Monday, 1 June 2009

Hello everybody, welcome from the democracy holidays! How did yours go? Hope you had fun and fulfilled some of your long procrastinated desires?

AArreeaa was on fire today to energize you for the week after all the rest. It was back to the regular bumper to bumper traffic reports and hustle but thank God Area mama was around to keep you entertained all through the stress.

We went down MEMORY LANE. For a few it was 15 years ago, some 25 years and others 40 years all the way back to primary school. We gave shout outs to our favourite teachers. Reminisced about the marching songs (parents listen to your children…, o when the saints…) it was nice to know we basically had the same experience. Then there was the seat mates we fell in love with, the teachers we wanted to marry; back then we didn’t have the luxury of “having a crush” it is these days that we hear about all of those pleasures. I had a teacher I remember not because of her face but her actions. In my primary school days as it is today, i was very intelligent; this teacher had a very pretty half-caste niece in my class and all the boys were dying to be friends with her. She didn’t flow with me that much but this teacher would bring her to sit by me during exams so she could spy my work. I was mad at the teacher not the girl…

We reviewed our weekend and a lot of people had fun obviously people are listening to the advice from TOP OF THE MORNING some wanted to pull Area mama down to their events, we may start having her move around with bodyguards because the love is too gbasky!

It’s the kick start of a new week and we hope, we know you had an energetic TOP OF THE MORNING. This is the first day of the sixth month, shouldn’t we start evaluating our targets and visions to see how far we’ve gone or if we have even started? I’m on mine right now. Thanks for staying here.

See you all tomorrow on TOP RADIO 90.0 from 6am – 11am wit Area mama, Sweet Sixteen and Tosyn Bucknor…

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