Friday, 29 May 2009


Its democracy day! yeahhhhhh!
OK, how did it sound in your head? No, honestly how did it? How did you read it? Did you scream with excitement, did you puff it out with a sneer or you didn’t even read it consciously? However, it is Nigeria’s democracy day. Congratulations everyone.
There has been call from some social-scientists that we should define our democracy in terms of our peculiarities as Africans nay Nigerians because what we have is nothing compared to what obtains elsewhere…what do you think?
However, its an opportunity for you to kick back, relax and enjoy the public holiday.

AARREEAA, was fun with a lot of people complaining about not getting through to TOSYN, need we say more about TOP OF THE MORNING'S fans? They are the best!!

So let's talk, what's up with you for the weekend? I like telling people to take care of themselves because you might discover that you are the only one that really, really cares about you(sometimes sha). So, give no excuses, go see a few movies, take walks with the one you love, visit an orphanage, encourage someone with a visit, a text or call, go swimming; a lot of concerts are going down this weekend, check them out. Basically, give yourself a treat!

A few things going on this weekend include:
Arabian night courtesy Phoenix
Sundays at the bay
The FA cup final between Chelsea and Everton
Plays, readings etc at the national theatre

On LEKE's TOP 9 MOMENTS; Nigeria's President says we've made progress in this country, isn't this the reason students dont mark their own exam sheets?
Then, security was tightened around the national assembly complex because militants threatened to blow it up, due to the legislature backing the present military onslaught in the Niger-delta...we pray for peace o!
An angry Man U fan drove a bus into a crowd of Barca supporters while they were rejoicing over the champion's league victory. Football. Champion's league. Barca. Man U. How do they relate to our immediate issues as Nigerians? Do they care this much about us? even in footballing issues? with the myriad of racial incidents black players face and other related but sundry issues?
We heard also that Chris brown is in the news again, being sued for assaulting a fotographer. Everybody wants their piece of his pie.

What is your weekend going to be like? Democracy day makes it three days of bliss! Congratulations to those celebrating their birthdays, weddings etc

On entertainment report, we reviewed a few shows that featured during the children's day celebration; we had the "we are stars " party to celebrate with children and persons with special needs. The stars on parade include Kate Henshaw-Nuttal, Chioma Chukuka, Djinee, Jesse Jags, Phoenix, Tosyn Bucknor, Modenine, Eric Arubayi, Nikki Laoye, Frank Edoho, Omawummi, OC Ukeje, Bimbo Akintola, etc. If you could just be there and feel the atmosphere, it would bring tears to your eyes just how much love was on display and how blessed you are to be able to do things on your own. Come and see some of this special needs folk dancing and having fun...

More on entertainment, we examined the sophomore album issue and tried to wonder what the impact the following artistes would have after their first offering. Will they be jinxed? Will they change their style? Will they stick to their winning formula? What do they do to guarantee their success?

We considered out;
Colbie caillat
Jeniffer Hudson
Naeto C

with the successes of their first album, what do you think they should do with their sophomore album? post your suggestions here.

Have a wonderful weekend see you next week at TOP OF THE MORNING! TOP RADIO 90.9 from 6am-11am

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

celebrity wednesday

HAPI Children's day to all the kids out thetre especially our TOP OF THE MORNING fans..coming on the heels of yesterday's indian themed aarreeaa, today was the children-themed one and it was fun as usual with their funny conversations coupled with the fact that they have to be "directed" as they make the call.

We shared memories on kids, former kids, yet to be kids? Their behaviours and the wonderous doings they are known for. Kids just love having fun is the one thing they are known for. inspite of the fact that they sometimes have to be by themselves, in the rain, under the sun, stress or sometimes even when they have not eaten, they just try to enjoy their playtime and have fun! Like mudering your favorite songs, messing up the house you jut cleaned or soiling the outfit you just put on them. Kids have the simpliest of hearts that's why they are just so lovable. NO WONDER JESUS SAID WE SHOULD BE LIKE KIDS...

Leke Oyeyinka had TOP 9 MOMENTS INFORMING US THAT ribadu's SACK AS EFCC's chairman was upheld by an Abuja court...he should write a book you know, i'm just saying. There are some excperiences that shouldn't be told by someone else.

North Korea are at it again, testing missiles defying the United Nations, then when the full wrath of some nations come on them, they'd run to the UN and the world court for violation of their rights...?

we had JEDI in the studios and it was enough yapping, fun, jokes and from him. obviously he had gooood chemistry with TOSYN BUCKNOR, AREA MAMA

Monday, 25 May 2009


Hailings to all people, it was once more an energetic Monday right here on TOP OF THE MORNING. No thanks to the rain it was RUGGED for a lot of people to get off bed but funny enough I woke up easily, something to do with ‘inexcusable responsibility’. Let’s leave it at that.

