Wednesday, 8 July 2009

MIDNIGHT CREW....y'all heard!!

Hello everyone! Wow, Its mid-week already, two days ago it was the beginning, two days from now it'll be the weekend. As is usual,we had the celebrity area today...we had so much love from parents to kids, kids to parents, parents to themselves, lover to lover and even one person that was in love with the whole world.

MEN FREE do we balance our duties as wife, girlfriend, career woman, mother etc.
Majority of the ladies said it was possible (hmmm spirit of the Nigerian?). Others said one role had to suffer for you to be effective at others. While Yinka i would say, made a salient point in that it was possible with the understanding of those around you because the support will ease the stress.

Excerpts of TOP 9 MOMENTS with aramide
Michael Jackson's mum is no longer in charge of his estate a judge has ruled that it will be administered by his long time lawyer and his music executive.

The MJ memorial yesterday was particularly touching. It was a sombre atmosphere with performances and speeches from Rev. Al Shrapton, Brooke Shields, Usher, Jeniffer Hudson, Smokie Robison etc. The highlight was when his daughter Paris eulogised her father. What a night it was!

The 6th offering of Harry Potter opened yesterday in London with the stars of the movie and hundreds of fans gathered. Harry Potter's cast and crew will wore white ribbons on their wrists at the movie's world premiere as a mark of respect to murdered actor Rob Knox who was a part of the movie's crew.

A teacher has beaten a student to death with a cane in Ghana. The autopsy revealed that the little girl died from serious head injuries after recieving beatings on her head, back and spinal cord.

A woman whose wallet was lost 27years ago has just recovered it. It was found in the crust of a rotten cherry tree.

Usain Bolt has run the 4th fastest time in history in the 200metres sprint. It means he is back to form aeter winning in record times, the 100 and 200 metres gold medals a year ago in the last olympics.

We had MIDNIGHT CREW in the house today, there was so much love and respesct from their fans. They tend to command that. Only two of them made it to the studio as the other two were held up with other business.
They've been together for 9 years all the way from YABATECH and their name is inspired by being the ones who sing you out of your pain or trouble even in the midnight of your life.

They gave us two proverbs as TOSYN had to squeeze it out a day early before proverbs lane tomorrow.
"there can't be two bosses at the helm at the same time"

"if goat say im get sense, wan chop old mama yam, im go chop cain

They said standing out as gospel musicians hasn't been easy but if you stay strong, God will come through for you because he is not a liar. When they started they didn't recieve support from their church because they thought they were too secular so they had to look at help from family and friends. But today? Different story.

They have been on tour so much, which isn't really regular with Nigerian artistes. Congratulations to them. They have toured the UK, Europe, USA at Washington DC with fans coming all the way from Philadelphia, Virginia, etc with autograph and photo sessions etc.

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