Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Jennifer the House

AREAAAAAAAA!! On celebrity shout-out, you either celebrated your own: mother, husband, kid, etc, we own: AREA MAMA or our own: Michael Jackson. All in all it was a blast! Shout-out to all our kids who call on their way to school in buses and cars with phones belonging to teachers, parents or guardians doing the group or tag-team call-ins, you are our celebrity.
The cold morning will give way to a warm afternoon with scattered thunderstorms in some parts of Lagos; the maximum temperature will be 31 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature and overnight low will be 23 degree Celsius. The sun rose at 6:35am and will set at 7:05pm.

On the MEN FREE ZONE, we explored: single girls getting on the nerve of married girls and girls-in-relationships irking single girls…this their segment could have been done with the contributors physically there, cat fights? You bet. There was so much emotion on play here…

Single ladies said they are pissed at the way married friends don’t have a life anymore, they have to take permission before they go anywhere at the end they may not show up. When they even show up, they are not so free so killing the fun. One ‘texter’ said girls in relationships are evil because they flaunt their relationships mentioning their boyfriends in every sentence. They say girls in relationships feel like they are wiser but they are foolish. Foolish?

Married girls or girls in relationship say that they single girls are too free and live their lives aimlessly always flaunting their freedom in their faces making them feel like marriage is a prison.

Some married women though said they miss their freedom because their husbands don’t approve of the jiving. Single girls of course also want to find their dream guy too.

I don’t even know what to say about this back and forth issue, but I think what you want is what you get. We are made to adapt to situations or adapt the situation to suit ourselves through the choices we make. So have fun whatever group you find yourself. Lets hear you take, i have a feeling the beef is not yet ended.

Excerpts from TOP 9 MOMENTS...
Michael Jackson’s family has announced that there would be a public viewing of his body at his NEVERLAND ranch before a vigil that would herald his funeral on Sunday.

Gospel music legend/superstar Andrea Crouch and his sister are reported to have met with Michael Jackson a few days before his death and discussed with him on how he could make his music more spiritual, since he asked them why people’s hands went up when they sang. They told him about God and he asked them to sing his favorite song, they did that, held hands and prayed with him. He reportedly doesn’t touch people! God touched him? We think?

Kaka has finally been unveiled by Real Madrid football club in Spain but he was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love by 50, 000 fans who gathered to welcome him at the Santiago Bernabau. He will be wearing the jersey number 8.

A woman is blaming her dog for her stealing. She was traced and arrested for taking funds from her ex-husbands account to pay for her utility bill. She claimed that the dog eat all the checks in her handbag so she had to resort to stealing her ex-husband’s money to survive. She is facing charges of forgery and identity theft.

Other presidents have offered to escort Jose Manuel Zelaya the Honduran president back to his country with a resolution coming from the UN to ensure that the country is returned to democracy. this is also amid threat from the South American region to sanction the country.

She was born on 12th September 1981; Jennifer Kate Hudson came into limelight in the third season of American idol which Fantasia won where she was eliminated early garnering public outrage.
She released herself titled album in 2008 but shortly after, a huge tragedy befell her family when her mum, brother and little nephew were shot dead at their home; an in-law is currently undergoing interrogation and may be facing trial for the crimes. As an actress she featured in sex and the city the movie, secret life of bees, Dreamgirls.

She did her first solo in church and credits her grandmother as her major influence while Whitney Houston is her role model and says she says would not have come this far if not for Houston. Before stardom, she first worked at burger king, singing on the side at Disney crew lines.
She has in her trophy cabinet, Golden Globe, Oscar, BAFTA, SAG awards, Grammy so many awards to her name. She has performed on virtually every prestigious platform in the world she has appeared on Oprah, Ellen etc.

SHE was in a long term relationship but is engaged to David Otunga rumors have it that she proposed to him on his birthday… She is pregnant and will give birth in August.
She has three dogs named-dreamgirl, Oscar and Grammy. She always wanted to be a singer but if it had not worked out, she could have been a tattoo artist.

nice twist to celebrity Wednesday? i thought so.

Have a blast today!
God bless you.

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