Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Today was celebrity Wednesday...AREA was about celebrity on all fronts, TOSYN got lots of votes, same with mothers, but why not the fathers...even fathers cited mothers also...its all good.
There will be scattered cloud storms with maximum temperature at 34 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature and overnight low will be 26 degree Celsius. The sun rose at 6:33am and will set at 7:04pm.

On the MEN FREE ZONE our celebrity crashed into the studio, and only the ladies were free to throw questions at him; and did they ask? you bet! We had 99% of the question on what else? man-woman relationship. They wanted to know when do you know a guy is in love with you? Is there even an answer? Because the more answers we get the more questions it brings. Do we really want to know the answer? Or guys just happen to be the problem?
Or maybe the answer is so simple we can't just believe its simplicity?

Excerpts from TOP 9 MOMENTS with Aramyde…
It is not new information that Nigeria aims to be among the top 20 economies by 2020; why is it on the news again? The Spanish PM is said to be supporting Nigeria’s efforts…but re-echoing TOSYN’s concern; can we be among the top 20 power efficient countries by 2020?

The Spanish PM has also condemned the absence of an African representative on the UN Security Council since 30% of all their deliberation was on Africa…nice point this one. ECOWAS has endorsed Nigeria’s candidature.

A 14 year girl posted nude pictures of herself claiming to be a proud of body, she was arrested but may not be sent to prison if she goes for 6-months counseling and show good behavior over the same period.

Lil’wayne is going to appear in court over drug and gun possession charges. They were discovered at the US border when his tour bus was searched.

The US has said that China poses the greatest threat in the cyberspace dominance war; that they posed a digital threat through cyberspace espionage of US facilities...cyberspace war? hmmm star trek? transformers?

A new fish smoking facility has been established for the women of Ilaje community to ease their business. This was done by the government as part of creating a more conducive business environment for Nigerians - commendable

Speculations that Malouda might leave Chelsea for AC Milan have been quashed by the player. He stated that he is honoring his 4 year contract with Chelsea: not particularly new, they say this one day and do the opposite shortly after!

William Shakespeare
“when trouble comes, they come not in single spice but in battalion”

On the CELEBRITY WEDNESDAY, we had Gbenga Adeyinka the first (CFR)…he actually introduced himself in a variety of languages having studied English, there was Hausa, Yoruba, Ibo, Indian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese introductions…as in, he actually spoke these languages.

He loves Nigerian music so much he says commendation should go to the musicians for creating something out of nothing. He even attested to the notoriety of Nigerian music all over the world from his travels.

Though it was fun to have him around, crashing into the women only all his props for Nigerian entertainment to his joke about he and his son getting caught up over misleading lyrics of Nigerian music, he dished out good wisdom i thought would help anybody though they were for upcoming comedians.

His advice for upcoming acts was
don’t get too greedy

register a business name

be professional

don't go doing lewd jokes they won't get you far

be wise as to what jokes to say in a particular setting

when you get an idea, write it down. you can always go back to them

Have a great day!


  1. Love the words of Gbenga Adeyinka, not only to upcoming artist but to all upcoming enterpreneurs.