Monday, 29 March 2010

Top of the morning to you top listerners of Top Radio! (Im seriously rhyming i really should consider rapping as a carreer)lol. Sob...sniff, i'm so sad 4 ya'll who didn't listen up today because you missed out of the fun! Typically, the show kicked of with AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRREA!! yup! Area mama woke ya'll up this morning shouting just that one word; vibrating your houses! lol. It was a fun, exciting and informative segment as we brought you traffic reports from as many parts of Lagos as possible and reminded you of how "imporrant" it is to THANK THE LORD!

Next on Top was YOU SAY! Where listeners were given a chance to say anything they wanted to vai calls, sms, facebook, twitter etcetera. It was like graffitti on radio! say what ever you wanna and you can be sure the response to that was massive! Then, the only super hero in Nigeria; "SUPERMIDE" flew in, to deliver the TOP NINE MOMENTS! it was a sweet mixture of sports, entertainment and other The Weather report was brought to you by Yours faithfuly, Tosyn Bucknor and then....(Ma favourite part) the song of the week was played: Mary.J.Blige's Every tear. A very beautiful song that tells you that every tear you have shed makes you a stronger person.

The topic of disscussion for today revolved around just one word: PURPOSE. Have you discovered your porpose in life? if yes, what is your purpose and how did you discover it? We had several responses to this but the general idea gathered from the contributions we had is that God reavels people's purposes to them and being alive without one is like a waste! there was a quere contribution.......that one had to wait to be 25yrs old before one can have a purpose in life! lol. To back it up, songs like "ise orin lori ran mi" and "party hard" where played; well you never can tell what peopl's purposes in life are can you?..we were only giving them ideas! lol.

Believe me, we had fun! The show came to an end (sadly....snif) on a spendid note with Tosyn thanking every one for listening and imploring yall to join her same time tommorrow (I would heed to that if i were you!). We signed out playing you Justin Derrullo's WATCHA watcha say, was it a moody Monday or not? can i hear a resounding NOT!
Faithfully yours,
NAOMI (nayummy) wink!

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