On aaaarrreeeaaaa it was nice to have Fela Durotoye text in and as usual it was for a cause, warning the public about a trailer that fell on Lekki express way. He’s one of my favorite people ever! AREA was essentially about the rain today. If we had our way, 80% of Lagosians would not be at work today, we’d be curled up in bed listening to Area Mama with a hot cup of tea or coffee. But you know, ‘work while it is yet day’ the bible says and I’m yet to find anyone who is in sync with hunger and lack...

We went down MEMORY LANE to unravel the methods in which ‘toasting’ was carried out 10, 15, 20 years ago unlike what obtains today when you just text the lady, she replies, you send another text and arrange a date, you kiss after the date and kpam relationship sealed! From the entire gist on play this morning, it is evident that toasting back in the day was an art and only the smartest got their game on. Love was pure inspiration through aspiration and perspiration, but today? Too much information. I thank God I live in today, sha.

TOP 9 MOMENTS with Leke Oyeyinka had us a wee bit mushy with the stories that Ladi Lawal’s body was received at MMA2 from Abuja where he died; then the death of the former president of South Korea by suicide over corruption charges. When will Nigeria start having leaders pay for their corrupt deeds? That is why the international community will not take us seriously; it’s like telling the federal government to dialogue with Kidnappers in the Niger-delta!

We also heard the touching story of the completion of late Heath Ledgers movie “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” with the help and participation of Colin Farrel, Jude Law and one of mine favorite actors ever-Jonny Depp.

Did we know all this while that public dancing was outlawed in Iran? Are there Nigerians there? I wonder how they express themselves when they are happy. But trust humans not to deny their true nature, they were so overjoyed at the prospect of a new first lady after many decades, just the prospect, not even the reality yet, that they danced o.p.e.n.l.y. Arrest the crowd? didnt think so.

So how did what you did this weekend go? It was good for some, not so good for others then bad for some, but in everything we thank the lord. Seriously, we look to God to sooth all broken hearts our condolences to the lady that lost her aunty after child birth and the girl whose former boyfriend she dated for three years got married to another lady without her knowledge.
Someone said “the fire will come, but the way you go through the fire is important; you either come out burnt like wood or refined like gold.”

Did I mention that Tosyn obviously enjoyed her weekend attending functions one of which was Omawunmi’s party. You heard the vibe in her voice right?

Have a great week ahead...

Friday, 22 May 2009



Yes o! People it was Feel Good Friday today and did you feel good? I sure did because the callers made it bonus fun when you consider that Area Mama, Tosyn Bucknor and Naija Blonde are always fun, not forgetting Sweet Sixteen. It was buka shout out today, area even had a call from benin.. top of the the morning is really going on top! It was also nice to have the creative Tosin call in today with a creative ‘aaarrreeeaaa’ after a stellar performance yesterday on “sing your story” when he accompanied his heartbreak song with his guitar. He won himself a couple of gifts like an Alariwo CD, a t-shirt, etc courtesy of Area Mama. Congrats Tosin!

Leke Oyeyinka was in his usual stellar element today;
  • Why is there still more killing going on in my state? The military action is receiving the support of the legislature as well as flaks from a cross-section of Nigerians, meanwhile people are dying…
  • PHCN has also stated that the December deadline for additional mega watts of power is not realistic. Why? Award of contracts to politicians! So much for ‘re’-branding!

  • Our girl of no mean experience, Uzoma Okere is in the news again but this time for more relieving purposes; a judge has ruled that she doesn’t have to physically appear in court to give evidence. For Christ sake if they cant go all the way to CNN headquarters there’s a lot of Nigerians in possession of video evidence…

  • From the US of A came the report that five cops were fired for beating up a suspect. Emm…what is the penalty for harassing innocent folks? NPF over to you.

  • Interpol has been put on alert over a fugitive couple who were paid 10million Australian dollars in error. I don’t even know what to say

  • A couple of billionaires including Bill Gates, Oprah, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller (snr), David Rockefeller (jnr) have met to strategize on how to use their philanthropy to aid the world’s economy; my kind of club, God knows!

    Nice to know that a lot of people have interesting stuff doing this weekend. Events like weddings, birthdays etc

    We heard Tu face hung out with the media to answer ‘any’ question. Brave!

  • Album launch parties coming up include those of Spydaman, Slam etc

  • This weekend also has the afro-naija fashion show taking place.
  • One notable thing on the show was the quote from Omawunmi during receipt of her award at the Hip Hop world awards, she said “music no be stone na beans, one day e go done”. Funny but true sister!

  • High point of the Hip Hop world awards was the reunion of trybesmen and their all white outfits.

    There was this talk that Abuja crowd didn’t try to try at all!

    So how is your weekend going to be like?

