Thursday, 30 July 2009


Today was REFLECTIVE THURSDAY and it reflected (pun intended) in the songs Tosyn played, which were, well, a lil bit cooler than usual. After AREAAAAA! where we had people from all over Lagos and Ogun states representing different schools, some, high schools e.g. St. Finbarrs College and some, representing higher institutions e.g. LASU, Ikorodu campus. The yarn-free zone today was themed FAIRYTALE CLASSICS and Tosyn played Beauty & the beast from the animated movie with the same title and she also played “poor unfortunate soul “ and “under the sea”, both from Little Mermaid. Hmmh, nostalgia

We later went ONLINE REALTIME, here, listeners are supposed to write on our facebook wall, for members of the group, or send in texts to let us know what you’re doing online orjust whats happening online generally. A listener sent in a text saying he had forgotten that today was his birthday and only remembered when he heard the date on radio. How does that happen?! I mean nobody called him? Then there was a gist from OMG about Entourage, involving something they said on the show about Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogers, I gather Seth was furious that they said someone like him couldn’t have gotten a girl like Katherine in real life. Seth no vex now, monkey no fine, but im mama like am

Microsoft has finally struck a deal with Yahoo! for an internet search engine. Well, it’s about time
A Sudanese woman faces 40 lashes for wearing trousers in public and she still wore the same pair of slacks for her trial. Somebody say Liver!
Maddoff says he’s surprised his crime was not uncovered earlier. Abeg, abeg, he should keep quite and lets hear word
Scientists in Europe have gotten closer to creating a vaccine for malaria. Amen o!
In Utah, a 7-year old took his fathers car for a joyride because he didn’t want to go to church
“Life is a succession of lessons, which must be lived to be understood”

Top 5 gainers
Benue cement company, &UP, Julius Berger, Nigerian bottling company, Flour mills
Top 5 losers
OANDO, AP, Nigerian Breweries, Intercontinental bank, Access bank

Its a partly cloudy day with scattered thunderstorms in parts of Lagos. The sun rose at 6:40am and will set at 7:05pm. Maximum temperature is 31 degree Celsius, minimum temperature and overnight low is 23 degree Celsius.
Tosyn rhymed here today; "whether the weather is hot or whether the weather is cold, no matter the weather, we'll weather the weather whether we like it or not" she try abi? oya VIP kids clap 4 tosyn...heeeeeeeeeeeee

Then we went on to PROVERBS LANE, where you had to call, give a proverb in your language and translate to english, funny enough, many of the proverbs given had english counterparts like, “vanity upon vanity, all is vanity” and “pride goes before a fall”. On the SING A STORY segment today, love was really in the air, many ladies sang songs like D’banj’s “fall in love” for their guys and many guys also sang different love songs for current and soon-to-be girlfriends. A man sang P-squares “No one like you” for his wife (how romantic) for taking him as he is. Some renditions were really nice, while some made me almost turn off the radio (lol) but its the spirit behind the song that really matters not the song itself, abi?

Thats all for today. See you tomorrow


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