Thursday, 8 April 2010



Top of the morning to you folks and it is with great pleasure i welcome you to the Top of the morning show (Well, the catch up on the hot dail 90.9! Yup! its good to have you read this; i hope you were a part of todays shows..if you weren't.....duh? what were you doing? well, my kind nature will always previal on the sacastic side of me (lol) so all the juicy tit bits that you missed from the show will be brought to you by my humble self...yeah, yeah you are welcome.

AAAAAARRRRRRRREEEEEEEAAAAA!!!!! sounds familiar doesn't it? yup! it sure does, because that's what starts the show every day. Usually we had a whole lot of contributions via sms, facebook and phone calls; people telling us about their and traffic reports. The contributors had the chance to request for a songs of their choice to be played for them which we obliged...aren't we sweet at Top radio? lol

We then took you down memery lane; dishing out old songs that rocked the nineties and early two thousand. We know you felt nostalgic....but then thats the whole idea of today's show. Next we had the Top nine moments powered by Supermide! and ooooo she had a lot to tell us from sports entertainment and other randoms. I would say that Top nine moments is a delightful package of infotainment....belive me!

Tosyn then brought you the Stock market and weather report for the day which paved way for all our ardent listeners to sing their story! and sing they did! with all sorts of "Angelic voices" (lol, there i go again puting those two words in qoute...wink!) we then had a little talk on the Super Eagle's official drink Cocacola. We asked series of questions because we wnted to give out tickets to THE PARTY! and we found a lucky winner in wallintong; congratulations to him.

SLK's Darling our song of the week hit the air waves right after that and then we played you some more old school music....great ones, then (sadly...sob) the show had to come to an end. But the good thi9ng is (Like Banky W would say)....tomorrow, we will do it all over again! cheers!
Yours faithfully,
Naomi (The cute intern on Top Radio...wink!)

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