Wednesday, 3 March 2010


AREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA......yes o it’s another great day again and it’s TOP OF THE MORNING WITH TOSYN BUCKNOR.....Well people incase you miss the show,this is what went down... Listeners called to give traffic reports and the weather report and we got to play songs that listeners requested,actually most of them have really good taste in GOOD MUSIC.You know how we do it’s one of our hobbies playing great music.... We had a chat with.....with....wait for this....aha aha uhun....yes your guess is as good as mine...SOUND SULTAN,NIJA NINJA....Top Nigerian superstar,questions were asked.....did you know he actually was born on a Saturday which inspired his new hit single”BORN ON A SATURDAY”,and he told us that”some people in Nigeria are scared to do the right thing”that’s why he sang the song titled “2010”....Did you also know that Nija ninja was formed by his brother Baba Dee,calls,text messages,facebook messages and tweets everyone had various questions to ask Sound Sultan,he actually a father of one and loves being a father and loves Daugther, Zara very much. There on Supermide came along with THE TOP NINE(9)MOMENTS featuring along side SOUND SULTAN,who gave great comments....Tosyn gave the stock market report and the weather report we all sang the weather song and we hoped sound sultan will give a remix to the weather song.... there on we had a quick chart with Sound Sultan again,who told us ,he will be shooting one of his new videos and he is really inviting every one of his fans to the shoot......My advice is don’t miss TOP OF THE MORNING WITH TOSYN someone would say it pays to be wise catch you tomorrow...........
Yours Sincerely Olusola

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