Monday, 6 July 2009

AREAAAAAAA!! Energetically speaking, was a wonderful experience today. The way to kick start what seems like an eventful week sensing the vibe in the studio. It’s always fun having the kids call in.
The day began with heavy rains all over Lagos. The sun rose at 6:33 and will set at 7:03 maximum temperature at 31 degrees Celsius and minimum and over night low at 21 degrees Celsius.

On MEMORY LANE we explored the various hair styles that rocked back in the day. From those we were forced to put on to those we used to catch the girls or attract the guys…it was fun as usual trekking back into the past. Below are the styles we came up with…

• Criss cross
• Punk
• Tyson with centre or side parting
• Layers
• Carl Lewis
• Grace Jones
• Gorimakpa
• Koso
• Tie-tie
• Ray parker someone even mentioned junior ray parker
• Jerry curl
• Soul-soul
• Patra
• Net waves
• Bob Marley
• Round about
• June 12
• Anita baker
• Kolese
• Police cap
• Simbi
• Chooku and Joroba (virtually all the ladies didn’t like this style coupled with the fact that your head had to be between the laps of the iya, parents thought it was cool though)

What’s with Nigerians naming hair styles after celebrities? The practice hasn't even changed till today.

TOP 9 MOMENTS excerpts…
A loans company in Latvia is responding to the huge effect of the economic meltdown by offering loans to customers for their souls as co-lateral. When asked what will happen if people default on payments, he said they will loose their souls! Is he appealing to their conscience or its voodoo?

Some Africans think they have a bone to crack with Obama over his choice to visit Ghana first before any other country like Kenya, South Africa or Nigeria but he has replied them by claiming the choice came from their ability to hold elections and successfully transfer power. WISE DECISION!

Federer has now taken the position of the man with the most number of grand slam titles after winning his 15th in the Wimbledon final yesterday, a match that lasted over 4hours.

Mandela is going to be 91 soon and a charity concert is being planned in his honor with heads of state scheduled to grace the occasion featuring A-list African and foreign acts. It is expected to be viewed on TV by over one billion people

MJ has been said to have allowed his kids ride and have fun in their splendid neverland ranch saying that he infused them with good values.

The wife of the proposed head of M16 might have put her husband’s career in jeopardy when it was discovered that she put up pictures of her family and their flat including intimate pictures on face book. Raising questions over what if she gets access to secret information when he takes over.

Aramide ended with another of her stunners:

"Too many people over value what they are not and under-value what they are"

On the WEEKEND REVIEW, we had a lot of fun including the following:
R.Kelly concert
Bouqui's album launch
Mike Aremu's concert
Battle of the year finals at UNILAG.

We took it to another level today by trying to go back in time to see if there was anything we would have done differently. It was a lot.
If God gave us the opportunity, everybody would change their life but the fun of life is that the decisions of today become the victories or battles of tomorrow. Where is life’s fun if there’s nothing to fight for?

Have a great week ahead.

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