Thursday, 8 April 2010


7th April

Hey people, welcome to your virtual "catch up on Top of the morning with Tosyn Bucknor if you missed the show" Package! (lol I know that was a mouthful) So how are you today? hope all's well....... Here is everything that occurred on the show today... if you missed it. On the Area show today our ardent listeners called in with information about their neighbourhood and in exchange they got to request for any song of their choice to be played.

After which we asked you two simple questions about Coca-Cola which are: what is the slogan/pay off line for the Coca-Cola advert on football? and do you know at least three countries out of the seven countries that have won the world cup so far? We had two lucky winners who once again claimed our tickets to The Coca-Cola party taking place on Saturday at Ocean View restaurant.

Right after that, DJ GQ dished out great music for everyone to get down and shake their bodies and then our guest arrived!! Yes! Just as we do every Wednesday, we had a guest artiste in person of the one and only cross over king ALARIWO OF AFRICA!!!!!!! Everyone was excited to have him around and questions like where have you been? What does Alariwo mean? What have you been up to? And many others were crashing our phone lines and face book pages!

Typically, our down to earth Alariwo patiently answered all the questions and shared with us what his real personality is like... it was fun having him around plus we played his songs for the listening pleasure of all and sundry... finally the show came to an end but not without Alariwo giving us a proverb in his language (He happens to be from Delta state). Make it a date with Tosyn Bucknor on the show tomorrow the mean time i would like to sign out now.......yes please, thank
I remain faithfully yours,
Naomi (The cute intern on Top radio).wink!

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