Friday, 19 June 2009


Its the weekend people! how is it in your AREA? any blocking of streets? Any weekend plans? Its Father's day on sunday, so whats the deal? Today is sickle-cell day; lets spare a thought, it is said that 1/3 of sub-saharan africa suffers from the condition due to malaria!

Top 9 MOMENTS excerpts
The foreign aircraft that landed at Kano airport yesterday with weapons is suspected to be connected with the militancy in the Niger-delta.

Also on the militants…the attack on the presidential lodge of Equatorial Guinea suspected to be the efforts of coup plotters is now said to be the handiwork of guess who?...Niger-delta militants.

A mid-air tragedy was averted yesterday when the pilot of an air continental aircraft died in the cockpit. The co-pilots were able to bring the plane unto emergency landing before telling any of the passengers what had transpired. He is suspected to have died of a heart attack.

A NEW YORK mother and grand mother have been arrested for stetting their child onn fire on some voodoo ritual...the child is said to have suffered 25% burns; does this sound famoiliar? Akwa Ibom state witchcraft kids? ring a bell? Only one incident, the world is raving. Please world press, travel down south of naija abeg

Mission Impossible 4 is set to be out in 2011, though MI3 was a flop at the box office, the studio is said to be putting work together for a brilliant movie...let's wait and see while hoping that soon, Nollywood will start generating this kind of buzz! Its possible right?

Protesters dressed in black flooded the streets of Tehran over the disputed Iranian elections that held on, wait for this...June 12. No wonder Aramide said elections for that date were doomed.
On the other hand it has given the opposition leader a platformn to push fowartd his case with the massive support he is getting.

Brangelina (i.e Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) have donated 1million dollars to the UN relief fund for refugees ion Pakistan; i think this is one virtue we need to develop in these climes, develop i said; we try, but we need to develop it and get to a point where every business that is done has social value attached not just for rip off. Kudos to Brangelina!

Ending today with a quote from Bill Cosby:
"Laughter is the shock absorber that eases the stress of life"

Today is Sickle-cell day, one in which the condition is dimystyfied, and awareness raised TOP RADIO had three people in the house
Dr. Olusola with Shooby and Yinka (both sickle-cell patients) to discuss about life with the disease.

Sickle-cell disease, or sickle-cell anaemia, is a life-long blood disorder characterized by red blood cells that assume an abnormal, rigid, sickle shape. Sickling decreases the cells' flexibility and results in a risk of various complications.

In our society, there’s a lot of stigma attached to the condition, because of a lack of information. As a sufferer, you are regarded as very weak, incapable of handling anything strenuous, can’t play hard, excluded from regular activities of kids but its good to note that as the doctor said, you can have a normal life even as a sikler child.
Parents should note this so as not to cause sibling rivalry; depression on the part of the sufferer and other psychological issues that may prove more disastrous than the physical and biological effects.

The only known cure for it is bone marrow transplant which isn't available here but in the UK, USA or India.
But one way of managing the condition is through blood transfusion.

Discussants made the point that it is not a death sentence being a sickle-cell patient. It gets better as you grow older and you can live a normal long life as far as you practice healthy living. Drinking and smoking do not help the cause at all.

We all need to get educated on this situation, so go on the net and get informed.

On WEEKEND REVIEW: this Sunday is father’s day hurray! According to TOSYN, take your dad out to a very expensive restaurant then – let him pay. After all he’s your daddy.

The weekend sees Terra Kulture celebrating Wole Soyinka;

An Art exhibition by Nnena Okorie;

The national youth Interactive forum put together by RISE

There is the all important football match between Nigeria and Tunisia, goodluck to us but i'll be at the National Youth Interactive Forum this saturday, doing better things (my thoughts)...

As TOSYN signed off today....the weekend is here o!

see you next week!

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