Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Hi, Hello!! How was work yesterday? Hope you had a great night? Yes o! It’s back to work today. What happened in your area? We look forward to you dropping prime info here, on some happenings that we could not handle on the show due to time constraints. Wonderfully, on area today, we had a Chinese greeting from a Nigerian. Trust Nigerians to be that industrious.

The PUBLIC FORUM looked at leadership and asked: how long do you need as a leader to make the desired impact as regarding tenure length? With the tendency of African leaders to over stay their welcome this turned out to be a very engaging session as various individuals had things to say…

The majority of callers posited that between two to four years was enough for any resourceful leader to make the desired impact.

What is your take on this?

Aramide hit us today again on TOP 9 MOMENTS:
More on British politics, the Prime Minister might loose his job over the misappropriation of funds (little funds by Nigerian standards), by his cabinet ministers. This called high accountability, responsibility to the cause of the public!

Newcastle football club is up for sale at 100million pounds; see what failure can do to a viable business? It was x3 of that amount last year…Nigerian billionaires, what up?

Virgin is finally leaving Virgin Nigeria; I’m tempted to say plenty here but please drop your comments putting in perspective that mixing a virgin with a situation like Nigeria wasn’t always going to work out purity, ever!

Yeah!! The dollar is falling against the naira…oh no, its because the dollar is getting weak not the naira getting strong. Chei!

The presidency and the CBN governor are still at par over the 7-point agenda. Whether it should be reduced or be left as it is. I hope this won’t turn out to be another distraction from the fact that they should just MAKE THINGS WORK!

The Ogoni case against shell has been settled out of court for 15.5million dollars. Who gets the money? How will it be spent? What happens to the bigger picture of the Niger-delta struggle if companies can hold up for this long and end up settling with money? How about irreparable damage being done to the environment despite money exchanging hands? The future of our land vis-à-vis the future generations?

We had Oyinda in the studios to talk on Time Management during the BUSINESS HOUR segment. It was so informative. We learnt how to have green and red areas of our time; green being when we are on about our business and accommodate no other extra activities like “facebooking”, reading the news papers, chatting on the phone or with colleagues. The red zone being the time when you can accommodate a few extra activities.
She made the point that smart work was more productive rather than spending the whole day doing nothing productive yet staying in the office from morning till evening, you could schedule your time and spend a few hours accomplishing every thing set for the day.

wise thoughts if you ask me...

So what are you up to? Let us know...have a wonderful day!

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