    R.U.L.E! SHALOM.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Representing your A.R.E.A is already becoming the favorite prospective bride of Lagos metropolis and its environs. You know there’s nothing like hollering about your area with the combination of Tosyn Bucknor, Naija blonde, Sweet sixteen and Area mama steering the ship…today was no exception.

We had motions, commotions and sundry emotions pouring forth when “ladies only” were permitted to call in and express their experiences of heartbreak. It is always interesting to hear just how much ladies have to say about men breaking their hearts. The course of action were as varied as the number of women that called in, some just basically decided “no-more-guys”, others were playing the game giving their guys a hard time, some didn’t understand why their relationship was on a break. Basically ladies had a lot to say about guys breaking their heart since guys were not allowed to call, you can always make your comments here.
Like Tosyn (or was it Naija blonde) reiterated during the show, “a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage”.
I’d say we need each other much more than we can ever imagine God made it that way and we can’t reject what/who we are. We just have to do it right, right?

There were very interesting scenarios today:
· Hillary Clinton reassuring Nigerians as it were that we featured big in US plans despite the fact that Barack Obama is visiting Ghana, not Nigeria and in my understanding of world politics, that’s a message they are passing across. We obviously don’t feature much due to our under handed treatment of issues
· Another was the fact that the British speaker was forced out for excessive expenses; the USA speaker is being supported by her colleagues though she lied. Excessive expenses vs. lying? Hmm…Different strokes!
· Did I hear correctly? The NFF chairman said he should be stoned if the U17 football team doesn’t win the world cup. He obviously doesn’t watch football these days because it not mathematics as they say, and x in mathematics can take up numerous values. Stone?!
· Then we had Kanye west pleading guilty to charges about assaulting a paparazzo down to Mel Gibson settling out of court over under paying a writer for the blockbuster-Passions of the Christ.

We had INFINITY in the house and it was a fun and enjoyable 45minutes or thereabout. They confirmed that their group wasn’t broken up (though they are now four) and were working on their sophomore album with a couple of producers like Wole Oni, Cobhams Asuquo etc though Sunny one of Infinity produced their debut album. They mentioned the various Nigerian artistes they fancied like Asa, Banky W, Sunny Ineji’s Ojoro.
When asked about how it was back then,check what they said: We didn’t choose to drink garri, garri chose us”, “we were locked up”, “trekked from MiTV to…”
They also let it drop that they were remixing “only praize” from their first album and were working with some other artistes like Rooftop MCS and Lagbaja
There was an inspiring story about a lady on the verge of suicide but heard their song and decided to stop her suicide act, did a t-shirt with “I am a superstar” and came to church to give the testimony.
It was good hanging out with these guys.



Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Tuesday May 11th

hello top people!
Another great show today, although as you may now know, i have been ill for so long! Now, it is the cold, and i am getting better but you could tell from my voice that i need some rest soon!

AREA was fun today, thanks to all the callers!
And the PUBLIC FORUM was heated believe me! We were speaking about REBRANDING NIGERIA and asking what people felt. Mehn! The views were diverse, but majority of the participants emphasised that it was more important for any change in Nigeria to come from within!

TOP NINE MOMENTS with LEKE OYEYINKA featured his brand of news, and then there was the HOW TO HOUR, produced by TARI.
Today's tongue in cheek edition was, HOW TO BE THE BEST FOOTBALL FAN TWO TIMER
Tips included, getting a white jersey and putting the logos of all the clubs on it, and supporting whichever team the person buying drinks is supporting!

Join us tomorrow as we interview KEL on CELEBRITY WEDNESDAY!!!

Monday, 4 May 2009

2 from 1 Monday... 4th MAY 2009

Thanks to all who listened in today!
A.R.E.A. was especially fun today, especially as people had to say 'Good Morning' in their dialect, and teach me how to respond. I also love when the phone lines work, and when we have calls from various parts of Lagos and Nigeria!

Memory Lane was a music special, and it showed the age group that listens in cos a lot of those songs people spoke about are not even old enough as far as i am concerned! But hey! Gave me the opportunity to play THE MANDATORS, 'Rat Race', and like i said on air, you can see old videos from Nigerian artistes on You Tube! That i am excited about!
Interestingly, i 'stumbled' on a new segment which should promo this Friday, and i am so excited!

Leke Oyeyinka came on the show at 9 with his Top Nine Moments, and as always, there was talk of politics, of sports, entertainment and more! Summary? Elections should hold in Ekiti State, and Madonna wants to protest the denial of adoption proceedings by the Malawian goverment
I could say more on this subject but... NAH!

Thank you all for letting us know what you did at the weekend!
My weekend was packed full oh!
Went for THE PLATFORM on Friday, and then, went to listen to Marshawn Evans speak on Saturday! Sunday was fuel queue day, and it ended in front of the television with my sister whom i love so much!

I am now off to the cinema to see 'X MEN', but join us same time tomorrow
6 - 11am
Mondays to Fridays!