Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Its a beautiful Tuesday morning and its AREA on TOP RADIO with...you know who! Toady, apart from greeting your fellow Nigerians in "not English", its the sing along AREAOOOOOOOOOOOO!

On the PUBLIC FORUM was on Okada men on Nigeria roads.How do we curb this issue? They can't be banned because truth be told, they are a lot of help but at the same time they cause a whole lot of accidents on our roads, necessary evil? may be. Personally, i feel like there are a few Nigerian institutions that have entrenched in themselves, a self-destruct gene;
The police, PHCN, Politicians and last but not least, OKADA riders...

Yes o! you should know that the HOW TO HOUR comes up today and we are learning - HOW TO BE THE BEST WOOD PECKER (BUSY BODY) IN YOUR AREA:
check out these prime tips:

* Always be on the lookout for the best materials to use
*spice it up
*Stir the concoction
*Wear that perfect facial expression
*Keep a hush tone(whisper)

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