Thursday, 1 April 2010


Thursday 1st of April.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRea! (I hope you didn't just read that normally! i hope you screamed it for all your life is worth!) Lol. yes oh! I'm back again today. Why did you miss Top of the morning show today eh? because I'm sure you won't be reading this if you were a part of it! Anyway, that's why I'm here, to help you catch up. Today on the area show, we gave you information from different parts of Lagos and even the country with the help of our dear ardent listeners. contributions were pouring in from the phone lines, through sms's and from face book, of course not without the password AAAARRRRRRRRea!!!

we then had the Proverbs segment where listeners got to say proverbs in their mother tongue, translate it and then apply it to reality. We had a lot of contributions consisting of proverbs in different languages; Yoruba, Edo, Ijebu e.t.c and it was indeed very educative as we learnt a lot from those wise words. Next we had the song of the week Mary.J.Blige's Each tear, telling us each tear we shed makes us stronger.

The Sing your story segment came right after the Proverbs and need to have heard "Angelic voices" telling their stories in different songs! (Do not wonder why those two words are in quotes) lol. We had a great time. Supermide breezed in to give you the Top nine moments and boy, was it juicy; with sports, entertainment and other randoms. Tosyn then gave the weather report and she told us a Little about how April fools day came into existence.

Well, it was said that the first of April used to be the day new year was marked but when it was changed to the first of January, some people either due to ignorance or stubbornness still thought new years day was on the fist of April and so other people used to make fun of them and play tricks on them till it became so popular and hence, APRIL FOOL'S DAY!! But the wise people are always on TOP! And so my fellow wise men, it's a wrap make sure you do not Miss the show tomorrow!........if you are going to fool anybody today i suggest you keep it moderate and know were to draw the line OK? cheers......... NAOMI (The cute intern on Top Radio) wink!

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