Thursday, 1 April 2010


Wednesday,31st of March.

When we envisage what a wonderful day is going to be like, I'm sure most of us picture waking up at the "right side" of the bed to the sun warmly shinning in......and we are like "wow do i smell eggs and toast for breakfast?". And then for the rest of the day, we come across no stress, hassles or anything to upset us and we can conclude it s wonderful day.well, today wasn't like that! First, the show kicked off late because of power issues; our two generator sets tried to revolt by giving us quick notice at the same time! can you imagine that? well the end result of that is that, Top radio had to go off air for a while (Sob)!

But guess what? we came right back! (I guess this is the part were i get to sing my story and and I'm singing Danny Young's "oju ti tiwon" for the enemies/haters who didn't want us on air). So we couldn't interview our guest for the day and we couldn't take too many calls but we sure gave it our best shot and we had fun! Playing good music, reading your messages on phone and face book.

We had a full house too. some students under media production training came to pay us a visit on the Top of the morning show. They spiced up the show with their happy laughter and excitement and I'm sure our listeners were happy to have them on the show. Everything went normally according to our daily pattern.......Area, You say, song of the week, Top nine moments, The weather report......... the only difference is that we had a shorter time frame than usual but hey we cant say our Wednesday wasn't wonderful because of that! It was wonderful and we happily look forward to more wonderful days ahead! cheers.

NAOMI (The cute intern on Top radio) lol, wink!

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