Monday, 25 May 2009


Hailings to all people, it was once more an energetic Monday right here on TOP OF THE MORNING. No thanks to the rain it was RUGGED for a lot of people to get off bed but funny enough I woke up easily, something to do with ‘inexcusable responsibility’. Let’s leave it at that.

On aaaarrreeeaaaa it was nice to have Fela Durotoye text in and as usual it was for a cause, warning the public about a trailer that fell on Lekki express way. He’s one of my favorite people ever! AREA was essentially about the rain today. If we had our way, 80% of Lagosians would not be at work today, we’d be curled up in bed listening to Area Mama with a hot cup of tea or coffee. But you know, ‘work while it is yet day’ the bible says and I’m yet to find anyone who is in sync with hunger and lack...

We went down MEMORY LANE to unravel the methods in which ‘toasting’ was carried out 10, 15, 20 years ago unlike what obtains today when you just text the lady, she replies, you send another text and arrange a date, you kiss after the date and kpam relationship sealed! From the entire gist on play this morning, it is evident that toasting back in the day was an art and only the smartest got their game on. Love was pure inspiration through aspiration and perspiration, but today? Too much information. I thank God I live in today, sha.

TOP 9 MOMENTS with Leke Oyeyinka had us a wee bit mushy with the stories that Ladi Lawal’s body was received at MMA2 from Abuja where he died; then the death of the former president of South Korea by suicide over corruption charges. When will Nigeria start having leaders pay for their corrupt deeds? That is why the international community will not take us seriously; it’s like telling the federal government to dialogue with Kidnappers in the Niger-delta!

We also heard the touching story of the completion of late Heath Ledgers movie “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” with the help and participation of Colin Farrel, Jude Law and one of mine favorite actors ever-Jonny Depp.

Did we know all this while that public dancing was outlawed in Iran? Are there Nigerians there? I wonder how they express themselves when they are happy. But trust humans not to deny their true nature, they were so overjoyed at the prospect of a new first lady after many decades, just the prospect, not even the reality yet, that they danced o.p.e.n.l.y. Arrest the crowd? didnt think so.

So how did what you did this weekend go? It was good for some, not so good for others then bad for some, but in everything we thank the lord. Seriously, we look to God to sooth all broken hearts our condolences to the lady that lost her aunty after child birth and the girl whose former boyfriend she dated for three years got married to another lady without her knowledge.
Someone said “the fire will come, but the way you go through the fire is important; you either come out burnt like wood or refined like gold.”

Did I mention that Tosyn obviously enjoyed her weekend attending functions one of which was Omawunmi’s party. You heard the vibe in her voice right?

Have a great week ahead...

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