Friday, 22 May 2009



Yes o! People it was Feel Good Friday today and did you feel good? I sure did because the callers made it bonus fun when you consider that Area Mama, Tosyn Bucknor and Naija Blonde are always fun, not forgetting Sweet Sixteen. It was buka shout out today, area even had a call from benin.. top of the the morning is really going on top! It was also nice to have the creative Tosin call in today with a creative ‘aaarrreeeaaa’ after a stellar performance yesterday on “sing your story” when he accompanied his heartbreak song with his guitar. He won himself a couple of gifts like an Alariwo CD, a t-shirt, etc courtesy of Area Mama. Congrats Tosin!

Leke Oyeyinka was in his usual stellar element today;
  • Why is there still more killing going on in my state? The military action is receiving the support of the legislature as well as flaks from a cross-section of Nigerians, meanwhile people are dying…
  • PHCN has also stated that the December deadline for additional mega watts of power is not realistic. Why? Award of contracts to politicians! So much for ‘re’-branding!

  • Our girl of no mean experience, Uzoma Okere is in the news again but this time for more relieving purposes; a judge has ruled that she doesn’t have to physically appear in court to give evidence. For Christ sake if they cant go all the way to CNN headquarters there’s a lot of Nigerians in possession of video evidence…

  • From the US of A came the report that five cops were fired for beating up a suspect. Emm…what is the penalty for harassing innocent folks? NPF over to you.

  • Interpol has been put on alert over a fugitive couple who were paid 10million Australian dollars in error. I don’t even know what to say

  • A couple of billionaires including Bill Gates, Oprah, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller (snr), David Rockefeller (jnr) have met to strategize on how to use their philanthropy to aid the world’s economy; my kind of club, God knows!

    Nice to know that a lot of people have interesting stuff doing this weekend. Events like weddings, birthdays etc

    We heard Tu face hung out with the media to answer ‘any’ question. Brave!

  • Album launch parties coming up include those of Spydaman, Slam etc

  • This weekend also has the afro-naija fashion show taking place.
  • One notable thing on the show was the quote from Omawunmi during receipt of her award at the Hip Hop world awards, she said “music no be stone na beans, one day e go done”. Funny but true sister!

  • High point of the Hip Hop world awards was the reunion of trybesmen and their all white outfits.

    There was this talk that Abuja crowd didn’t try to try at all!

    So how is your weekend going to be like?

    R.U.L.E! SHALOM.

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