Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Good morning people, how are you doing today?

Area had the sing along menu on offer today. I suggest everyone go get their voice classes together so you don't have to come on air begging not to sing because Area Mama will make you sing.. i think its AREA OOO! (something like that). One of our regular callers even had to call from onicha-ugbo in my state, the big heart, Delta! Our condolences go out to him for the loss he's experienced. Dominic couldn't do without TOP OF THE MORNING...

On the PUBLIC FORUM the gist was why do industries go for a particular physical look over the content of the person. Though this is a dicey topic any day and there is the possibility that people would try to sound politically correct, it was heartening to note that a lot of people had blunt opinions. Many stuck with the fact that a beautiful lady was much more appealing than just any lady even though intellect still mattered. A lot of people have had really bad experiences because they were too fat, too short (like Tosyn was denied a spot on TV), too dark, too ugly etc. Some have even been looked down upon as dumb because they were so beautiful.
But like a text adjudged to be the best by Tosyn Bucknor said, everyone has something about them that was special all we need to do is discover and package and then show it.

Leke's TOP 9 MOMENTS unfolded the following:
Nitel sell-off has been called off! i like the sound of that. Why is it not being sold? Is it to protect a national treasure or its just unsellable?

The UN is seeking the release of child soldiers by the Chad army. This is one sore thumb the African continent has carried for so long, i wonder what it will take to free ourselves off these issues. We keep hoping, trying and loving us even more.

An American woman(bearing a name that sounds Nigerian) who gave birth to a set of octuplets after having six other kids so incurring the angst of the American public, has agreed to star in a reality show that will document their lives. Lets hope she is not too money conscious to renege on the up bring of the octuplets.

The only remaining survivor of the Titanic has passed on. She died on Sunday. Our hearts definitely go out for this one.

Then the biggest entertainment story in a while SUSAN BOYLE. There's been so many twists to her story the latest being her being admitted to hospital for exhaustion which has elicited such a huge uproar in the media. I envy her, she's being a diva, let her revel in the attention.

On the HOW TO HOUR we unearthed grave secrets on how we could wreck a successful business partnership. The conclusions were;

Disagree on everything

Have clearly undefined roles

Ignore the underlying strength of your partner

Don't heed the views, opinions and needs of your partner

Open up your secrets to your strongest competitor

Make advances to your partners wife

Stick gum on your partner's seat during a meeting

It was indeed very informative.

Have great day o!

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