Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Wake up joo! have you forgotten its the beginning of another beautiful week? lol. I know you want snuggle deeper under covers and i al;so know you hate Mondays but i know a little secrete that would spice and brighten up your Monday morning...... TOP OF THE MORNING WITH TOSIN BUCKNOR!

Well if you missed today's show that's your loss! i sound sarcastic abi? OK OK, ill give you a down load of the juicy segments that you missed. Typically the show kicked off with Arrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! lots of people had a lot to say about their area/neighborhood giving us weather and traffic reports from their area..........of course not without the password AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

Right after that came the "You Say" segment and usually, the people wanted to say what was on their minds and they did! I say- Lagos carnival rocked! what do you say? you have the opportunity to say what6 ever it sis that you feel like on the programme tomorrow so, make sure you are a part of it!

The Coca cola company, official soft drink of the super Eagles, was generous enough to give us tickets to their big bash taking place at the ocean view restaurant, and we were in turn, generous enough to give them to you......our ardent listeners....so that's what came up next after you say! We asked you to call us and mention at least three countries out of the seven that have won the world cup over the years in exchange for our ticket and guess what? our first caller was the lucky winner..........i hear there is gonna be a performance by M.I Banky W, Eldee and other notable DJs...congratulations to our winner.

Next up came the Top nine moments with Supermide, giving us juicy gists on sports, Whitney's illness......... and so much more. Tosyn then gave you the weather report straight from our weather man giving way for our song of the week SLKs Darling.....pretty nice song if you ask me. The show ended thirty minutes earlier than usual signing out with Sound Sultan's 2010 this was to give way to the thirty minutes flava show which comes up every Monday,,,,,,,,,,phew, i hope i covered all areas of the show for you, its really not an easy task considering the fact that my fingers feel like carrot sticks now, due to too much typing lol But you know i will always go the extra mile to bring you what you missed on Top of the morning show with Tosyn...have a swell day and don't forget to stay on Top!
Your faithfully,
Naomi..the cute intern on Top radio..Wink!

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