems...

Nigeria showed no class in their win over Kenya, this just goes to validate the fears when i argued that i wish we had lost the France match because due to the win, we'll assume we have a complete team and relapse into our usual nonchallant state. More over i didn't believe that the new team that executed that match would be allowed to participate when the unserious "big boys" come in...

Federer won his 14th grand slam yesterday at Roland Garros, i'm no Federer fan though but hey the guy has all my respects. He has equalled the record of my favourite player ever-Pete Sampras, in number of grand slam won.

British MPs are loosing their jobs over funds misappropriation. This is putting a lot of smear on british politics, it seems to me that juxtaposed with the Nigerian political climate, Britain is making too much fuss over this. Afterall in Nigeria there is the contest for who can steal the most cash without getting prosecuted even if they are caught!

On a sad note, nine bodies have been recovered from the Air france that crashed raising hop of the recovery of more bodies.

This day 11years ago,Abacha passed away also Umar Bongo of Gabon died after 14years ago on the seat..

We salute Nigerian soldiers who participated in the second world war for the British even as we remember their efforts towards having the safe world we have to live in today.

This weekend there was the VENUS s.h.a.r.e event with the ladies at swe bar, It was a swell time with biz contacts being made and the opportunityy the ladies had to grill a male; the Crown Troupe also had a preview of their album launch at the National Theatre with Princess, Sound Sultan, W4 etc it was fun all the way.
There was a few other events that rocked this weekend and you all pitched in with your tales...

Do you love mondays? it was the forum for those that go against the tide of the world-wide phenomena experienced by workers, coming out of the weekend of rest. Funny but alot of people like me (at least for now) do good with mondays... Do you?

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