Thursday, 11 June 2009


AAARRREEEAAA...Its REFLECTIVE THURSDAY! I personally love this holla: Call us on 0707... and tell us how the traffic is, in your area! how the weather is, in your area! how your area! It was the schools shout-out as we always do on Thursday where you give a shout-out to your school or any school you'd want to!
Tomorrow is the AREA bragging challenge: you say why your area is the finest! Going to be fun, right? You bet!

Excerpts from TOP 9 MOMENTS with Aramide :

As a result of the global economic meltdown, managing director of the World Bank, Okonjo Iweala said that 53million people have been thrust into poverty and 60% of those are in, guess where? Africa!

Power went out when a FEC meeting was scheduled to hold with the president in attendance; blames are flying and I hear the German company in charge of power is taking the fall; but let’s look closely. This is supposed to be the safest place in the country; do we understand national security in these days of terror? Abeg o!

More on the power thing... the president has summoned a meeting over the 6000MW target for december; its turning to be a very interesting opera, abi?

A man that runs an anti- Semitic website went into the Washington museum and started shooting. He killed one person before being gunned down by security agents. Obama is pissed! When you have this much hatred at close range in your attempt at changing the world?

On PROVERBS LANE, we had a variety there was a lot of deep, funny, contrasting stuff, but my pick:

If you throw a stone into the market, your relative might receive the call! (my rephrasing though)

On SING YOUR STORY: It was fun stuff as usual, you don't know what to expect when this segment comes up and its turning out to be a personal favorite.

We had a guy whose wife left him; he sang, easing himself of the pain and making a few others happy. I read some where that anything too stupid to be said should be sung!
We had friends parting, traveling away to a different location; people breaking up; dads missing their wife and kids...this is like everyday people experiences. And it kind of feels like TOP OF THE MORNING is a worthy companion and friend to talk to.

Nice way to ease the stress of the day...Peace to you all!

No matter what, God dey! We should draw strength from that.

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