Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Tuesday May 11th

hello top people!
Another great show today, although as you may now know, i have been ill for so long! Now, it is the cold, and i am getting better but you could tell from my voice that i need some rest soon!

AREA was fun today, thanks to all the callers!
And the PUBLIC FORUM was heated believe me! We were speaking about REBRANDING NIGERIA and asking what people felt. Mehn! The views were diverse, but majority of the participants emphasised that it was more important for any change in Nigeria to come from within!

TOP NINE MOMENTS with LEKE OYEYINKA featured his brand of news, and then there was the HOW TO HOUR, produced by TARI.
Today's tongue in cheek edition was, HOW TO BE THE BEST FOOTBALL FAN TWO TIMER
Tips included, getting a white jersey and putting the logos of all the clubs on it, and supporting whichever team the person buying drinks is supporting!

Join us tomorrow as we interview KEL on CELEBRITY WEDNESDAY!!!

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