Monday, 29 June 2009


AREAAAAAAAA!! Don’t you all just love the groupie calls? A few days back we had a school that gave the longest area shout ever, then we get to enjoy parents reading the scripts to the kids so they can get the area procedure right - they never ever do anyway and that why its always fun. We had quite a number of groupie calls today.
The cold morning will evolve into a hot afternoon, the maximum temperature will be 31 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature and overnight low will be 22 degree Celsius (cold night). The sun rose at 6:35am and will set at 7:05pm.

Excerpts from TOP 9 MOMENTS
Yesterday a building in Ebute-emeta collapsed incurring a lot of human casualties, this is a serious scenario and it will have to be dealt with decisively considering that the rains are here.

Roe, MJ’s ex-wife and mother of two of his kids has said in an interview that he is not the father of the children even though she is not seeking custody of the kids, she wants the world to know that she was artificially inseminated from somewhere: basically she wants to pour sand-sand for MJ garri, since there is already such a plethora of speculations about many of his actions…let him RIP please...He's already dead!

The lawyer for Michael Jackson’s doctor has denied that his client was in any way responsible for Michael Jackson’s death though the police have said they would love to question him again but still as a witness. The lawyer said he found Michael Jackson on his bed not breathing but with a faint pulse, he immediately administered CPR then called authorities…stories, stories, stories. I would just love to stay with the heart attack gist o!

The annual BET awards held yesterday with the following winners- Neyo{male R&B}, Beyonce{female R&B}, Day 26{best group}, Jamie Foxx ft. T-Pain{best collaboration}, Lil’Wayne{male hip-hop}, M.I.A{female hip-hop}, Keri Hilson{new artist}, Mary Mary{Gospel}, Beyonce{video of the year-single ladies}.

The Honduran congress has voted to accept the resignation of the president and voted tho have the head of congress replace him but the president who was flown out of the country by soldiers after being allegedly forced out in a coup has declared he is still in charge.

By now we all know that Michael Jackson and Farah Faucett but the news views documentaries were on Michael Jackson, Farah’s family have been forced to understand.

Sunday @the bay also rocked with Kel, Terry tha rapman, whizkid, Dipp, Osagie, and Andre Blaze to mention a few gracing the bay. It was ‘mad’ out there, lots of fun.

There were also a lot of birthday parties, wedding ceremonies etc this weekend. Congrats everyone!

Apparently from texts monitored on the show today, a lot of listeners met new boys and girls this weekend, good? while the rest of us just keyed into the MJ mourning mood-mode.

Tips on Michael Jackson

Thriller remains the biggest selling album ever having sold over 100million records worldwide till date.

The number of his wax works around the world is only surpassed by those of Elvis Presley and Madonna…Madonna? He has five while they both have one more.

He was inducted twice into the rock n roll hall of fame first as the Jackson 5 then as Michael Jackson.

His nick names include Wacko Jacko, MJ, the gloved one, Jacko etc.

The total revenue from music, endorsements, the Beatles song rights etc, has been estimated at over 500million dollars.

He was a vegetarian a started performing at four.

The thriller video was voted as the greatest music video of all time recently in the UK.

He received a presidential award for helping with people struggling with alcohol.

The scream video with Janet Jackson is the most expensive with ever costing over 7million.

He owns the record for the most Grammy awards won in a year with Carlos Santana and Norah Jones he most won in one year-8grammys.

He shares the same birthday with John McCain.

He provided voice over for one of "the Simpsons" episode though his identity was hidden under a pseudonym for over 11years.

He was given a royal title in Gabon in the 90’s so he is a king and not only of pop.

He owns the patent for a stage shoe that enables you to lean forward during stage performances.

He did the moon walk in 1983 after seeing street dancers performing in front of a hotel.

MC hammer challenged MJ to a dance-off but MJ said you "got it off me".

It is a tribute well deserved, RIP MJ!

See you all tomorrow.

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