Tuesday, 2 March 2010

On a tuesday morning...........

Top of the day,top of the morning to you live with Tosyne Bucknor,areeaaa.......(cough*choking sound)i thank the lord,well,apart from the usual traffic report and weather,olusola reported that the traffic from akute to ikeja was hectic,actually forgive me i was trying to compete in the area challenge earlier(where i choked),really it's about saying areaaaaaaaaaaaaa like you are constipated,well i did good but a caller,Tomi from Ayobo won the challenge,but the other listeners who call to compete did well but they did not do it better than Tomi....My advice is listen closely to TOP OF THE MORNING WITH TOSYNE BUCKNOR,you just might be winners of fantastic prizes..
Why do people still send the "HAPPY NEW MONTH"message?...Later on there was a segment tagged"YOU SAY"where you get to say anything,you want to say,really listeners had lots of words to say through phone calls,text messages,facebook and tweeter,Olusola says he's thanks the lord....
Supermide greatest superhero in town came along with the TOP NINE(9)MOMENTS,also Tosyne gave the weather report,did you the weather changes by the minute SHESSS....Later on song of the week was played and do you know mr hudson is?.Actually he used to be popularly known as MR HUDSON AND THE LIBRARY,but now now all over the world known as Mr Hudson,he featured in one of kanye west's hit single paranoid,he is signed onto kanye's GoodMusic Records,really phenomenal song there by Jay-z and Mr Hudson-FOREVER YOUNG I WANNA BE FOREVER YOUNG,DO YOU REALLY WANNA BE FOREVER FOREVER.Really we can be young forever by similing with the TEETH(grinning),which is the song of the week and one of our favourites playing GOOD MUSIC..
Yours truly Olusola
Tosyne Bucknor.

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