Monday, 4 May 2009

2 from 1 Monday... 4th MAY 2009

Thanks to all who listened in today!
A.R.E.A. was especially fun today, especially as people had to say 'Good Morning' in their dialect, and teach me how to respond. I also love when the phone lines work, and when we have calls from various parts of Lagos and Nigeria!

Memory Lane was a music special, and it showed the age group that listens in cos a lot of those songs people spoke about are not even old enough as far as i am concerned! But hey! Gave me the opportunity to play THE MANDATORS, 'Rat Race', and like i said on air, you can see old videos from Nigerian artistes on You Tube! That i am excited about!
Interestingly, i 'stumbled' on a new segment which should promo this Friday, and i am so excited!

Leke Oyeyinka came on the show at 9 with his Top Nine Moments, and as always, there was talk of politics, of sports, entertainment and more! Summary? Elections should hold in Ekiti State, and Madonna wants to protest the denial of adoption proceedings by the Malawian goverment
I could say more on this subject but... NAH!

Thank you all for letting us know what you did at the weekend!
My weekend was packed full oh!
Went for THE PLATFORM on Friday, and then, went to listen to Marshawn Evans speak on Saturday! Sunday was fuel queue day, and it ended in front of the television with my sister whom i love so much!

I am now off to the cinema to see 'X MEN', but join us same time tomorrow
6 - 11am
Mondays to Fridays!

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