Monday, 22 June 2009


AREA was as energetic as only Monday on TOP RADIO with TOP TOSYN (the names are becoming numerous) can be, some people were even ready to do the area song but no need to worry tomorrow is the AREA OOOOO special.
Today the maximum temperature will be 31 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature and overnight low will be 23 degree Celsius. The sun rose at 6:33am and will set at 7:03pm. The weather will be generally windy and cold.

On MEMORY LANE, we took a look at some of the cartoons and animated movies of times past, those cartoons that we rocked as kids and it was so nostalgic and fun for a lot of us. Someone even said he cried so bad and hard when he was told that Super Ted was not human but animated. Serious things!

Here are a few of the titles we share, enjoy…
Super Ted
Voltron (defender of the universe)
Turtle Ninja
Spider man
Danger mouse
Battle of the universe
Tom and Jerry
Power rangers
Atom ant
Ghost busters
Johnny bravo
Dexter’s laboratory
Biker mouse
Sesame street
Inspector gadget
Power puff girls
Spider man
Pinky and the brain
Batman and Robin
Captain cave man
Top cat
Iron man
Incredible hulk
Bugs bunny
Silver hulk
Victor and Hugo
etc etc

Excerpts of the TOP 9 MOMENTS with Aramide…
President Y’ardua has been invited to the July 8-10, 2009 G8 meeting. It’s the first time he’s been invited. I guess it’s something worth celebrating right?

Iran: footage of a teenage girl named Nadia that died on the streets of Tehran during protests has gingered Iranians and people around the world unto outrage.
Though foreign journalists have been prevented all this while from covering anything outside official government events, this video was circulated via the internet; you just can’t silence people in this age, when will brutish leaders learn?
I hope this tragic incident brings the much needed change…

Benard Madoff (remember the 50billion dollars scam investor?), he will be sentenced on June 29, prosecutors though have asked for 90 more days. Most of his customers are actually retirees. Those that wanted to spend money acquired all their working lives in peace.
Going to prison will not suffice far as I’m concerned, restitution is the least that could be done, though reports have it that only 13 billion has been traced so far.

A 3-year study has shown that movie going audiences would prefer movies with a biblical message or strong moral values. Twenty of the top Twenty-five movies reviewed over this period had biblical or strong moral content; and got over 8billion of the 10billion that these movies grossed.

Thousands of musicians took to the streets of France to celebrate music and sound, the festival which began in 1982 has spread to all parts of the world and free concerts are put together by the various French embassies…I hope we are not missing out of the party in Nigeria?

Carlos Tevez will be leaving Man U despite the club wanting to make him about the highest paid player in the club. I feel Tevez’s pain; when C.Ronaldo was around, he wasn’t treated like he mattered, his contribution though crucial and monumental were not celebrated but with things falling apart, they are trying to force the love. It doesn’t happen that way - never been loved, never will be…reminds me of the C.Ronaldo and Robinho issue. C.Ronaldo sef.

Benjamin Spark:
“trust yourself, you know more than you think you do”

On weekend review, we had "every" going on: weddings, parties, break ups, bonding etc
I was at RISE Dare to be Different conference that had some wonderful Nigerian leaders like Dora Akunyuli, Gamaliel Onosode, Mrs. Awosika, Akingbade etc hobnobbing with the youths. My favorite though was Ben Bruce blowing out the place with the youths resonating with the emotion of his charge after him Mrs. Awosika!

Yesterday was father’s day and we took out time on TOP OF THE MORNING to celebrate our fathers. They are a symbol of covering, strength and vision. It’s been said in that if we lose father figures, kids generally have a hard time being disciplined and strong in life’s pursuits.
I want to take time out to call up all our fathers who have not been up and doing; better late than never!

Obviously a lot of listeners actually took TOSYN’s advice and took their dads to expensive restaurants then had them pay.
Yesterday was the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. Tells a lot about the strength of men and the special place fathers occupy in our lives and this world…

We paid tribute to nine categories of dads, they are:
1. God
2. Spiritual fathers
3. Father Figures
4. Mothers who play the role of Fathers
5. Husbands
6. Sons (who grow up to be fathers)
7. The departed
8. Single Dads
9. Fathers

We wrapped up father’s day special with TOSYN’S daddy’s song:
Love and Affection – SEGUN BUCKNOR

Have a nice day, Nigerians!

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