Friday, 5 March 2010


THANK THE LORRRRRRRRRRRD,IT’S FRIDAY. Listeners called in,sent text messages,commented on facebook and twitted about their AREAAAAAAAAAAA ‘S traffic report and weather report and eventually got to sing their own version of the......AREAAAAAAAAAAAAAA SONG,actually i got to hear nice version of the area song......There on teeto’s version,mo chedda’s version and psalmos’s version of the area song was played..... Next on ,there was the shoutout segment and alot of shoutout came in....SUPERMIDE TO THE RESCUE,and she came along with happenings around the globe on THE TOP NINE(9)MOMENTS..... ENTERTAINMENT REPORTS BREIFLY: 9ice’s gbamu gbamu video, Djinee’s overkilling video and OD’S alujo video are released and you can watch them on you tube....... Producer of “HURT LOCKER” was banned from 2010 oscar awards because he sent emails to his friends,telling them not to vote the movie” AVATAR”....because his movie” HURT LOCKER “deserves the award..... Do you remember the LAFFMATTAZ event that took Sunday feb 28th 2010 at a certain location in victorai island hosted by Ali Baba, it was an evening of music and comedy which the likes of hilarious comedians like koffi and the rest trilled the crowd....There is an open MIC NIITE and it should be fun likes of pype,loose and baba dee will be there....... Well, it’s being great catch you next week on TOP OF THE MORNING WITH TOSYN BUCKNOR..... Yours Truly,Olusola and Tosin Bucknor.......

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