Thursday, 4 March 2010


Top of the morning to you,well in case you missed today’s show well we are very glad to give you the following report..... Areaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, well as you know on the area show ,listeners get to give the traffic report and the weather report in their AREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ,also listeners had alot to say about their career......what they do and why they love doing it,great song were played,really spontaneous music.... Supermide,greatest superhero in town,came with THE TOP NINE(9)MOMENTS,giving news around the world and Tosyn gave the stock market report and the weather ,really the weather keeps changing with each passing minutes.... On a NOSTALGIC THURSDAY,we get to trace few stories, histories and things,now the song of the week titled “FOREVER YOUNG” by Jay-z featuring Mr Hudson,was done by the sensational band”ALPHA VIEW” back in 1984 and was one of Bob Dylan hit single,which pops the question....which version do you prefer?.Really we want to be forever young...... Tosyn got to ask the question what is that painful,inspiring,happy,thankful story you have to tell and could you tell through a song,alot of calls,sms,facebook comments and twits came in with different stories and songs.Olusola told the story of someone close to his heart...his little baby niece (awwww),who’s name is Eniola Adedeji and that attends cradles and kickers school,lagos and olusola sang the strawberry cupcake song....
You how we do playing good music that suits the mood....Don’t miss tomorrow’s areaaaaaa show,entertainment updates and so much more..... Yours Truly olusola Tosyn Bucknor

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