Wednesday, 27 May 2009

celebrity wednesday

HAPI Children's day to all the kids out thetre especially our TOP OF THE MORNING fans..coming on the heels of yesterday's indian themed aarreeaa, today was the children-themed one and it was fun as usual with their funny conversations coupled with the fact that they have to be "directed" as they make the call.

We shared memories on kids, former kids, yet to be kids? Their behaviours and the wonderous doings they are known for. Kids just love having fun is the one thing they are known for. inspite of the fact that they sometimes have to be by themselves, in the rain, under the sun, stress or sometimes even when they have not eaten, they just try to enjoy their playtime and have fun! Like mudering your favorite songs, messing up the house you jut cleaned or soiling the outfit you just put on them. Kids have the simpliest of hearts that's why they are just so lovable. NO WONDER JESUS SAID WE SHOULD BE LIKE KIDS...

Leke Oyeyinka had TOP 9 MOMENTS INFORMING US THAT ribadu's SACK AS EFCC's chairman was upheld by an Abuja court...he should write a book you know, i'm just saying. There are some excperiences that shouldn't be told by someone else.

North Korea are at it again, testing missiles defying the United Nations, then when the full wrath of some nations come on them, they'd run to the UN and the world court for violation of their rights...?

we had JEDI in the studios and it was enough yapping, fun, jokes and from him. obviously he had gooood chemistry with TOSYN BUCKNOR, AREA MAMA

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