Wednesday, 3 June 2009

BOUQUI in the house

Celebrity Wednesday showed up this week again… and apart from our regular traffic updates aaarrreeeaaa was about finding your personal celebrity. As Tosyn Bucknor would say, Yes O! It’s nice to have screen celebrities but everyday celebrities abound in our lives. The things we have to go through have revealed so much strength in everyday people. Let’s face it; many celebrities have not had any positive influence on our lives whatsoever so why not celebrate the real deal? …let’s leave it there.

On VENUS s.h.a.r.e the ladies (they do this every week, thank God Edoyak spoke up for the guys!) talked about fashion, what to wear when there is a specified dress code for an event.

Black tie event: this should feature polite evening gowns.
Formal: this is strictly suits, A-line skirts, shirts and the like. No mixture with jeans (tom-boys take note)
Touch of: should strictly be ‘a touch of’ as in the accessories, shoes, top and ‘not a splash of’
Dressy-casual: this should be a cross between suits and chinos pants not jeans or t-shirts
Cocktail: you could go on the above the knee with your gown not bum shorts
Casual: you can go on the jeans and t-shirts here

One thing to note is that it is nice and polite to heed the dress codes on your IVs.

On Leke’s: NITEL has been placed under the supervision of a board till it can be taken over properly. Remember yesterday I was like why does the government not want to sell. I thought aloud, and my thoughts? They have been confirmed. They have to sell when NITEL is not so bad looking. So how long would this plastic surgery take?

FIFA security officials have said they were working on the security situation for the Nigeria-Kenya match, so people get ready to go see the match, with your family? that’s up to you.

There is tension in South Korea over the amassing of weapon by North Korea. This definitely is a threat to world peace. This N.Korea sef.

MJ, who doesn’t love him? You know he announced he was going to do his last concert in London this year, but reports have it that his manager singed an agreement for him to do a concert with the Jackson 5 and Janet Jackson and do no other show for 18 months. Haba! So the London show can’t hold? You don’t want the rage of those London fans that waited 5hours to hear MJ speak for 2mins. Just allow the guy enjoy his old age, for Christ sake let him retire in peace. World people.

We had B.O.U.Q.U.I in the house and she’s got swag. We all just felt her nice upbeat personality; TOSYN I think has away of bringing out the ‘insane side’ of her guests. There were a lot of questions and she had plenty to say about the songs in her upcoming album. She sings o, hmm…see diversification of talent to encroach on available market. I think I heard her sing in about 3songs.

She had a love song called LOVE YOU, yes a love song and it was really cool.
The latest song she did featured Code Steps (one of the biggest funky house artistes in the UK). The song is called Jumping;

She studied administration in the University and has 8years experience on radio and TV.

She just started her record label! All in all, it was a blast!

See you next week on Celeb Wednesday next week and join up on TOP OF THE MORNING tomorrow. 6am-11am

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