Friday, 12 June 2009

weekend review...june 12 too

Today was the weekend review show and we began with the AREA “bragging report”. Where you tell us why your area is the finest. We’ll do this again because a lot of people didn’t get the drill, it was fun though for the few that did…with these rains, the traffic just got worse. I mean I was on Lagos-Ore express road and it seems the bad days just made their way back…but I guess it was fun because its Friday we can rest or at least look forward to having fun or some rest…

Ok that’s for those that don’t have engagements, for me I’m off to the ‘big heart’ for my cousin’s marriage. She was also my classmate in secondary school so I smell a reunion in the air.
Happy birthday! To all those celebrating this week, especially the caller who got himself some gifts from TOSYN.
Those getting married, have a wonderful life together.
For those who have a loss to handle, our love goes out to you also. In spite of it all, we have much to be thankful for…

Lots of events are going down this weekend:

SWE bar first anniversary
Etcetera’s black tie event
Project fame auditions etc

Since this is the weekend review, lets see a few things that ran through this week on TOP 9 MOMENTS alright?

The power issue was one that popped up almost everyday, as far as im concerned, I just hope the noise will materialize into something positive because the end game is…the masses suffer.
Today someone called in from Ogun state that his has not seen light for two years…but if power can go out in the presidential villa who are you again? That called from Ogun? Enh?

The Air France issue was another, because the site of crash couldn’t be found on time but thank God there’s some closure being brought in with the discovery of some bodies.

There was also the misappropriation of public funds by British cabinet ministers…funny enough in Nigeria, the gist was; why so much fuss over a few thousands when people here steal billions and sleep peacefully? Me I followed that line of thought for a while too!

Today is June 12. It is celebrated here in Lagos much more than other places but without mincing words, it’s a landmark what so ever angle you look at it from.
It defined what obtains today in many sections of our beloved country.

So what are you up to for the weekend? Let us know here as well as on Monday from 6-11am, on TOP RADIO with TOSYN BUCKNOR…

I’m off to the wedding! God bless

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