Friday, 26 June 2009

TOP MORNING.....and MJ died!

Today was the buka shout out but AREA played more towards spreading the love among loved ones. The rains today were serious and caused a lot of hold up, floods etc, getting many stuck for a while.
The sun rose at 6:34am and will set at 7:04pm with the maximum temperature at 31 degrees Celsius and minimum temperature and over night low at 24 degrees Celsius.

We had the SHOUT OUT segment: to family friends and loved ones today were to MJ, with so much love going to the legend that lost his life yesterday.

Excerpts from TOP 9 MOMENTS
The biggest gist on the planet is the loss of MICHAEL JACKSON, with the buzz out, the internet basically had its greatest hits on numerous sites...thank God it didn't crash. But it’s MJ the greatest, the utmost. He died at 50 of a major cardiac arrest before paramedics could get there, he was gone. We lost the man! RIP. Yesterday, we also lost Farah Faucett aged 62, an actress of repute yesterday also; she had been battling cancer since 2006.

The federal government may soon approve a new salary package...the minister said the strike should be called off so that meaningful dialogue can take place. First why did they have to wait till the strike before discussing? Who are they trying to taken for a ride? Is it only when they have called off the strike meaningful dialogue can take place? The hypocrisy is disgusting to say the least. When will the cycle end?

Some weeks back we talked about British airways asking their workers for free, that action saved the corporation 10million pounds, what loyalty. Gives the Nigerian corporations lots to think about.Can their workers take this kind of punch for them?

The UK has started recruiting cyber hackers for its National Cyber Security Center to prevent access into its defense system. First the US, now UK everything going cyber? Yes Nigeria we shouldn’t be left behind; I believe they are moving fast before terrorists start taking major steps in that direction, it’s the next frontier.

The final of the confederations cup between USA and Brazil match will be holding this

Also we'll be having Sunday’s @ the bay, I was there last time look forward to having much more folk. Plenty fun on offer.

There are lots of concerts going on, seminars on relationship and finance. Find your self somewhere worthwhile and have a great time. Watch out for the rains though.

We are sorry about the break up in transmission that almost messed up the end of the show, but we understand, the transmitters were mourning MJ too.

Have a great weekend, peace and bliss

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