Friday, 3 July 2009

feel good friday

AREAAAAAAAA!! On area we had the buka shout-out, from Akute, Egbeda, Mushyne, Ikeja to Abule-egba, Surulere to VI and Lekki it was the reign and notoriety of the bukas. They would soon start dominating National discourse…anyways area was pumped up as every Friday normally is except last Friday when we were trying to come to terms with Michael’s death.
The maximum temperature will be 31 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature and overnight low will be 23 degree Celsius. The sun rose at 6:36am and will set at 7:05pm.

In the spirit of the feel good Friday theme, we jumped straight into the SHOUT OUT zone, here only creative texts were read we all gave shout outs to as many loved ones as possible in the most creative ways possible. And they say Nigerians are not romantic? Check out TOP OF THE MORNING for hot stuff.

Michael Jackson’s family (told you we should leave space for an MJ news everyday) has said that due to the huge influx of fans during his funeral proceedings, they have notified the LA police and highway patrol. Complaints by the public are being generated due to questions over who is taking the burden of the expenses for the huge burial ceremony being planned. The state or the family considering the credit crunch situated He is MJ, a world citizen.

UEFA have approved guidelines to enable officials abandon matches when racist abuses are going on during a match. As a first step, the referee stops the game and warns the supporters; if it does no good he then stops the match for 5 - 10minutes depending on his assessment; as a last resort he can then abandon the match.

It isn’t new: Venus and Serena are playing each other again in this year’s Wimbledon finals.

A man in charge of a center for counseling sexually abused people has allowed his pedophile friend assault a boy put in his care. Pervert counseling against perverts? The devil can’t bind itself now.

Essence magazine's festival for the celebration of black music and culture will provide comfort for artiste’s and fans after Michael Jackson’s death. Lionel Richie, godfather to one of MJ’s kids says it will give them a chance to regroup.

One of Germany’s richest women has lost 5.85million pounds to her husband after they divorced. I was reported that they had no prenuptial arrangement so the man was entitled to walk out with so much. He was awarded the cash by the court. Their laws just fascinate me; it could go south for the man or the woman depending on who was richer. Nigeria? Let’s not go there!

“If hard work was such a wonderful thing the rich would have kept it all to themselves”

There’s a lot going down in the city this weekend. A lot of callers had parties, dates, programs but right here is a few places you could be at:

Ojodu art exhibition

Mike Aremu in concert

Bouqui’s album launch

The Pepsi footvolley competition with Obafemi Martins, Osaze Odemwinge and Joseph Yobo.



Even if you want to take out time to rest, do what pleases your heart.

Have a lovely weekend, see you next week.

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