Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wierd tha building!!

This is the middle of the week, how has work been so far?

AAARRREEEAAA, was as energetic as could be with the celebrity shout out, that is your personal celebrity.
Seems that mothers get the props on this segment.

On VENUS s.h.a.r.e! the koko was: who would you prefer as a boss? a guy or a lady?
As i expected as soon as the topic was broached, most ladies had no love for a female boss, claiming they were too demanding (shouldn't they help you get better?), too personal (shouldn't they feel passionate about the business?), not understanding (for Christ's sake its not a charity)!!
Basically the things that make us strong are the same things that make us weak, if we do not check the excesses!
Since female subordinates were the ones that became female bosses, it is instructive to note that a few people were ready to defend their attitude towards their female bosses as female subordinates; after lambasting their female how far?

Yes O! Away from the 'female thingy' TOP 9 MOMENTS cropped on us very late with some interesting gist:
Finally, the child actor from Slum dog Millionaire whose house was demolished in the slums of Mumbai has finally moved into a permanent home with his family.
Is it that if the movie didn't come out that successful the producers wouldn't have bothered about the welfare of the actors they were using?

Real Madrid has finally signed Kaka from AC Milan for 65million...finally!

Remember i expressed some thoughts about the power-politics in Nigeria? There is talk of double-talk on the 6000 mega watts target; how were they ever going to accomplish something they never set out to accomplish? Politicians as contractors? They are ready to sabotage the power situation in this country just to save their heads concealing the corruption not minding millions of powerless citizens without power...the story continues, we hopefully hope to arrive at,TO GOD BE THE GLORY soon. Only God knows when though!

Terrorist have struck in Pakistan aiming for tourists and foreign nationals, killing 11 and injuring 70, few hours after Obama's speech to the Middle-east...

Savannah Bank is set to begin operations after all the wranglings that stalled its being counted among the present players in the industry, lets see what they have in store.

Mike Tyson just got married for the 3rd time, few days after tragically loosing his daughter in a domestic accident. He can afford to celebrate after making some money from the movie that was made about his life. Hopefully he won't blow this cash recalling that this was the same man who blew 300million dollars! Warning to our celebs: anyone can loose money, no matter how much. Money is never too much to be spent to zero level!

On CELEBRITY WEDNESDAY, we had the one and only enigmatic power-house, chief rocker with an admirably long career (no she didn't pay me to hype) WEIRD MC in the house.

It was refreshing to experience how soothing she was on air and she was very intelligent too( for those that say the entertainment industry is for dumb folks). She had so much love from all the callers, i guess people were responding to how bright she sounded.

Her favorite meals is stock fish, plantain(her best) with rice...she hopes to act someday with the right script and cast; she got an offer from TOSYN for a two day movie shoot but i don't think she'll be ruining her career just yet!

She has her recordings all completed and in 4-5 weeks, it will be released, yea there was the remix of her single RIRANWO with DJ Zeez..the O4kasibe creator!

For those so concerned about her marital bliss, she said let sleeping dogs lie! Yea about her energy on stage (has to be on stage because she seems like a quiet one despite having TOSYN BUCKNOR across her) she says she doesn't use drugs. Its pure unadulterated energy while denouncing the feud among female musicians over who was better as it was distracting them from asserting themselves out there in the industry!

She relaxes by switching off completely inside her apartment, browsing, playing games, watching TV; she's an E! channel addict keeping up with the Kardiashans etc...she could do this for two days...just chilling...we shall be celebrities too, won't we?

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