Thursday, 18 June 2009


Its reflective thursday folk, how is your AREA doing? Some of you complain here about not having light water, bad road etc, please also let us know when any of this stuff has been fixed o!
The sun rose at 6:32am and will set at 7:02am with the maximum temperature at 33degress celsius while minimum temperature will be 23degrees celsius...
Shout out to our regular callers...keep the flag flying AREA MAMA salutes you and all listeners...

Excerpts from Aramide's TOP 9 MOMENTS:
The board of the World Bank have released cash for HIV/aids, power, secondary school education and malaria booster project for Nigeria; its a proof of confidence in the Federal Government i guess...

A foreign aircraft suspected to be loaded with weapons was arrested at the kano airport; the impounded aircraft is being heavily guarded while the crew and the Nigerian official responsible for clearing the aircraft for landing have been arrested.

Research has shown that 1 in 4 men in South Africa have been involved in rape and majority of them not we need anymore reason why this continent needs to wash itself clean? No one is going to do it for us, we cause all our problems...
Imagine the gruesome graphic - 1 in 4 men in a country of about 20 million men. 5million rapists on rampage...

Chris Brown’s every move is being choreographed to clean up his image after his disastrous episode with Rihanna, he no more has a say over his outings…but hold on, he went for an unapproved club outing with the Kardashian sisters…leopard and its spots? Honestly I wonder if the whole choreography thing actually works!

North Korea has sent a warning to the US and its allies that they will be attacked by North Korea if they are provoked. This came after Obama called the nuclear acquisitions of North Korea a “grave threat”.

Also on North Korea, but for better reasons: they held Saudi Arabia 1-1 in a world cup qualifying match to qualify for the 2010 world cup in South Africa. Does this not feel better than asserting your self as a nation through violent means?

Bill Cosby said:
"I don't know the key to success but the key to failure is to pleaase everybody"

PROVERBS LANE, i recomend to every body. as usual i'll feature my favourites:

“a stubborn chicken cannot show its stubbornness in a boiling pot”

“you can’t snap your fingers without the thumb”

On SING YOUR STORY, we had a blast, you know its the joint where we get to get real without showing our faces.
We all have issues and wish to share with someone, not necessarily to find a solution but to get the junk off our chest....

Here, we had people trying to break up on radio? haba! it was good also to hear those in love sharing plenty of it on air but even more importantly (in my opinion of course) friends just expressing deep affection for each other with no strings attached...strong thing!

This is the segment you don't want to miss...real talk shows up!

see you people tommorrow, you are the reason TOP OF THE MORNING rocks.

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