Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Its celebrity is the traffic doing in your areaaaaaaaaaaa? From TOP RADIO weather, the maximum temperature today will be 29 degree Celsius while minimum temperature will be 23 degrees Celsius; the sun rose at 6:32am and will set at 7:02pm...

There's the INSURANCE AWARENESS CAMPAIGN going on right now with a song recorded to boost its relevance to the common man...Evans won the 1000 naira credit on offer for telling us the artiste featured on the song, they are Bigiano, Lord of Ajasa and Omawunmi.

Aramide's TOP 9 MOMENTS...Tom Ateke has agreed to accept the amnesty offered by the federal government, this has provoked a positive response from the presidency, with Y'ardua saying that the amnesty committee will make the process public soon.

The federal government has assured Japanese investors of the safety of their cash and investments in light of the fears over unstable policies and insecurity...

British airways is in a fight for survival; they have asked their staff to work for free over a period of one week to one month! How many workers in Nigerians can do this for their employers?

David Letterman has apologized to Sarah Palin over lewd jokes he made about her daughters...i wonder if its because he meant it or because his job was at stake, you know since they lost some advertisers, but how about, freedom of speech but against a 14year old?

Linsday Lohan is to appear before a jury to answer questions over a set of stolen she doomed or making the wrong life choices? you holla at us!

Aramide ended this segment with an exceptional quote from Marilyn Munroe:
"a career is built in public but talent is developed in private"

We had African China blowing up the place today with the eccentricity of his "sanity"? Well it was a blast if you ask me but why should you be asking when you could have tuned in to 90.9?
Anyways that's why i am keeping the koko on lock down.
He made TOSYN so calm you would have thought you were on the wrong station. His new album will be dropping in two weeks and from what i heard? Its blazin' hot.
the album is titled: THE RETURN OF LEGEND!

For a guy that could freestyle on impulse just to appreciate a fan, take TOSYN'S show right out of her hands and turn the ownership of TOP RADIO over to himself, he was just one interesting, energetic, fun-loving dude.

He also had a word of advice for artistes out there - send out the right message, stop playing with this thing(music) that people take as serious business. Its good to know he collaborated with Faze, Tuface, Ade Bantu on his new project; you know there's been talk of a frosty relationship amongst top music stars.

He said he will be going on tour soon and that there will be no lip-syncing for all the artistes that will be on the show...i think that is a good one, personally, if you can't do it live? you have no business being in the music.
Imagine a pharmacist fronting as your surgeon because he knows some medical things.

But he refused to answer any questions on his marital and educational background. why? he could have just cleared... anyway he has to keep us coming for more abi? God go catch them!

As usual celebrities on TOP OF THE MORNING ROCK!

see you, tomorrow...

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